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Best 19+ Free Agenda Templates for Google Docs


Quickly record the results of a meeting, make a convenient work plan for the day or a task list – all this can be done by means of Agenda Templates for Google Docs. Ready-made templates will allow you to stop using large, thick notepads and make your life more convenient.


You can enter all the necessary information in the layout on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. After that, you can always print the document or send it to all employees by e-mail.

Meeting Agenda Template

It is a convenient and stylish template. It allows you to take quick notes during work meetings, conferences, or presentations.

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Small Business Meeting Agenda Template

Small Business Meeting Agenda Template will easily replace your notebook or notepad. The layout has a separate place for information about the meeting, for notes and even for a further actions plan!

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Weekly Agenda Template

A bright pink template will help you not to forget anything important. The layout is editable, so you can add new tasks at any time.

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Tech Company Agenda Template

This free Google Docs template is a great solution for companies that hold weekly meetings. In the layout, you can specify the purpose and date of the meeting, attendees, issues to be discussed, and an action plan.

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PLC Agenda Template

This Google Docs template can be used as a conference invitation. In the layout, you can specify the date of the event and the list of issues to be discussed.

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Team Meeting Agenda Template

With the help of this template, you will be able to write down all the details of the meeting. The main feature of the layout is that you can draw up an hourly event plan.

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Content Planning Meeting Agenda Template

This is a good option for those who want to detail the meeting as much as possible. Here is a place to describe the strategy and to record all the ideas arising during the brainstorming session.

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Daily Agenda Template

Create a to-do list for the day with this Google Docs template. If plans change, you can always make changes from your smartphone.

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Brainstorm Meeting Agenda Template

When you’re generating ideas to improve your company, it’s easy to miss something important. Due to this layout, you will quickly write down all the details and not lose anything.

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Event Agenda Template

The template can be used as an invitation to a meeting or conference, or brochures. In the layout there is a place for the name of the event and information about the issues to be discussed.

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Board Meeting Agenda Template

Think over the plan of the meeting, write it up and send it to all meeting participants. This will help employees prepare in advance and make the meeting even more effective.

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Day Of Wedding Agenda Template

The wedding day is always full of events. Send the event plan to all guests in advance so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. In the free Google Docs template, you can specify the time and the event venue.

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Simple Meeting Agenda Template

The template is as concise and simple as possible. It has two separate tables for the topics to be discussed and for the further actions plan.

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Conference Agenda Template

The layout is designed to suit art exhibitions and conferences. It can be used as an advertising flyer, invitation or brochure for event participants.

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Formal Meeting Agenda Template

This is a questionnaire template for meeting or gathering participants. Distribute to everyone at the event to fill out the questionnaire during the meeting, and then collect and analyze the responses.

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School Agenda Template

Due to this template, you will easily teach your child to allocate time correctly. Every Sunday, together with him, make a task plan for the next week and add it to the layout.

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Work from Home Meeting Agenda Template

This is a cool template for freelancers and those who work from home. Write down all important theses during zoom conferences in the layout.

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General Staff Meeting Agenda Template

For the meetings to be productive, plan the event beforehand. So employees will be able to better prepare questions for discussion.

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Monthly Agenda Template

All coaches recommend creating a monthly plan for maximum efficiency. Enter all tasks in this template, so you don’t forget anything.

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Free Google document templates make creating invitations, brochures, and meeting plans a lot easier! Save your time and use ready-made layouts!


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