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While Spreading His Grandmother’s Ashes A Man Saw A Life in Danger And Knew He Had To Help

15.  We All Need a Hero Every Now and Then

Image: Daily Mail

When it comes to life, you never know when it could take an unexpected or terrifying turn. We all wish if we were in trouble a fellow citizen might step in to save the day, but that’s never a guarantee. For Sue Drummond of Melbourne, Australia, she unexpectedly found herself in a scary situation with her dog Bibi.


Thankfully, a good Samaritan nearby was willing to help.

14. A Day at the Pier

Image: Shutterstock

Considered to be a popular destination for tourists, as well as locals, the Melbourne Pier is the perfect place for fishing and dog walking. Sue decided to take advantage of the sea breeze and take Bibi, her miniature Maltese-Shih Tzu mix on a walk.

However, Mother Nature had other plans.

13. Gale Force Winds

Image: The Courier

Out of nowhere, gale force winds slammed the pier. Taking everyone by surprise, Sue held onto the railing as the winds pounded against her.

However, it’s what happened next that send Sue into a frenzy.

12. Bye Bye Bibi

Image: Daily Mail

The force of the wind blew poor little BiBi right off the pier and into the ocean below. The strength of the tide soon began to carry the poor pooch out to sea, leaving Sue frozen with fear. She attempted to reach for the dog, but it simply was a lost cause.

Thankfully, help would soon be on the way.

11. A Somber Moment

Image: Honest Paws

Elsewhere on the pier, a young man named Raden was holding a small memorial for his grandmother who had passed away. He had come to the pier with his family to scatter her ashes. However, when he heard Sue’s cries for help, he realized what happened to her dog.

Could Raden come to her aid?

10. Jumping into Action

Image: Little Things

Realizing that time was of the essence, Raden quickly paid his respects to his grandmother. He then began to undress. We’re not sure how taking your pants off is essential to saving a dog, but we have a feeling we’re about to find out why.

9. Into the Depths

Image: Know Your Meme

Stripping off his pants and shoes, Raden climbed over the pier railing despite his family’s protests. Lowering himself down into the rough cold water below, he hoped he could swim out to Bibi before she slipped underneath the waves forever.

Do you think he’ll make it?

8.  Second Thoughts

Image: Underdog Paws

The moment Raden plunged into the icy water he was beginning to have second thoughts. Not only was the current strong, but the water temperature was below freezing. Meanwhile, Bibi was struggling to keep her head above water.

Just wait until you see what happens next…

7. Swimming to Safety

Image: Little Pups

Spotting Raden, Bibi was unsure if she could trust him. However, with her strength depleting, she began to swim towards him. Despite the strong current trying to pull her under, Bibi paddled toward her knight in shining armor.

Would Bibi be able to fight against the strong current trying to wash her out to sea?

6. I’ve Got You, Bibi!

Image: Daily Mail

After a few minutes of struggling, Bibi was able to make it to Raden. He scooped the dog up under his arm, holding onto her as tightly as he could. The only problem was getting back to safety.

Could they both make it out of the freezing water?

5. Moments from Safety

Image: NTD. TV

Distraught and frantic, Sue noticed the young man jump into the water to save her dog. She quickly ran to a nearby pier that was low enough for them to get out of the water. Raden immediately swam towards it with Bibi in tow.

4. Owner and Dog Reunited

Image: Honest to Paws

Reaching the lower pier, Sue grabbed the freezing cold Bibi from Raden’s arms. With her dog safely out of the water, Sue couldn’t help but burst into tears. She couldn’t believe a stranger would risk their own safety for her dog. In her eyes, Raden was a hero!

3. Part-Time Hero, Part-Time Underwear Model

Image: The Picta

It was soon revealed that besides loving animals, Raden worked as a part-time underwear model. No wonder he had no issues stripping off his clothes in public! Although, the real reason behind it was he didn’t want the weight of his pants and shoes to pull him down in the water.

2. Thankful Beyond Words

Image: Little Things

Regardless of his job-status, Raden was publicly declared a hero and commended for his good deed. Of course, Sue couldn’t have been more thankful and Bibi completely recovered with some food and a nice warm bed.

1. A Moment of Kindness

Image: Underdog

When the opportunity arose, Raden stepped up to the plate in a moment of kindness. It makes you wonder if everyone took time to be kind to one another, what type of place the world would be. We have to think it would be a big step in the right direction.