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4 Best Gamification Apps To Improve Your Life


Often people, especially youth, are frustrated with the way of life of the society. Life is too short to be bored! However, in the last few years, certain apps have appeared to make you enjoy every second of life. All you need to do is go to your App Store, or Play Store. But what are these apps? Gamification apps! Read on, and you will see what they have to offer to improve your lifestyle. After this, nothing will ever be the same again.



Many people set goals in life, whether it is work, college or, even health. And, sometimes you need that extra motivation to get things done. Habitica is one of the apps that will help you meet those goals through game mechanics, so it will be quite fun.

Habitica is the perfect app for RPG (role-playing game) lovers, but also for brand-new who are looking for a new and fun way to motivate themselves to accomplish daily tasks. Try out Habitica for at least one month and evaluate all the benefits that this app can bring to your life!


Duolingo is surely one of the most popular apps on the market, you may have already heard of it, or you may be using it if you are one of those who want to learn a new language. By combining the best of artificial intelligence and language sciences, the lessons follow your performance, so you can learn at your pace. You advance by completing units, lose lives for incorrect answers, earn points and level up, just like in a game! You have lots of fun, and you may discover your inner language talents at the same time!

Forest: Stay Focused

Forest is one of those apps that may sound strange. It was born precisely so that you can make better use of your time on things that have nothing to do with your mobile phone. A mobile app to avoid using your mobile? That is right! It seems to be a strange mix, but can actually totally make sense.

But how does this app work? Quite nicely: you have to plant the seed of a tree every time you want to detach from your smartphone for a set period of time. If you could do that, that tree will grow. If you exit the app to check your mail, check WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other app, the tree will die. Forest: Stay Focused is a great app for all those phone addicts who can’t stop looking at their phone every five seconds.


This is probably the app you have been waiting for if you are one of those who doesn’t get excited when it comes to working out. Apps like Fitocracy are here to help you!

Become a part of an online fitness community where you can not only find inspiration and support but also connect with others, compare results and share motivation and challenges. A mix of social network and sports app that will undoubtedly help you to better achieve your sports aims.


Of course, there are other apps besides these. But all are designed for the same thing: to ensure that you enjoy the best experience. And to that end, they should be fun and exciting. They should capture your interest and immerse you in the action, as when it comes to the casino games offered by Can you place side bets? Is there a second-screen bonus game? Perhaps there is a life-changing jackpot on offer? They know you love games like this. If you find it fun, you can then bet money on it! Plus: these games can all be played on mobile.

It is also worth bearing in mind that those who use this type of apps should be responsible in their use since, having the dynamics of a game, they could cause dependence. Not all are like Forest: Stay Focused. Be responsible and make the most of them! As you can see, the application of technology goes beyond the entertainment sector and is gaining in strength in sectors where before people thought that it was impossible to enter.

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