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Quiz Maker Plugin Review

Are you looking for the best quiz plugin in WordPress? Quiz Maker is a WordPress quiz plugin which is fully customizable and have dozens of amazing features that will take your quiz building to a brand new level. It is an easy-to-use plugin, with a user-friendly interface. You are allowed to use different question types and categories, add images, audio, and video questions, use various answer choices and make your quiz extremely unique. We hope that this article will help you find out:

  • Who could use this quiz?
  • How much is the pricing of the Quiz Maker plugin?
  • What are the main features of the plugin?
  • What kind of quizzes could you build with the help of Quiz Maker?


Who could use this plugin?

  • Quiz Maker could be used by online schools or teachers that regularly conduct online exams, quizzes, or tests. The plugin is considered as a WordPress Exam plugin because it is one of the easiest ways to build online exams and tests (for instance quizzes with certificates, leaderboards, timer, and copy protection).
  • It could be used as well as by marketers: this plugin is a wonderful email marketing tool that will help to build a qualified email list.
  • Sociologists, psychologists, and even students: they can conduct researches, collect data from quiz takers, and find out thei8 desired information.
  • And of course, website owners: quizzes are sometimes used as a lead generation tool that will definitely increase traffic to any website if used correctly.



Quiz Maker plugin has both free and pro versions. You can use the free version and create an unlimited number of questions. But of course, WordPress Quiz Maker pro version offers much more advanced features and options, allows using multiple add-ons.

The Business plan costs 39$ and provides you with various options and features. You can also use further updates and support for a year.

While using the Developer plan, you can enable copy protection, and preserve your content, so that it could never be stolen. In addition, with this version, you will be able to integrate PayPal and Stripe, use updates and support only for 99$ for lifetime.  


Main features

With Quiz Maker plugin you can build dozens of different quiz types as there are a huge number of great options and features. Quiz maker plugin allows creating fully customizable tests, for almost every purpose. Here are the main kinds of quizzes, you will probably need: they are extremely popular, interesting, and most importantly, useful.


1. Online test/exam with certificate

Online English level test/exam example

Everybody knows that online education is popular more than ever. It has shifted from schools to online platforms: that’s why it is very important to have an exam builder that will be perfect for this job. Quiz Maker plugin allows using timer and navigation bar to make your quiz much more convenient to use. What is more, you can enable copy protection, to be sure that students do not cheat during a test. At the end of the test, you can send emails, or even certificates to the users (for example with their grades of language level) with your desired design. It is possible to set the passing score, the background image, or a frame to your certificates.


2. Paid quizzes

Of course, quizzes are not intended just for fun. Everybody uses quizzes for their own reasons: making money could be considered as one of the main ones. Paid quizzes are a very popular type, but only a few WP plugins allow building them. With Quiz Maker plugin you can enable PayPal or Stripe integrations and make your quizzes beneficial and easy way to earn money online. Paid quizzes could be used for testing the knowledge of quiz takers, but with the advantage of convenience and quickness. With paid quizzes, users should pay the amount that the admin has already set to pass the quiz. This type of quiz builds trust towards quiz takers and makes them feel, that the information they get is quite accurate.


3. Personality quizzes

Do you want to know either you are an introvert or an extrovert? What animal is your personality match? Were you born a couple of hundred years too late? Or a thousand years too early? You can find the answers to all these questions in personality quizzes. Quiz Maker plugin allows building personality quiz, with the help of interval messages by keywords. These keywords should be assigned to the answers. That is an easy way to show quiz takers an accurate result of his/her personality quiz: There is no need to count something, the program will do it automatically. That is the kind of quiz that could be used practically by everyone: by psychologists, by employers, website owners, doctors, teachers, and etc.


4. IQ test

For some people there is nothing more engaging and interesting than IQ tests. They can also concern different themes, such as mathematics, geography, or general intelligence. With Quiz Maker plugin you will be allowed to add imagesdiagrams, and graphics to your IQ test, to make them more professional and interesting. You can also use the navigation bar, which allows users to move from one question to another.


5. Quiz with leaderboard

To make quizzes more challenging, you could build a quiz with a leaderboard via Quiz Maker Plugin. The quizzes of this kind are not only engaging but also extremely motivational. At the end of the quiz, everyone could see the users that have the highest results: for instance that is an easy way for teachers to create rivalry during lessons. But, surely leaderboards are not used only during online lessons. They will help to keep visitors on your website much longer than they planned. Quiz Maker plugin helps to create extra protected quizzes.

  • The plugin allows using Copy Protection for your quizzes, to make sure that there is no cheating during the quiz and no one could steal the content.
  • The plugin also lets you make password protected quizzes, so the ones who do not know the password would not be able to pass it.


6. Trivia Quiz

Trivia Quiz example- Check Geography Knowledge

Funny Trivia Quizzes are loved by almost every kind of audience. No matter, how serious someone is, it is always interesting to learn new facts of little importance. The questions reveal the general knowledge of the participants. With this plugin, you can make this little attractive quiz into a powerful marketing tool, by requiring user data (email, phone number and etc.) Your quiz will turn from an educational and funny way to spend time, into an effective lead generator. Trivia Quiz built by Quiz Maker is also a quick and convenient method to collect feedback from quiz takers. Trivia Quiz topics could be:

  1. Disney animated movies quiz.
  2. 80’s music quiz.
  3. Roman and Byzantine emperors quiz.
  4. Writers’, poets’, artists’, and scientists’ quotes quiz.
  5. Scientists and their inventions quiz.


7. True or False/ Yes or No Quiz

True or False Quiz is a one or multiple-question quiz, that easily collects information from users, about their preferences, thoughts, opinions, and even knowledge level. It is quite similar to This or That Quiz. True or False quiz has almost the same functions as Yes or No poll, but, of course, much more advanced ones. With Quiz Maker plugin your quizzes could contain different images and graphics, be better looking and, of course, visually pleasing. Besides you can also enable Access only selected users and set the number of quiz takers.

True or False quiz could have questions like: 

  1. The first song ever sung in the space was “Happy Birthday.”
  2. Tea contains more caffeine than coffee and soda.
  3. Do you find Christmas the best Holiday for families?
  4. Do you think that reading is much more interesting than watching movies?
  5. How do you think, using less plastic will do good for the earth?

Sometimes Yes or No and This or That quizzes can be connected with personality quizzes, and give interesting information to the users. For example, a quiz taker can answer several questions and determine if he/she is a purposeful person or not.


8. Assessment/Scored Quiz

Assessment or Scored Quiz is intended for evaluating one’s knowledge in a certain sphere: it could be marketing, mathematics, biology and etc. With different question types of Quiz Maker, you can build extremely customizable assessment tests. For instance, sometimes in assessment tests, there is a necessity to write an essay. Text and Short text question types are perfect for that. You can also use other question types:

  • Radio
  • Checkbox (Multiple)
  • Dropbox
  • Number
  • Date
  • Custom (Banner)
  • True / False.

Example of Digital Marketing knowledge assessment test

Assessment quizzes could be used not only in academic contexts. Users can pass certain quizzes, find out their learning gaps, and get motivated for self-development.

Of course, that is not all of the features that Quiz Maker plugin offers. There are a lot of other interesting and useful features that will help you create your desired quiz, within few minutes.

You can see different quiz type demos here.

We hope this article was useful and you found what you were looking for.

Good luck with your quiz-building process!!!