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How To Make A Small Apartment Large And Colorful

The interior in beige tones with white sofa, light floor and cream accessories has long become boring and ordinary? Why are we afraid of dark walls and bright objects?


Interior in bright colors

A small area of apartments, which should accommodate both the bedroom and living room and kitchen, and if the child is in a family? Light shades visually slightly expand the room, and it seems to us that there is much more space. And what about the individual character in the interior? And what if bright colors and interesting solutions will not make the apartment smaller? There are many contradictions in the interior design, as you see.

Let’s find out how to combine small space and bright colors.

Accent wall

Do not underestimate such a simple method as emphasizing one wall. Anyone who earned a diploma in interior designing would agree that it is a versatile solution that will help not only to make an original interior, but also to expand, narrow and zonate the space. The main thing is to know how!

Basic rules for creating an accent wall:

  • Highlight only one wall or part
  • We make out whatever and whatever you want.
  • Warm colors bring the wall closer (do not make a bright red wall, if it is the longest in the room – so you only narrow the space).
  • Cold colors alienate the wall (they are best suited for a long oblong room)
  • Quiet design will work if you choose a shade of accent wall close to the main color
  • Dynamic and bright interior will turn out if you choose the opposite shade, which will contrast with the main color
  • If the main color is neutral, the accent wall can be any
  • The furniture of the same color as the accent wall looks very good, especially bright, juicy shades.

If you highlight the wall correctly, you can visually adjust the room, as well as create the right mood and dilute the boring interior.


Here your fantasy can play out to the most unimaginable limits. Everything in your apartment, from a chandelier on the ceiling, to a colorful epoxy floor can help you dilute the bright colors of a small apartment.

The main rule: a combination of colors and general stylistics. Pillows, vases, spoons, forks, books – anything can become the main character in the room.

Bright furniture

Red sofa, yellow cabinet, purple fridge? Everything that your heart desires! If you still prefer a neutral finish, the bright furniture is what your doctor prescribed.

If you decide on bright details, the main thing is not to overdo it. Also, consider a solid desk if you work from home. A desk is essential to help keep you on track and focused. Even if you don’t work from home, and just use your computer to play online casino nz dollars, you should still consider the type of desk you buy.

Choose furniture based on the size of your room. Getting an oversized sofa in a tiny apartment won’t help make your room look bigger. Any large furniture pieces should go against a wall to help keep an open space and maximize the total area of the room. This will help the room look a lot bigger than it actually is.

As many colors as possible

If the apartment is small, and you really want bright colors, there is one small design trick: details of the same color. The closer the color, the more organically everything will fit into the interior.

Or decide on a range of shades, find the 3 most suitable, and duplicate these colors in a variety of places and details.


Do not forget about the functionality of the room. Think of the whole storage system to have enough space. If the storage space is organized correctly, your apartment may become much more comfortable and spacious than you could imagine.