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What are Megaclusters slots online? 

The slot industry is riding high and the growth of these gambling games shows no sign of slowing down. Every year slots become more complex and more enticing to punters because of the huge prizes that can now be won. Big wins are no longer reserved for Jackpot games, instead, even normal free spins bonus rounds can net players a small fortune. Slots where you can win 50,000x your original stake and more, are no longer a rarity.


Slot Developments

Recent innovations in slot games include Big Time Gaming’s Megaways mechanism which has taken slots, developers and players, by storm. Here there are more reels and different sized symbols on the reels, this gets rid of fixed pay lines and instead, anything between 2 and 7 symbols can land on each reel, creating varying pay line numbers on each spin. Big Time Gaming has re-invented slot formats once again with the introduction of Megacluster slots.

Megaclusters Explained.

Cluster slots do not have pay lines as such, instead, winning combinations are formed when symbols land on the reels in matching sequences that connect adjacently anywhere on the grid. Megaclusters works the same way but the creative team at Big Time Gaming has added a curveball in here and the number of symbols on the reels can differ from spin to spin. These games usually play out on 4×4 grids rather than reels and the winning symbol combinations usually explode before they are replaced by new symbols during a cascade. Usually, you need a minimum of 5 symbols to match on the grid, before you can create a winning sequence. The Megaclusters available depend on the size of the grid and the size of the symbols.

Wild Action

Things are spiced up further with the inclusion of wilds that also hide multipliers. If these wilds are part of a winning sequence, then they remain on the grid and their multiplier values increase until a winning run comes to an end. All the multipliers within these wilds are constantly added to your winning amount from each matching slot symbol winning combination. Symbols are also upgraded after winning sequences and if these connect in a winning combination along with the multiplier wilds, the potential for a huge pay-out increase.

Free Spins

Bonus rounds in Megacluster slot games can be triggered by consecutive winning drops. Some games only require a series of 5 winning cascades to initiate the bonus round, whilst others require up to 10. Some Megacluster games still use the traditional bonus symbol to trigger the free spins bonus round and these symbols vary in design and are dependant on the theme of the game.  Maximum wins of over 20,000x your original stake is possible on these types of games.

Some examples of Megacluster slots include Cyberslot Megaclusters, Kluster Krystals Megaclusters, and Starclusters Megaclusters. Since these games are still in their infancy, there is still plenty of room for manoeuvre to add more features, such as expanding reels to these games.