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A Security Guard in Indonesia Found Himself Fighting for Survival Against A 25-Foot Monster!

15. A Typical Day on the Job

Image: Imgur

Nothing could have prepared Robert Nababan for the encounter he would have one day after work. It had been a typical exhausting day on the job, and Robert was riding home on his moped in the Riau province of Sumatra. It was then he came upon to two people trying to cross the road.


Unfortunately, the path was blocked by something very large…and it had teeth.

14. Predators of the Jungle

Image: Eco-Business

The forests of Sumatra are known for their wildlife, as well as dangerous threats. While there are peaceful animals that have no problem with humans, even the least aggressive can sometimes be provoked. For example, male elephants have been known to go after innocent onlookers who they perceive as a threat to their young.

However, Sumatra is also home to one of the most dangerous predators in the world.

13. Terror in the Jungle

Image: Tiger Facts and Information

The Sumatran tiger is also known to be a threat to those living near the forests of Sumatra. While they may be the smallest of their kind, they have been known to be strong enough to break the legs of a buffalo. Definitely not a predator you would want to come face-to-face with that is for sure. However, it wasn’t a tiger that was blocking the road that day.

You won’t believe the beast that Robert encountered…

12. The Dangers of Palm Oil

Image: Plantations International

Working on a palm oil plantation as a security guard, Robert was no stranger to the dangers lurking in the jungle. However, he was unaware that he would soon be fighting for his life against a creature that’s brute strength was known to crush the life out of the largest livestock.

Let’s just say you would never want to cross paths with this animal under any circumstance.

11. Sketchy Eye Witness Accounts

Image: Wired

People who witnessed the terrifying event tell different sides to the story. While the details are sketchy at best, it is believed that Robert rode up on his moped to help two civilians trying to cross the road.

However, things didn’t go according to plan.

10. That’s One Huge Snake

Image: Viral Thread

According to Robert,  when he stopped to help the people in the road, he realized it was a giant snake blocking the path. Unafraid, Robert immediately jumped into action, wrestling with the snake. Robert told reporters he was trying to catch it, but then the snake decided to strike out, biting at him.

The police; however, tell a very different tale.

9. Another Side to the Story

Image: Ngyab

The police on the scene revealed that Robert had tried to grab the snake and put it in a sack. Unfortunately, this was a really unrealistic idea since the snake was over 25-feet long. The local authorities confirmed that the snake, which was confirmed to be a python, lashed out at Robert in defense.

Let’s just say his injuries were beyond horrifying…

8. Crushing the Life Out of Him

Image: Fox News

The struggle between Robert and the python escalated quickly. The snake wrapped its body around the young security guard, threatening to crush him. It then extend its jaws, biting his head.

For a moment, it seemed like all was lost for poor Robert.

7. A Fight to the Death

Image: Chris Evans

Thankfully, by a stroke of luck, Robert was able to escape from the creatures clutches. Some stated that he was able to free himself because bystanders hit the snake with a log. However, other witnesses swear that he was able to take hold of his machete and kill the python.

Regardless of the method, the outcome would still be the same.

6. Rushed to the Hospital

Image: The Sun

With the snake dead, Robert was rushed to a hospital in Pekanbaru. The python’s large fangs had severely damaged his arm. In fact, the doctors were worried it would have to be amputated.

Would the poor man make it through okay?

5. RIP Python

Image: Scallywag and Vagabond

So what happened to the snake? After it was killed, the local villagers put the body on display so people could see its enormous size. It was then stripped of its meat to feed the villagers. We have to imagine a 25-foot-long snake would have quite a bit of meat on it. The locals swear by the taste too.

While Robert had escaped his encounter a hero, others this past year have not been so lucky.

4. Lucky to Be Alive

Image: Brietbart

Another incident in 2017 ended quite differently when a young palm oil farmer was killed and eaten by a 23-foot-long python. His body was found still clothed and whole inside the body by friends who had heard him scream earlier that day. To say Robert’s struggle with the snake could have gone quite differently is an understatement.

This is due to the fact one particular type of python tends to have a taste for humans…

3. Reticulated Pythons

Image: Pet Shop Top

There are many different types of pythons in the world, but the ones involved in both incidents in 2017 were reticulated pythons. This type of python is known for being one of the largest in the world, which allows it to attack much larger prey. This is also the main reason this particular python will hunt humans for food.

However, there is one common misconception regarding pythons that must be cleared up.

2. Constriction of Blood Flow

Image: A Humane Nation

Many people believe that pythons kill by strangling their prey; however, this is not the case. Pythons actually wrap their bodies around their prey which restricts blood flow and stops the heart. After the prey has died, they unhinge their jaws and swallow it whole where it’s slowly digested.

To know just how lucky Robert was in his attack, you should check out these statistics.

1. The Odds Were Stacked Against Him

Image: VOX

According to wildlife experts, reticulated pythons are found in abundance throughout south and southeast Asia. They are especially attracted to palm oil farms, which is where Robert had been working. In the end, he is lucky to have escaped with his life.

We have a feeling he will think twice before trying to wrangle such a large snake again.