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Six Essential Etiquette Rules You Must Follow In The Casino



Respect is super important to have, whether you’re dealing with bosses, servers, or even the people you meet in a casino. From fellow players to dealers, treating everyone with the right manners is actually one of the most overlooked ways to keep up a good energy and have an enjoyable time at the casino. After all, you don’t want people whispering behind your back, or worst, getting on the casino’s blacklist because of rude behavior.


However, while most people do agree and try their best to put on their best behavior, there are some things that they may overlook and forget. Even the most seasoned gamblers might not know all the rules of etiquette and sometimes cross the line without meaning to.

Well, to help prevent that all together, here are six of the casino’s most important rules of etiquette to commit to memory and put into practice on your next visit. And if you prefer gambling online, do check out these recently launched bingo sites.

1. Always Leave a Tip for the Dealer

It’s common practice to tip a dealer when you win, but did you know that you should tip them when you lose, too? Tipping the dealers is more than a sign of respect. In fact, dealers actually only make minimum wage and many rely on your tips to get by, similar to the food servers you encounter outside. The same applies to other service staff in the casino, such as valet or waitresses — so whether you win or lose, do be generous with the tips!

If you can’t afford to tip consistently, the general rule of thumb is that you should lower your bankroll and dedicate a portion of it to tips instead. It’s only fair to those who serve you at the casino and work to ensure you have a good time.

2. Don’t Drink Beyond Your Limit

Many people prefer gambling in Atlantic City and Las Vegas because of the “open bar” concept, where drinks are free when you’re gambling. However, with the bottomless drinks come the problem of people drinking beyond what they can handle. Drinking and having a good time is fine, but casino staff’s worst nightmare? Having to handle a heavily intoxicated customer who is unrelentingly stirring up a huge fuss.

Ultimately, the more intoxicated you are, the less likely you’ll be in any state of mind to win big, so remember to drink in moderation. If you are worried about your alcohol consumption, it wouldn’t hurt to call a friend to come along and keep an eye on the drinks you’re downing. It’ll be a much better time for both yourself and the casino staff who’ll have one less unruly customer to deal with.

3. Respect Others’ Superstitions, Even If They Seem Silly

We all know that success in gambling often comes down to sheer luck. As such, it’s true that many gamblers, more than you might think, believe in superstitions to bring them better luck. For instance, it’s not uncommon for someone who plays Craps to avoid saying the number seven, for fear that it will cause the roll to end up at seven. Some people carry around their lucky charms, others participate in pre-game rituals and murmur special phrases.

Even if you’re not superstitious and think all these are a waste of time, do remember that the people always deserve your respect. You don’t have to go out of your way to abide by others’ superstitions, but it’s best to refrain from making fun of them, or worse, intentionally doing un-superstitious things. Not only will it hurt their gambling experience, but it’ll look bad on you as well.

4. Don’t Intrude Other People’s Personal Space

It’s no secret that casinos can fill up pretty quickly, especially around popular games like craps, poker, and blackjack. This can mean crowded tables and cramped spaces, where you might be in for a little squeeze.

Now it’s alright if you accidentally bump into someone and apologize politely after that, but if it gets too crowded at a table, intentionally jamming yourself in is definitely a no-go. Not only are you going to irritate the people around you, but it might even make other guests feel uncomfortable.

Instead, you should go to another table that’s less crowded, or even head to the slot machines. There should be some distance between the machines, and you can bet small amounts while waiting for some space to free up at the tables. It’s as simple as that.

5. Avoid Giving Unsolicited Advice

Especially if you have years of experience gambling, it can be tempting to dish out advice to someone who seems like they’re struggling or fails to execute certain basic strategies. This temptation tends to skyrocket when your betting strategy relies on predicting their moves.

However, while you may have the best intentions, giving unsolicited advice is usually seen as a rude thing to do. Firstly, you may give off the impression that you are belittling the other party due to a lack of experience with the game. Secondly, although you’re trying to help, it’s easy to sound condescending and may rub others off the wrong way.

So the next time you feel tempted to share unsolicited advice, remember that it’s really not your place to tell others what to do. Allow beginners to enjoy learning about the game through practice, just as you probably once did.

6. Observe Specific Game Etiquette

While good casino etiquette generally applies across the board, there are some rules that only apply to specific types of games. As such, it’s important that you do some research and learn what these behaviors are before you join the game.

For example, table games like blackjack require the use of cards and chips. For these, note that it’s not appropriate to simply splash out all your chips on the table — instead, you should stack them and keep them neatly. This helps the dealer count your chips and mete out the right amount of change. As for machine games like playing slots, it’s common courtesy to not hog more than one machine during peak hours.


All in all, do remember to keep these six tips in mind the next time you visit a casino. From tipping the dealer to respecting others’ personal space, these will help you have an enjoyable time. Needless to say, being considerate also earns you favor from casino staff, so whether you end up winning big or losing, you can be certain that being polite pays off.