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Why Do England Have Three Lions on Their Football Kit?


When you think of the England football team, the Three Lions, either as a nickname, or as a design feature on their shirt, is one of the first things you will think about. But why, or how, was this brought onto the shirt?


The Three Lions are there because that is the logo of the English Football Association, though there is a deeper back story than that. With the upcoming delayed Euro 2020 event and England being one of the fancied teams, many will be watching them on the pitch, noticing the Three Lions and using new sports betting sites to place wagers on their success.

How Long Have England Worn the Three Lions?

England played their very first international football game against Scotland in 1872, when the players went onto the pitch that day, they had the Three Lions on their chest. It has been there ever since, so in terms of the history of the football team, this is an incredibly important aspect of the image of England.

If you think abut the best business logos out there, they are ones that are immediately associated with the brand, because everyone knows them. If you classed England as a business, then they have done an excellent job when it comes to brand recognition and their logo.

This is something that is cemented into the minds of English football fans, and a shirt made without the Three Lions on them, would simply not be the same.

Where Does the Original Lion Crest Symbol Come From?

Although the Three Lions in terms of football only dates back to 1872, in terms of being a part of life, this dates back a lot further. The history of the Three Lions symbol goes back all the way to the 12th Century, to a time when it was used in battle.

At the time, it was a red crest with three gold lions on it and was used to inspire the English troops that were in battle. The first person to use this was Henry I, who had the nickname the ‘Lion of England’ and had a lion on his standard back in 1100 when he was in control of the country.

Later, Henry I married and the family he married also had a lion as their crest, so he changed his crest to show two lions because of that. Then, Henry II, who came along after, got married in 1154 to another family with a lion on their crest, and he added the third, which remain the same to this day.

We will soon see England on the pitch in the Euro 2020 tournament that is taking place this summer after being postponed back in 2020.

Fans of the nation will be hoping that this team can carry forward the bravery and features of a lion as they look to bring home England’s first major footballing trophy since their World Cup win in 1966.