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The Importance of Design for Online Casinos

The development of modern technologies has made it possible to move the gambling business to the Internet space. And it is where the competition of individual companies has become especially tangible. Many online gambling houses are fighting hard for the right to be considered the best and are using a variety of tools to attract new players. Online casino design is one such component. In this post, we will look into the importance of casino UX/UI.


Key Elements of a Successful Online Casino Project

When deciding on a web design for online casinos for real money, business owners need to make sure that the following elements are in place:

  • Attractive design with neat icons;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • A wide range of games to choose from;
  • Different bonuses and promotional offers;
  • Simplicity of deposit and withdrawal of funds;
  • Availability of round-the-clock support service;
  • Complete security for every user.

Each of the listed elements is a kind of guarantee of casino success. However, far from every online gambling platform can provide its players with such opportunities. It often happens that players have difficulties with navigation and cannot quickly find the game they need.


Ease of Use of the Site

High-quality navigation means easy transition from the main page to the target game. Ideally, a user shouldn’t waste time looking for the right application. The ease of registering a new user, which does not require filling out long questionnaires, is also a good sign and one of the elements of a well-built navigation. By quickly registering, a new visitor can almost instantly switch to the game, which means that one will soon bring income to the online casino.

Why Should a Design Be Attractive?

In order to become attractive in the eyes of the visitor, the design of any online casino should have certain characteristics:

  • Apply a wide range of colors, in some cases up to monochrome;
  • Connect a slideshow that can clearly convey to the player all the available capabilities and inform about ongoing promotions;
  • Provide the opportunity to customize the theme depending on the user’s preferences;
  • Use only high-quality high-resolution images that can be changed, including to a large format, without compromising quality;
  • The ability to integrate into any internet browser;
  • Availability of quality support;
  • The ability to use additional pages and other functionality.

It is enough to have a particularly flexible design so that the developer can easily change the look of a casino in accordance with the latest trends.


What Design Problems Are Most Common in Online Casinos?

Many developers use standard design mockups, which can be characterized by such features as:

  • The presence of flashing lights in combination with a flashy design;
  • 3D visualization and a full sense of the presence of opponents at the table;
  • Dim lighting during the game;
  • Soundtrack, reminiscent of the knock of chips and the jingle of coins.

Such a design in a narrow circle of specialists is called “boxed” and, on the contrary, has a negative impact. Since the majority of visitors to online casinos do not pursue the same goals as players who spend time in real establishments, such a design solution confuses them. Their main intention is to get away from reality. They do not need any support and actions from the outside. A design reflecting a real casino is in many cases more annoying than attractive although this is its main goal. Before implementing new design ideas, the developer must find out the target audience and draw a portrait of a player visiting a virtual casino. Only in this case, it is possible to create a high converting design.