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Self-Created Website: 5 Best Construction Assistants


All sites are created with a specific purpose: some post news or useful content, others become forums, educational portals, online stores, or entertainment platforms. Moreover, there is a myriad of business websites, apart from blogs and social media.


Somewhere you can get by with ready-made solutions or even make up a page yourself completely free of charge, but some websites need a budget of several thousand dollars (and this is without taking into account professional content or promotion services).

If you’re just thinking about your first website, there aren’t many options. More precisely, there are only three:

  • Do it yourself. Online builders (cloud services for creating sites) can do this for you. This service can be completely free, but it will require at least a minimum of specialized knowledge and development experience.
  • Buy a ready-made website. It’s quick and easy, but there are pitfalls here and you need to be very careful.
  • Order a turn-key project from top web design companies. For some reason, the option seems too expensive, but in fact, the budget can be reduced to quite acceptable sizes.

What should you choose?

Creating a website yourself vs. ordering a development

The most optimal option from all points of view is ordering the development. In fact, you pay for the services of professionals and get exactly what you want. The main problem is the selection of the right performers who will suit you with their rates and quality of work. The front end development company: Qulix is considered one of the best among turn-key development.

Here the professionals work – efficiently and quickly. You don’t have to dive into the technical details and do something yourself. You just need to correctly formulate the terms of reference and accept the finished result on time.

However, along with the list of wishes, the cost of the website will also grow.

Therefore, if you have a limited budget or want to create something quite simple, you can use the services of online site builders. You can always start with the basic functionality and later develop your project, supplementing it with the necessary options.

So, let’s take a look at the top online builders that can help with this difficult task.

Best website builders in 2021

  • WIX

WIX occupies a leading position among online services for website building. Most often it is chosen for creating online stores, blogs, and portfolios. The application allows you to choose a design with ready-made templates or make a page with drag&drop technology. Moreover, the platform provides a wide variety of marketing options.

The most popular package will cost $12,5 per month. VIP set costs $24,5 per 30 days.

  • Weebly

The Weebly team is positioning their app as the best website builder for small businesses, offering everything you need to create a functional business page. Weebly’s best feature is its more flexible drag&drop interface, which sets it apart from the competitors. And the SquareSuite utility allows you to build a professional online store yourself.

The platform offers a free package with the most basic features, and you can connect a domain for $5 per month. Packages with more advanced features start at $12 per month. These are truly affordable prices for such functionality.

  • Webnode

The creators of Webnode tried to make the interface of their website builder like in Microsoft Office for the users to have a familiar interface.

Here you can get the automatic creation of a mobile version. While making a version for viewing on a computer, the system simultaneously generates a version for mobile devices.

If you are familiar with the development, you can switch the free website builder to HTML-code mode.

Webnode offers 4 paid service packages. The price starts at $3, the best possible package costs $17.

  • Webstarts

On the Webstarts home page, you can find detailed step-by-step instructions for building a website. Or you can simply fill out a user profile and entrust the creation of a website to artificial intelligence.

The free version creates a fully functional website with an unlimited number of pages and 1 GB of cloud storage space. Paid Webstarts packages give site owners access to professional email addresses and contact forms, tools for integrating with search engines, and the prospect of setting up a mobile version for their website.

  • Tilda

Tilda is one of the most famous website builders on the market. The platform offers to create a website from about 450 individual modules that can be inserted, removed, and swapped.

The Tilda service also has a built-in Zero Block application, which is a professional graphics editor. Here you can render a website from scratch using the best design and typography.

Final words

Website builders have become popular due to the growing need to quickly create Internet services with a minimal start-up budget. The consumers of these apps are blog owners, creative specialists, entrepreneurs, agencies, and small businesses.

Even if you don’t fall into at least one of these categories, trying to create your own personal website is an interesting experience and a challenge for people with no programming knowledge. Don’t miss this opportunity, earn another useful skill!