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Are Mobile Casino Apps Superior to a Desktop Experience?

Mobile casino apps have become one of the biggest trends over the last few years and with the ease of playing on a handheld device, it is easy to see why. The mobile casino market is exploding now more than ever, making it the best time to immerse yourself in a new way to experience your favorite games. Here we look at whether these apps are superior to a desktop experience.


Ease and Freedom

One of the main reasons why mobile apps are superior is due to the ease and freedom of play. Rather than sitting at your desktop in your home office or having to sit with a laptop, you can simply log in and play on your handheld mobile device. Mobiles allow us to game while on the morning commute, lounging on the couch, or on a lunch break. If you want an experience that is totally immersible, all you need is a smartphone.

Withdrawing and Depositing

The options to deposit and withdraw cash are normally more varied via desktop than most mobile apps. This can be both a good and bad thing, depending on how you like to pay in and withdraw money. When playing via desktop, you can usually use methods such as debit/credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and pre-paid cards. Mobile casino apps offer fewer methods but if you’re happy to use your debit or credit card, this doesn’t need to be an issue. Casino apps also have lower withdrawal and deposit limits too, which is great for those who don’t want to overspend or limit their activity, but it may hold back those high-rollers.

Touch Screen Experience

Mobile casino apps give the user a completely different experience to playing on a desktop. Most of us don’t have a touch screen desktop, meaning we play with a mouse. When we play with a mobile device, it can feel more interactive, as we are able to pull the lever to spin the slots much like a real casino. For users who often play mobile games, this modern touch to online casino play can make all the difference.

Choice of Games

Desktop users may find more choice of games, simply because not all games are optimized for a smaller device. Even so, as casino apps become increasingly popular, the list of games will continue to increase, and creators will likely make more mobile-friendly versions to reach a greater audience. If you do prefer mobile play, you can find many mobile apps that contain a great selection of games to keep you satisfied, such as these online casinos in New Hampshire.

So, are mobile casino apps superior to a desktop experience? The answer can vary from player to player, but it is clear that mobile casino apps are becoming a more popular and easier way to play. Mobile casino apps are great for on the move and touchscreen play but if you want an even wider variety of games or the ability to deposit larger amounts, you may need to swap to desktop play. Either way, most casinos offer both mobile play and a desktop version, meaning you can interchange between the two.