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Why UX and UI Are Important in Online Casinos

When it comes to web design, two of the most commonly used acronyms are User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). What’s the difference and why are they so important in web design?


What is UX?

Put simply, User Experience describes the experience you have on a website. It includes all aspects of a website, from loading speeds to navigation. Think of your first impression when you visit a new casino.

Is the site neat? Do web pages load fast? Your reaction to a casino website forms your user experience. Every casino wants you to have a delightful UX. As a result, they employ a team of designers to study what players love and hate about gambling sites. In turn, they design websites that provide optimal user experiences.

What is UI?

UI refers to aesthetics. Think of the visuals, animations, voice commands and the menu categories in a website. In other words, UI designers focus on the looks and style in a website. Another way of looking at it is that UI is part of UX.

Importance of UI and UX in Casino Sites

Many casino players are interested in both the looks and experience of using a platform. As such, both UI and UX matters. Below is a brief explanation of how these two design elements help casinos win new customers.

  • A Beautiful Design Commands Attention

When you think about it, we are naturally attracted to beautiful things. Take a look at two random casino sites and chances are you’ll pay more attention to the more beautiful one. Most casinos are aware of this fact.

And due to that, almost all the top-rated casino sites have beautiful web interfaces. This site is a great example. It uses a mix of colorful graphics but also takes great advantage of white space to improve legibility.

  • Navigation Makes a Website Usable

3D graphics are important but they’re not helpful unless a website is also usable. Nowadays, the trend is to create website with the smallest number of clicks. Sure, a website should look smart.

However, the bigger focus goes towards making a site user-friendly. Whether a customer wants to create an account, make a deposit or find games, navigation should take needs to take the least amount of time.

To speed up this process, many casinos have a search feature. It mostly works towards finding specific slots and table games. But you can also use it to find articles, guides or pages that aren’t visible on the home page.

  • Personalization Improves UX

You’ve probably seen one of these messages while shopping online. “Recommendations for you,” “trending” or “customers also bought this.” This is a way of personalizing your experience. And it’s increasing in the casino space.

When you click video slots, you receive recommendations on similar games. Some casinos have a specific category for “popular” or “hot” games. Some operators also let you save games. That way, it becomes easier to find these games at a later date.

  • UX Encourages Interaction

Every casino’s dream is to have customers that interact with its products regularly. They love players that stay on their site for long, preferably gambling real money games. Yet, not every operator seems to invest well in user experience.

Players only spend time on websites that are friendly. Let’s start with the loading speed. Research shows 80% of people leave a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load. In others, fast speed is paramount.

  • UX is Good for Marketing

In the casino scene, it’s common for gamblers to recommend great websites to their friends. As such, great UX design makes marketing easier for a casino. No one wants to gamble at a terribly designed website. And people certainly don’t recommend unusable sites.

Professional marketers also choose the casinos they promote carefully. Usually, they pick sites with professionally designed interfaces. What’s more, they rank casinos with excellent user experiences at the top.

  • UX and UI Increases the Bottom Line

Nearly 75% of casino players judge websites and apps based on their designs. And almost everyone judges websites based on their experiences. If a casino site looks good and functions smoothly, people will spend money on its games.

High rollers flock properly managed websites. That’s because they like to save time on fast-loading sites. They love to look at beautifully designed games. What’s more, they want to navigate through these sites seamlessly.

When a website is designed with users in mind, its chances of succeeding are high. It attracts more people who not only gamble but also recommend it to their friends. In turn, this increases profits for the house.

  • Customer Feedback Helps Improve the Platform

Casinos that encourage and respond to customer feedback grow their brands sporadically. Think about it. Many casinos don’t communicate with customer service until they need assistance of some kind.

Maybe their favorite game lags. Perhaps they have challenges when it comes to cashing out. Either way, they communicate to receive assistance. When a casino responds to these messages with helpful feedback, they don’t just improve the user experience.

They also foster trust from their customers. They encourage players to recommend them to friends. And as we mentioned, this is great for increasing the bottom line.

  • Transparency Improves Reputation

One of the best ways a casino can improve its ratings is by being transparent. Transparency in bonuses, payment methods, data collection and game data help build trust with players. But more importantly, it helps a brand creative a positive image.

Think about it. You want a casino that gives you full information on payments, from the limits and fees to payout speed and everything in between. Before you claim bonuses, you want to learn about the policies involved.

Sometimes you don’t need all the information websites reveal about their products. But it shows a casino care about you. It means a company respects your rights and will do everything to safeguard them.

Naturally, you will feel incline to spend a lot of time on the site. And in the usual style, you will recommend it to your friends.