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CRM platforms – the right solution for business

A large loyal client base is one of the main goals of any law firm seeking success and profit growth. A customer-oriented development strategy of CRM (Customer Relationship Management – translated from English as “customer relationship management”) and its tools, in particular a CRM-system, will help to achieve this goal.


Crm platforms automates the client service: it helps to quickly process requests received from different channels (from the website, through the call center, by e-mail), collect and store information on each contact. The accumulated data can be used both in the personal work of specialists and for general business analytics.

What are the advantages of the CPM system?

Unified scheme of work

With the implementation of CRM, your law firm starts to work in the same style. The CRM is gradually expanding to a huge client base, where information about each current or potential client, the entire history of interaction and completed transactions is stored in a convenient form. This also helps in the delegation and transfer of authority: a new employee, even in the absence of the one who conducted the transaction before, will delve into the essence of the client’s question, simply by finding his card in the system.

Simple and convenient reports

CPM for law firms – generates business reports in a convenient form on several indicators: the number of potential buyers, the volume of calls and negotiations with lawyers, the cost of transactions for a certain period of time. This information is accompanied by diagrams.

Customer retention

Loss of a customer is a problem for a business with a large customer network. Our CRM for law firms and lawyers’ offices will not allow this. In automatic mode, the program takes applications from the site, places them in a specific section, from which your employees can take to work those issues in which they are “strong”, and also guides their work at different stages of negotiations.

How it works

CRM, or customer relationship management system, is a program whose main purpose is to collect and analyze various data to increase business productivity. The main task of such a program is to automate the interaction between the business and the client, and also to optimize teamwork. It can be collecting and processing data, classifying them into databases, as well as storing information, and also analyzing a marketing strategy.

The main principle of choice is that the CRM system should be selected taking into account the specifics of your business. Unless, of course, you want to simplify your work, and not add even more headaches.

Cloud-based CRMs have become much more widespread than boxed ones. This is due to a number of significant advantages of “clouds”:

  • you no longer need to maintain a server and spend money on equipment for it, install applications and store data
  • CRM is available from any computer or smartphone, all you need is Internet access. This means that you can do business not only from the office
  • You do not need to pay for regular updates – the developers are constantly improving the software and updates appear automatically for all users. Owners of boxed CPMs have to pay for each new product.