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How AI Is Impacting Creative App Development

After watching movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey or The Terminator, you might think of AI as powerful computers with hyper-intelligence that want to rule humanity. We’re not quite there yet; some may be thankful for that. However, we use artificial intelligence every day in all types of technological applications, including mobile phone apps.


The AI that we leverage to improve our lives isn’t sentient. However, it can think humanly by reacting to situations. Its subset, Machine Learning (ML), allows machines to learn from experience without being explicitly programmed. Both AI and ML impact creative mobile app development in exciting ways nowadays.

If you want to develop cutting-edge software for an iPhone or an iPad, then you should hire a professional iOS developer with some experience in AI. Here are some examples of mobile phone applications that leverage artificial intelligence:

#1 Design Software

As you probably know, mobile phone design tools like Adobe Photoshop Express utilize AI to help you edit your photos with just a few touches. For example, with its Sensei AI machine models, the software allows you to quickly and efficiently select objects through the Object Selection Tool.

Software developers are also working on AI-powered apps to help you create color palettes, transform sketches into artboards, digitize designs, and much more. Some AI apps can also generate human faces from scratch for you to work on. This way, you don’t have to license headshots or hire a model if you can’t afford to.

#2 Photography

It’s incredible how smartphone camera work has improved in just a few short decades, thanks to more powerful sensors and photography software that leverages AI. It’s easier than ever to capture an almost professional-looking photograph with a mobile phone that rapidly uses AI to decide optimal photography settings. For example, AI algorithms can identify if the user is taking a picture of an object, panorama, or a person and adjust accordingly.

AI also helps camera software make numerous post-processing decisions to enhance photos, potentially saving work hours in the editing room. Similarly, AI can stabilize photos or negate the effects of less-than-ideal angles, lighting, and reflections. In addition, AI helps smartphones with autofocus technology, allowing selfie-takers, YouTubers, and content creators in general their images and videos.

Of course, purists will still prefer a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera that lets them do some of the heavy-lifting, but smartphone cameras are more than serviceable nowadays, thanks to AI.

#3 VR Illustration

More users are utilizing their mobile devices and even special VR headsets for illustration apps. These apps allow people to paint, draw, animate, model, and even sculpt in virtual reality for a powerful and immersive experience. Of course, AI also plays a role here, helping users select the right tools, colors, and backgrounds. ML systems also allow artists to connect with other like-minded users in the metaverse.

These are just some of the ways AI is impacting the development of creative apps. As artificial intelligence technology improves, the future will be even more exciting for digital artists.