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How to get Calls to Action on Videos with TikTok Filters

Calls to action are the main focus in digital marketing, these days. It seems like, if you don’t have one on every page of your website, and in every post on social networks, you are not doing your job the right way. If you want people to react more to your posts on TikTok, then what you need to do is to add filters. Here is more about how to create calls to action with their help.


The Power of Eye-catching Filters

When you are marketing a product or a service, what you want is to catch the attention of the person who will see your ad, no matter where he sees it. On TikTok, the best way to make sure that viewers are paying attention, is to add filters to your videos. After all, that is the one thing that TikTok does best over its competitors, as it offers special filters and even a green screen option. So, how to use TikTok filters to call people into action, is the key of success on this app.

What you want, is to create an intense moment when you know that the viewer will be glued to its screen. That is when you will insert your call to action, whatever it may be. You can suddenly change the colour tone of the video, to show danger, and write something like: “Head to our website now, before it is all gone!” Or you can use an interactive filter that pops up, which is one of the coolest things on a TikTok post, right now. If you have never used filters before, you will have a great time, simply trying them all, and you will probably be laughing for hours, doing so. The hard part just may be deciding which one will have the best effect for your call to action to really work.

More on How to use Interactive Filters on TikTok

You can compare TikTok’s interactive filters to AR (Augmented Reality), to a certain degree. They started becoming trendy on Instagram and Snapchat, before they really blossomed on TikTok. The most popular and common ones are the AR predictor filters, a variety of interactive games, as well as moving filters that you can customize as you see fit. Again, there are a ton of possibilities that you will first have to discover, before you start using them. We will now explain where to go to find and work with them.
First, once you are on TikTok, open the camera by clicking on the “+” icon. There, you will find the effects tab, which will be located at the left of the big recording button. Once you click on it, a list of effects will appear. It includes all the new filters available on the app. To the right of it, you will finally find the interactive filter tab. Tap on it, and you will get to witness the great new exciting interactive filters, to help you with your various call to actions. Just be creative from here on.