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Digital Trends That Will Transform The Online Gambling Industry in 2021


Technology is an integral part of our modern society. It shapes our current way of living and will continue doing that in the future covering a much bigger number of spheres and directions. One of the industries that have experienced a significant impact of technological breakthrough is gambling. Both terrestrial casinos and slot machines have received their representation in the form of online casinos, many casino games have become available on mobile devices, and players can benefit from fast and more affordable payment methods too. However, online gambling is constantly evolving, and it means that players can expect to see further transformations of this sphere under the impact of the latest digital trends. What will they be like in 2021? Let’s find out.


5G mainstreaming – superhighway access to the Internet

You will agree that the quality of Internet access is crucial for a positive gambling experience. The Internet connection must be not only reliable and smooth but also fast. 5G was introduced several years ago and much effort was put into implementation, but coronavirus has postponed its mainstream. However, gamblers can hope that 2021 will become a year of 5G gadgets, and they will get access to super high and reliable Internet connection rather soon. It will definitely improve the quality of instant games but live dealer casinos will become twice more popular too.

Focus on cybersecurity and introduction of new tools and algorithms

It’s not a secret that players should share their personal details with online casinos. Furthermore, they also mention financial data and want to be confident their information is kept secure. No wonder that online casinos will implement new security measures and make their networks more protected. They will upgrade the existing cybersecurity strategies and make focus on confidential computing. Not only players’ data will be encrypted but also the entire computing process. It will guarantee players more privacy and safety too. Moreover, the introduction of biometrics when all user data is preserved anonymous and impersonal for hackers will be a step forward to players’ security as well.

Innovative banking solutions

It is not surprising to see many examples of online casino with fastest payout nowadays since the range of banking options has increased significantly. Players often make the choice of the platform on the basis of payment methods to avoid delays and high transaction fees, so casinos try to offer a bigger variety of options. More countries will provide players with access to pay by bill casinos, but the trend will be dominated by the implementation of blockchain technology. There are many cryptocurrency casinos open for gamblers from different countries but the range of coins is limited. In 2021, the selection of cryptocurrency to bet will be more various and extensive. Moreover, the blockchain industry will simplify business licensing procedures and make financial transactions absolutely transparent.

Mobile gambling industry

You can’t call mobile gambling a new digital trend but its market share in the online gaming industry is growing incessantly. Smartphones and tablets have substituted computers to a quite big extent, especially when it comes to entertainment. Mobile devices give freedom and flexibility to players since they can gamble wherever they are. The desktop segment of online gambling in Europe took first place in 2019 and mobile games took second place, but in 2020, it has already taken leading positions. Experts predict that mobile gambling will take 57% in 2021 and a great deal of this growth was due to the pandemics that locked people at home.

Facial recognition as a part of responsible gambling

One of the main problems connected with gambling is addiction. No wonder casinos introduce responsible gambling policies and cooperate with leading organizations to prevent dependency and help people who suffer from it. Therefore, a bigger range of online casinos will get facial recognition technology. It is crucial for gamblers who have excluded themselves but had no inner power to stop playing.

Artificial intelligence and virtual reality

The complete immersion in the gameplay is provided by such innovative technologies as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR). Gamblers can visit casinos, play slots and other games, communicate with other players without leaving home thanks to this technology. They experience the sense of reality by wearing a VR headset and appear in the real casino studio thanks to that. The implementation of these technologies will provide players with detailed visualization of the process, realistic sound accompaniment and even obtaining tactile sensations when interacting with objects of the virtual world. Players can already try a similar experience and its volume will definitely grow in 2021.

Naturally, the range of digital trends to observe in 2021 is quite extensive. Experts also predict the increase in the number of low-staking casinos, new opportunities for residents of restricted countries, emphasis on realistic gaming, and many others. However, this article has focused on major trends to push the online gambling world ahead and change drastically in the closest future.