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How Aircall Is Revolutionizing The Interactive Voice Response System


The business organization specially like call centers are always look after the customer experience. But Call Centers can get a good technology that help them to control customer calls without being in a phone call. The solution is IVR or interactive voice response. In this article you will going to know more about it. Not only that here we will also discuss about the benefits of these amazing automated voice tool and you how you can make it very helpful for your company.


What is the concept of interactive voice response system or IVR system?

IVR or interactive voice response easy font system by which any customer or business employee can interact with a computer system through touch-tone or voice dialing. With aircall IVR you can easily interact with your caller without taking help from a human operator. It is a very efficient away for routine calls to your appropriate recipients. In IVR system customer will get a series of menu and option to lead them to the right department. This system response after use of inputs by the customers. The response can be recorded earlier or it can be a digital generated voice over. The system can assists, directs or routs the calls automatically based on the response given by the user. Without any kind of human assistant or live operator the IVR helped to attend number of calls for increase the customer experience.

Benefits of IVR system or interactive voice response?

In this part of the article you will come to know about the benefits of interactive voice response. Lets see those:

Unlimited customer access:

IVR or interactive voice response system will be very helpful during office hours or holidays or any kind of break taken by the employees. Not only that with the Limited availability of employee in office IVR system always help to access the customer service properly. That means customers will always receive the customer service whenever they need.

Wide level of personalization:

You want to create a very good relationship with your customer then I will system is the best because it allows for wider personalization. This system can be modified and program with different personalized greetings specially for the known callers. With the caller ID information it is possible to avail the IVR system through CRM integration. You can easily address a particular collar by their name and not only that the system will identify any other additional information about the customer. Because of this system the customer feel special.

To create a good company image:

IVR system is highly beneficial for the smaller company. If you have one then IVR system can create a huge image for your company. Because only one receptionist cannot possibly manage your huge amount of call volume but the IVR system can.

How you can improve your customer experience with integrated IVR system?

An integrated IVR system can improve your customer experience in following way:

  • The system will lower customer service cost.
  • It is a streamline business process for large Call Centre where the volume of customer calling is very high.
  • It also helps to manage efficient call routine event is employees unlimited.

Top tips and best practice to improve your interactive voice response?

To improve your interactive voice response you can follow these below tips:

  • When you were developing your business Persona then it is important to determine the customers who like to use any kind of automation feature.
  • The IVR menu should be open always even after the business hours.
  • A simple IVR menu will be very customer friendly.
  • Do survey to know the customer experience about your IVR system.
  • The IVR menu should be specific so it can lead the customer to the right option. It will provide a better customer experience.
  • The IVR system should be multilingual so customer can get several option for their preferable language. For example Hindi, English or one regional language should be given as the language menu.
  • You have to listen your customer properly. You can use IVR system to help your customer as well as you can collect their feedback.

Now the question is where you can find the best IVR system to improve your call center business experience. Air Call can be the best destination to get seamless integration of Call Centre software and you will get modern IVR Technology. So what are you waiting for bring the best IVR system to increase your customer experience.