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Extend Your Reach With Control: Top Extension Cords With Switches

You may often want to charge or operate your electronic device sitting at a particular place but cannot. Most of the time, the reason is the unavailability of power switches. Of course, you can’t expect switches everywhere in your home or office.  So, what do you do?


The solution to your need is the extension cord.  

An extension cord is a long cable with an outlet plug at both ends. It is used to power devices with a cable that cannot reach the nearest electrical outlet. Extension cords vary in the type of outlet plug and length.  

Using an extension cord can make your life easier as it offers numerous benefits. In addition, you can use it in many ways in your home, office, or any other place. In fact, like other electrical appliances, extension cords have become necessary in our day-to-day life 

Today you can find numerous types of extension cords in the market ranging from bad quality to good quality. Hence, it is a challenge to select the right cord.  

This article list all the details you need about extension cord and the top extension cord in the market.  

Types Of Extension Cords  

Although you will find an ideal extension cord with switch in the market, they are usually of three types, as mentioned below.  

  1. Light–Duty Extension Cords

Light-Duty extension cords resemble a lamp wire and have only two plug prongs. They don’t have a third wire and prong. Hence never use devices that have three-prong cords. Instead, you use it for electrical devices such as lamps, clocks, and other vehicles drawing up to 7 amps. Light Duty Extension Cord length varies from 25 feet to 100 Feet.   

  1. Medium-Duty Extension Cords

Medium – Duty cords are also known as a grounded extension cords. These cords have a third wire and prong, hence used to connect appliances like television, computers, and other devices. You can get this with a length of 25 feet, 50 feet, and 100 feet.  

  1. Heavy Duty Extension Cords

Heavy Duty Extension Cords are used to connect electric appliances that draw up to 15 amps of power. These extension cords also have a third wire and plug prong with three slots for connecting grounded appliance cords.   

Extension Cord Gauge And Length  

Apart from the length, there is another factor that determines the load capacity of the extension cord. That is a wire gauge. 

Wire gauge is the thickness or diameter of the extension cord that defines how much current it will carry and how much it heats. At the same time, the length affects the voltage drop.  Voltage Drop is an effect due to electrical resistance that reduces the voltage of electricity in an extension cord.    

Benefits Of Using Extension Cord 

  1. Deliver Electricity To Inaccessible Spots

An extension cord is usually required when you need power in unreachable places. For example, you decided to do your work while sitting on the terrace and need to connect your laptop to the power. In such a case, you need an extension cord that can connect your laptop with a socket near the doorway. In addition, the extension cords also have the ability to power all electric appliances and gadgets.  

  1. Organize The Scattered Cable 

Having multiple cables scattered throughout the office or home hinders the overall appearance. Moreover, having electric switches at multiple places makes home or office unappealing. Hence, getting an extension cord is the only solution to declutter all the cables. With an extension cord, you only need to attach it to the outlet and connect the other end with multiple appliances. This will organize all the cables and make the place look organized.  

  1. Are Economical

One of the significant benefits of using the electric cord is they are economical.  

Unlike setting up electricity infrastructure, which incurs a lot of costs, extension cords need not to be set up. You just buy the extension cord at a substantial price and use it for the purpose you want without spending anything on setting it up.   

  1. Work In all Weather

You can use the extension cord in any weather or at any place. All the extension cords are highly insulated to protect them from the harsh cold of winter and the scorching heat of the summer. The extension cord can also handle higher voltage to be used with most appliances.   

Furthermore, all the extension cords are agile enough to be maneuvered between different structures with a vast area without being corroded due to various climatic conditions. The weather tolerance of extension cords also makes them an excellent solution for powering devices in open areas, for example, during camping in the wild.   

Top Extension Cord

  1. 1 FT NEMA 5-15P to NEMA 5-15R Extension Cord

1 Ft Nema cord is a quality extension cord offered by Americord. It is a black-colored extension wire with a length of one feet and is rated to 10 amperage and 125 volts. Moreover, it features a molded NEMA 5-15P plug to the NEMA 5-15R receptacle.  You can buy it for as low as $3.52. You can also get a reasonable discount if you order 50 pc or more.  

  1. 25 FT NEMA 5-15P Right Angle to NEMA 5-15R Extension Cord

This 25 Ft long extension cord features a molded 5-15 right-angled plug and molded 5-15 receptacle. It is 25 ft long and is made according to the standards of the North American market. The best thing about this wire is that it offers flexibility even in colder climates.  

  1. 50FT NEMA 5-15P To NEMA 5-15R cold weather extension cord 

This is a highly durable and oil-resistant extension cord that can sustain temperatures in the range of 212 degrees Fahrenheit to –58 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also highly resistant to sunlight, ozone, cracking, and chemicals. This 50 feet long extension cord is made of 10/3 SJEOW TPE rubber and is perfect for industrial and garage purposes.   


There are numerous types of extension cords available in the market. Therefore, choosing the right one can be challenging. So, consider all the above factors and choose the one that best suits you. Ultimately, you can also consider any of the extension cords mentioned at the end of the article.