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What is Address Verification Tool and Its Benefits?


Do you have a database or a list of address that needs verification? Do you want to check the mailing address, clients, suppliers, personal information, etc., and create a list that is free from errors and omissions?


An address validation tool online allows you to perform a batch check to validate, synchronize and correct the addresses for the set region. By using online technology and setting APIs from many courier services, you’ll get correct data for every search query.

Why use a Bulk Address verification tool?

Address verification is a process to ensure that each address in your database is validated before you carry out your business process operation. This is done via software that is directly integrated with the international regulatory and addressing system database.

Address verification not only saves you money but also ensures that you target the right customer and reduce returning shipments. Lastly, address verification increase the efficiency of your organization, making sure that your data is reliable and usable.

Benefits of using an address verification tool

  • Bulk Address check: Instead of adding one query at a time, check the validation of multiple addresses by adding a comma (,) or space in the field.
  • Improve Strategy Decision: Correct data is like the fuel of every organization. By having up-to-date data, you can make critical decisions that will benefit your business in the future.
  • Improve Customer Support: Address accuracy plays a role in your customer profile, by shipping them products on the right day and time.
  • Create a Standard for your Business: You can use a bulk address verification tool to create a list according to the government mailing database.
  • On-going Support: The best part is that many of the address verification software offers support for your business. They can set the right set of conditions for your audience, so you can better target it.

Address Verification API

If you’re not fond of using a separate software and have already created a custom application for your business, this one is best for you. An address verification API can be integrated directly into your existing software to offer services in a synchronized way. Instead of using multiple applications, you will get all your required data on one screen.

Many companies offer address verification API. These APIs can fetch data from different sources and can easily showcase them on your set application.

How does an API work?

The usage scenario is simple as standalone software. First, you enter the address/query of your choice. The data is sent to the Global Address verification system. Here, it is formatted, Geocode as per the location, parse, standardize (for set rules) and verify through a valid source.

Once done, the data is sent back to the output record. Using the developer’s portal, you can change the standardization process and list the data at your convenience.

In any case, having a cleanse database can prove wonders for your organization. A batch verification tool offers guaranteed improvement in terms of operating reliability and efficiency.