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Arkfeld UV – White Light and UV Dual Light review


Arkfeld Flashlight with UV is a lightweight and versatile tool with exceptional features:


White light with 5 brightness levels, reaching a maximum output of 1,000 lumens

Additional UV LED for enhanced visibility of otherwise invisible elements

UV light emitting a powerful 580mW (365nm wavelength) for various purposes, such as detecting counterfeit money, identifying fluorescent minerals or insects, and ensuring cleanliness in hotel rooms.

Ultra-thin and anti-slip flat body design for comfortable handling and easy pocket carrying (only 3.07oz in weight and 0.59 inches in thickness)

Deep carry two-way pocket clip featuring an integrated lanyard hole for secure attachment and convenient carrying options.

With its impressive features, the Arkfeld Flashlight with UV is a reliable and practical lighting solution.


LED: The available options for color temperature include Cool White (5700-6700K) or Neutral White (4000-5000K).

Modes: The lumens vary across modes with settings ranging from 1000 to 300, 300 to 60, and down to 15 and 1.

Runtime: Expect a runtime of four minutes stretching up to 110 minutes, or from 140 to 20 minutes. Additionally, runtime durations are 12 hours and 50 minutes, 41 hours, and an impressive 8 days.

Special Modes: Notable special modes available are Strobe and Timer feature.

UV: The device offers an optical power of 365nm and 580mW, with an uninterrupted usage time of 4 hours.

Beam Distance: An impressive beam distance of 271ft or 85m can be achieved with this device.

Peak Beam Intensity: The peak beam intensity recorded is 1808cd.

Water Resistance: This device boasts an IPX-7 rating for water resistance.

Drop Resistance: It can withstand drops from a height of 4.92ft or 1.5m.

Battery Type: Power is sourced from a built-in 1050mAh Lithium Polymer battery.

More features

Aluminum body

The Olight Arkfeld features a solid milled aluminum construction, ensuring exceptional quality and a premium feel. With no sharp edges and a weight of 3.07oz (87g), it strikes the perfect balance between sturdiness and portability. Any lighter and it would compromise its robustness.

Style and functions

The Olight Arkfeld LED Flashlight offers an attractive design and outstanding functionality. It boasts a maximum output of 1000 lumens, with a beam length reaching 101 meters. Perfect for various uses around the house or nighttime walks.

Moreover, the flashlight features a convenient Memory Function, allowing instant access to the previously used brightness setting without excessive cycling through all options.

Dual lighting options

The Arkfeld flashlight offers dual lighting options with a white LED and either a green beam pointer or a UV pointer. The green beam pointer is ideal for professional presentations or funny pets, while the UV light can reveal hidden stains on carpets or difficult-to-reach areas.

Additionally, each model provides a choice of Cool White or Neutral White color temperature for the main LED, allowing you to customize the lighting to suit your specific needs. The Arkfeld flashlight is designed with a central button and toggle switch for easy access to your desired brightness settings at all times.

Magnetic charging

One standout feature of Olight flashlights is the convenient magnetic charging system. With the magnetic charging cable that securely attaches to the flashlight tail, there is no need for inserting a charging cable, eliminating the risk of breaking charging ports. This is particularly advantageous if you have young, curious individuals interested in everyday carry (EDC). It’s worth noting that the MCC3 charging cable is proprietary, so it’s essential to avoid misplacing it to ensure uninterrupted functionality. Fortunately, Olight offers replacement MCC3 charging cables for such instances.

Advantages of Arkfeld UV flashlight

Olight has recently introduced a special edition EDC flashlight featuring UV and white LED lights, offering a range of incredible functions beyond traditional white flashes. Let’s explore how the Arkfeld flashlight can greatly enhance our daily lives with its versatile capabilities.

Fluorescent Agent Identification

The Arkfeld UV flashlight serves as a remarkable tool in addition to its regular flashlight functions. It aids law enforcement officers, jewelry professionals, bank employees, and others in detecting fluorescent agents on documents, clothing, and various surfaces. This enables the extraction of invisible signs or evidence, enhancing investigative processes.

Ensuring Impeccable Hotel Cleanliness

The UV flashlight is an invaluable tool to maintain uncompromising hotel cleanliness for your esteemed customers. It allows you to detect and eliminate bugs, molds, and other contaminants from beds and surfaces.

Bodily Stains Detection

The UV flashlight can be utilized to identify pet or human fluids, such as urine or blood stains, on both hard and soft surfaces. This enables you to effectively maintain home hygiene using a flashlight.

Bank Note Verification

The UV light provides exceptional results in detecting counterfeit banknotes. If you have any suspicion of currency fraud during an exchange, you can use the UV flashlight in low-light conditions to verify the authenticity of the bank notes.

Detecting Mechanical Faults

For those who enjoy DIY home or car repairs, UV light can be a dependable tool for identifying hidden mechanical issues. Moreover, it aids in discovering signs of maintenance in older vehicles, buildings, and pre-owned items.

How to pick the right UV flashlight

Here is the detail how you can pick the right UV flashlight:

When selecting the optimal UV flashlight, there are several crucial factors to take into account. One of them is the output, which determines the effectiveness of the UV flashlight in terms of ultraviolet light production, measured in nanometers (nm). A UV flashlight with a higher output emits more UV light, enhancing its performance across various applications. For instance, a flashlight with an output of approximately 365nm is suitable for detecting stains, counterfeit currency, or pet urine in most scenarios.


When considering using the flashlight in demanding environments, it is crucial to ensure that it possesses a rugged construction capable of withstanding shock, water, and dust.


The overall design of the UV flashlight should be a significant factor to take into account, especially in terms of portability. Opting for a compact and lightweight flashlight will allow for easier transportation, thus enhancing convenience.

Battery capacity

When choosing a UV flashlight, it is important to take into account the battery life. Higher-output flashlights may require more powerful batteries, which can lead to shorter run times. Prior to making a purchase, it is advisable to research the duration of the flashlight’s runtime on a single charge or with a set of batteries.