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The Best Coverings for Football Balls

Football is a game that has won millions of hearts around the globe. No other sport attracts as many spectators of all ages. Yet, men do not only like to watch championships and bet via this Ghana betting site. They also enjoy participating in an exciting team game.


Of course, sportsmen’s skills are significant. But it’s also essential to make the right choice while buying the equipment. It includes not only the uniform but also the ball, and the materials for its production are the main criteria for selection.

Since the late 19th century balls were lined with leather. At that time it was a good option. Since the middle of the XX century, the producers began to apply polymeric materials. Since the 80s, they have almost completely replaced leather, as had a much greater margin of safety, and most importantly do not get wet when playing in the wet field.

Today’s customers can choose from such options:

  • Leather. Today leather balls are bought mostly for souvenirs. Footballers do not actively play with it, but they can get together to roll the ball on a good soft field in some sports center. The leather ball is a touch of history.
  • Polyvinyl chloride. A modern polymer that surpasses leather in terms of durability and wear resistance. The main advantage of this synthetic material is its cheapness. Most often it goes on the balls of amateur and training class. A disadvantage of PVC is its hardness. A well-inflated ball seems to be covered with plastic. When you play in the cold, it becomes hard and then cracks.
  • Polyurethane. It can replace leather in almost every way, including the beautiful texture of the pattern. Polyurethane does not lose its properties in a variety of conditions, and it is also quite flexible and soft. Its high tensile strength and mechanical damage resistance makes it the best material for football balls.

All in all, it’s not that difficult to choose the materials for your ball. So, you will find an option that will satisfy your needs.