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Different Types Of Backlinks You Need To Know About For SEO

In the middle of a competitive market, companies try to be prominent in all aspects. Well, leading your company in this tough market is hard without inheriting modern business trends. 


Considerably, one of the prominent modern trends in business is search engine optimization (SEO). Without SEO, ranking your business at the top is impossible. Well, it’s not possible to create a profitable business without considering the digital world. 

As an entrepreneur, it is crucial to understand the majority and importance of digital marketing. Being offline, you cannot do anything prominent with your business.

Apart from that, worldwide exposure is only possible through the digital world. So, establishing your business and generating enough revenue is directly related to the digital market, and digital marketing is nothing without SEO instances. 

The SEO market is expected to grow by $103.24 billion in 2025. In addition, the Compound annual growth rate is expected to clock at 20%.

If you can rank your business with prominent SEO keywords, you are open to money, sales, and revenue. Here we will focus mainly on the backlinking process of SEO. Backlinking has several benefits, which you will understand gradually.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are considered as the votes behind your website. The more votes your website gets, the more credible it is. It also determines if the content is worth reading according to the search engine

So, no matter how good you have written content, if you have no backlinks, it will not allow search engines to scout your website or the particular content and rank it higher to the SERPs.

Your business, its prosperity, and popularity all depend on SEO, and backlinking is one of the major three elements of SEO, along with rankbrain and content. In fact, the actual google algorithm is created through backlinks: PageRank. After that, Google went through various changes in its algorithms, but the importance of backlinking is still there.

Well, not every backlink can bring you the same number of votes. There are some top-quality backlinks that can outperform more than 100 low-quality backlinks.

Importance Of Backlinking 

Now that you understand what backlinking is, it’s time to understand why you should consider it in your website. 

Well, backlinks are the votes that you need in your content or website to show the search engine that your content is genuine, readable, and of high quality. So, the search engine with a vote-counting process ranks your website on SERPs. 

Without any backlinking in your content, it’s not possible for the search engine to prioritize your content on the SERPs. It is also a signal to Google that popular websites vouch for your content.

So, it’s time to consider Baltimore SEO Agency and get their prominent solution regarding SEO, including backlinking of your website. 

However, the concept of backlinking is not new, but there are various types that you will find here.

Types Of Backlinks

If you want to perform on the search engine, link-building plans are a must to consider. In this case, top-notch links to your website will provide better SEO solutions. However, depending on the websites, there are various types of backlinking available in the market.

Keep reading and choose your best type following the niche.

Guest Blogging Backlinks

Guest blogging is a viable way to backlink your website. Here you will get a chance to get exposed to a broader audience through high-authority websites. 

For instance, if you write content for high-authority websites, you will get a chance to backlink your website in the content, and that gets published to high authority and popular sites. 

Now you have created a way to bypass the audience of your content on your website. It is one of the easiest ways to link building and engaging with people quickly. 

Editorial Backlinks

One of the prominent strategies to acquire more audience is to consider the editorial backlinking process. However, it is not possible at the beginning. First, you need to develop strong and shareable content which is easy to read and also rich with information for the audience.

However, as your main target is to attract more visitors to your website, you will need to think and plan for editorial backlinks. There are many popular websites that find useful and valuable content with high-quality and informative approaches for keeping relevance with the audience. 

You can be their editor, and providing your content to them will ultimately help your website get recognized gradually. 

Business Profile Backlinks

Setting up digital profiles is a part of the business. Well, whether it is on business listing websites or on social networks, you will always have the luxury to link your website there. 

This is a prominent way to show the search engine that your website has been around for a long time, and thus it can be a viable source for the audience. 

Badge Backlinks

Badge backlinking is a clever process to turn on your website ranking. There is a process through which other sites can award the badges as status symbols to some websites. 

Well, if you can consider these sites for the backlinking process, it will be easier to get more votes with less number of backlinks. 

Free-Tool Backlinks

Giving up useful new tools for free to people can be a great source of backlinking. Here you can get both attention and long-term influence through backlinking.

If you can give away a free version of a digital tool relevant to your website, people will get back to you again and again. 

Comment Backlinks

Sharing links through comments can be a useful and time-effective process of backlinking. However scammers use this process many times, but those are considered bad links. 

Well, if you can provide valuable comments to popular blogs and also provide effective and genuine links in the comment box, it will get outsourced. 

Backlinks From Webinars

Blog promotion through webinars is a viable option to get through the instances of backlinking. Many websites use webinars for promotional purposes, and they may use your company or website name and state what your company has done so far. 

So, it can be a different way of backlinking your website to generate more traffic.