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How to Help Your Dog Cope with Stress?

white and brown long coated dog lying on green grass during daytime


Not just humans, dogs also can face stress. Dog stress signs are also obvious, like they are bored, annoyed, terrified or nervous. Being around a worried family member will influence many dogs as dogs can feel when things aren’t quite right. So, what to do if you think your dog is under stress? And how to distress a dog? Look for a solution like new physical activities or medications. Among medications, there are a variety of medicines that can cure stress levels among dogs.


Among various natural anti-anxiety treatments, CBD is a very good option. CBD is a natural oil supplement produced from industrial hemp and Sativa cannabis plants. People use CBD oil for stress release and to get other benefits.

Here you will find CBD for dogs is particularly produced from hemp, which contains extremely high quantities of CBD and nearly no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the natural ingredient present in cannabis that gives it euphoric qualities.

How to give your dog CBD?

Well, so you’ve read labels and bought a pet-friendly CBD product. Great! How now do you feed it to your puppy?! As you’ll note, most CBD comes in oil form, often housed in a vial with a dropper to extract the necessary quantity of liquid. This method is feasible because it lets you pour CBD oil into your dog straight in their mouth or add it to their meal or a favorite treat.

Some CBD may have a grassy and natural flavor which may be unpleasant to your pet if they are a little finicky. By putting the oil into food or on a treat, might assist in covering this grassy flavor. If this doesn’t cut it for your dog, try adding coconut oil to the CBD or consider getting coconut oil with CBD oil mixed into it already. Most dogs find coconut oil extremely tasty! If incorporating the oil into your dog’s meal is uncomfortable for them, try applying the oil to the delicate skin of the inner ear. The oil will eventually seep into the skin and provide the same relaxing effect.

How much CBD is enough for Dogs?

If you want to use CBD for calming dogs, then use CBD in a moderate amount. There is no “exact” amount of CBD appropriate for your dog’s stress as every dog in every environment is different.

A normal prescription is 1-5mg per 10 pounds of body weight. Do some experimentation with your pup. Start just in the center (3mg / 10lbs) of the suggested range and wait for soothing effects. Adjust more or less from there. If you give CBD in the right amount, then your dog will not become sluggish. So, be careful in giving CBD doses to your dog.


Always look for signs of stress in dogs to start the treatment at the earliest. Among multiple solutions, CBD for pets is a safe alternative for those dogs that may require a natural anti-anxiety solution and moderate relaxation in stressful conditions.