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Smart Devices for Improving Your Dallas Home



There is no doubt that more and more home buyers have an interest in purchasing a home with smart technology. Not only do home buyers appreciate the ease of use that comes with smart features, they also appreciate the savings on their utility bill. If you are selling your Dallas, Texas home, take a moment to consider the following smart devices that will lower your utility bills and increase your chances of selling your home quickly and at a great price.


Maintain a smart temperature

There is no doubt that heating and cooling costs are a huge drain on your budget. With rising heating costs you may be considering taking a smarter approach to heating and/or cooling your home. Look no further than a smart thermostat. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, smart thermostats can save you an average of 8% on your utility bill. A smart thermostat will turn off the heat and air conditioner more often than regular thermostats, without sacrificing your comfort. Smart thermostats use motion sensors or phone location to figure out when and where you are in the house. When you are gone, the smart thermostat automatically adjusts itself. They also allow you to set up a sensible heating and cooling schedule. You can program the thermostat for different times of the day, or program specific areas of the house for different temperatures.

Protect your house

Smart security systems come in a wide range of styles, prices, and ability. Everything from motion sensor video lights to video enabled doorbells make protecting your home easy and reliable. A favorite security feature for many homeowners is an app enabled home locking system. Many homeowners also love security enabled cameras and video recorders that make it possible to keep an eye on children or pets. In the event of a home invasion, house fire, or medical emergency a home monitoring service can alert authorities.

Enjoy smart cooking

Cooking is always a fun family activity, but it can be even more fun and energy efficient with the use of smart kitchen appliances. Everything from a smart refrigerator to a smart coffee maker can make cooking much easier. Smart refrigerators have touch screen door panels where you can make a list of items you need and even view what’s inside your refrigerator without opening the door. A smart range hood will turn on automatically if too much stream or grease is detected on the stove. Finally, a smart coffee maker can be set to brew at a specific time or turn off and on with the sound of your voice.

Make cleaning up smarter

Cleaning isn’t the best part of owning a home, but it is necessary. Cleaning is easier when you have smart appliances to help. Smart appliances that are a favorite among home buyers are smart washer and dryer units and smart dishwashers. Not only do these appliances make cleaning easier and faster, it makes cleaning more environmentally friendly. Smart appliances save on electricity and water consumption.

Light it up

Lighting your entire house can drastically increase your utility bill, especially when you and family members are constantly forgetting to shut off the lights when the room is not in use. But you can lower your bills by installing a smart lighting system. A smart lighting system is good for security, convenience, and your overall health and wellness. Smart lights can be timed to turn on at a particular time of day, can be turned off and on with using your voice or phone app, and can be gently increased throughout the day for better health.

Adding smart features to your home will not only help with your utility bills, they will also help you sell your Dallas, Texas home fast.