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The Best NFL Stadiums to Visit


The NFL is one of the biggest sports in the world, reaching audiences all over the world. The final game each season, The Super Bowl, reached over 208 million viewers last year.


Those viewers saw the Los Angeles Rams come away victorious over the Cincinnati Bengals, with veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford getting the better of young star Joe Burrow.

Some new stars emerged from college through the draft. Trevor Lawrence was taken first overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars at quarterback, but Ja’Marr Chase took a lot of the headlines for his rookie season as Wide Receiver for the Bengals.

As much as being able to watch this exhilarating sport on television, there is nothing like being in the stands to see it live.

Here are some of the greatest stadiums in the NFL which you need to visit.

Lambeau Field

Kicking off with the one of the most historic and important stadiums in the league. Lambeau is the heart of Green Bay, the town revolves around it and the Packers have had many incredible nights under the lights. The Packers host The MI Vikings to kick off the season, and they’re the slight favorites according to the NFL week 1 odds. The slight edge is likely due to home advantage, it is like stepping back in a time machine, especially in comparison to some of the new, modern stadiums that are used around the league. But that is its charm, that’s why it is so important, and one NFL fans are always keen to visit.

With its metal bleachers, passionate fanbase, as well as a enjoyable pre game tailgate, Lambeau embodies everything that football has been to fans of the league throughout generations.

SoFi Stadium

The Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl in their home stadium last year. The most expensive stadiums in American sports to ever be built, it is something to behold. It cost $5.5 billion to build in the Inglewood area, has around 70,000 seats and opened for the 2020 season.

It has a 4K HDR Video board, double sided, that is suspended from the roof. It is a unique feature, the first of its kind and increases the viewing experience for all fans in the stadium.

The sight lines from all seats around the stadium are perfect and so much work has gone into the design to ensure there is an open air feel while also being inside. It is a venue which needs to be experienced as so much work has gone into the comfort and experience of the fan.

AT&T Stadium

Otherwise known as Jerry’s World, the Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones opened the stadium in 2009. It cost over $1 billion to build and can regular fill 80,000 seats throughout the season.

It is a stadium so lively and well designed. Being home to ‘Americas Team’ it draws in the crowds and has plenty of space allocated for travelling fans to really spice up the atmosphere even more.

U.S. Bank Stadium

The Minnesota Vikings gets to call this futuristic stadium there home and it is one which has breath-taking features and an exhilarating atmosphere.

The translucent roof provides attendees with the chance to welcome the outdoor feeling while indoors, especially necessary on those cold winter days in Minnesota.

Having top quality food options and state of the art amenities available to everyone inside, this makes the stadium one which is impossible not to enjoy. It has to be high on the list for any NFL fan to attend.

Mercedes Benz Stadium

Opened in 2017 it immediately became one of the most impressive NFL stadiums in the country.

Home to the Atlanta Falcons, this dome stadium provides spectators with cheap food and drink offers as well as impressive views from every seat in the house.

While the team struggles on the field, it is still well worth the trip. A technologically advanced and aesthetically incredible, this is a must experience site.

Lumen Field

The 12th Man is what this venue is most known for, and you cannot truly understand exactly how true that is without seeing it first-hand.

For the Seattle Seahawks, they have one of the most passionate fanbases in the league and they add to the spectacle on the field.

In the heart of Seattle, it holds just shy of 69,000 fans for each Seahawks game. Now 20 years old, the stadium has its distinct open end behind one of the end zones.

It is a large, open-air stadium which welcomes in all the elements of the varying Seattle weather, so make sure you go prepared!

There are many more exciting and well-designed stadiums across the league. As much as going to a game to see a specific team, or a specific player, the atmosphere of these stadiums provides even more to your experience.

If traditional or modern stadiums are your preference, indoors or out, there are many across the league which should be added to any NFL fans bucket list.