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5 Major Performance Issues Suffered By PPC Managers


Using PPC (pay-per-click), online marketers pay when someone clicks on one of their ads. Your ad competes against others for the same traffic in a blind auction. Ad placement and cost per click are both determined by your offer. When a user searches for terms you target, the winning advertisements appear at the top or bottom of the SERP with an ‘Ad’ tag.


Businesses use PPC advertising to drive visitors to a landing page, create brand awareness, and sell more items and services. The most popular platforms offer amazing diversity and complexity, allowing advertisers to develop hyper-contextual adverts for their audience. PPC helps businesses reach individuals when they search for something. PPC is more customized than traditional advertising due to its enhanced targeting.

This article pens down the 5 major performance issues suffered by PPC managers nowadays.

Settings for Conversion

The most apparent approach to gauge the performance of your PPC advertising is by the number of conversions. If your conversions aren’t set up correctly, you won’t be able to see how successful your efforts are or where you need to make improvements. In most cases, conversion settings go awry because they are either poorly set up or not. You must check and update these settings if you want your account to be successful.

Poor First Impression

It’s one of the most prevalent PPC advertising issues to see ads or ad groups that aren’t being viewed. An ad group is required for any PPC campaign to be successful and must have an ad targeting at least one keyword. Your ad can appear on any number of searches if your bid is high enough. If your ad has been viewed an impressive proportion of the number of times it might have been viewed, you’ll be able to see this in your impression share stats.

The Discrepancy between what a Search Engine is Looking for

For example, if you’re targeting a term that doesn’t fit your product or service, you’ll be wasting your money on unnecessary clicks. To illustrate this point, a firm that provides crawl space waterproofing services wouldn’t want to target the word “crawl space” since it’s too general and doesn’t capture the specific purpose of a customer. It might be preferable to use a keyword like “crawl space waterproofing” instead of “crawl space waterproofing.”

An Account with a Shaky Foundation

It is unusual for Google Ads to work as expected when there is a lack of structure in your account. Every facet of your account,  from campaigns to ads, influences Quality Score and segmentation.

For PPC ad campaigns, having a system of organization that reminds you what each item accomplishes is critical. It does not only help everyone involved in the project to have better knowledge, but it also cuts down on the time it takes to track out the problematic pieces when anything goes wrong.

Inability to Schedule Ads

Do you have a campaign ad schedule in place? An ad schedule determines when your advertising will appear. Unless you change this setting, your adverts will be shown around the clock. Ads that run while no one is available to answer the phone may not be the most significant use of your advertising budget, so think carefully before using this strategy.

Final Words

PPC is online advertising where advertisers give charges for each click on their advertisements. Your advertising is entered into a public auction against other businesses competing for the same traffic. Your bid will determine where your advertisement will be shown and the cost you will incur for each click.

Moreover, you can hire a PPC management agency like Pearl Lemon if you are not an expert or unable to get a good ROI. They excel in increasing your website’s organic traffic with the help of proper PPC management.