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What Qualities a Well-designed Logo Needs to Have


The most crucial role of a logo is branding. A logo is the first point of contact between the product and the consumer. Without a logo, customers have no way of distinguishing your products or services from your competitors. A good logo enables the consumers to associate a specific symbol, picture, icon, or mark to your business and, through this, allow them to buy from you without having to read everything.


Though most products are similar and studies have shown no actual way of distinguishing them by function, the easiest way to do this is by having a good logo. The following are qualities a well-designed logo needs to have.

Design a Logo That Speaks to Your Clients

Your logo should be a clear indicator of what you stand for. Your clients should be the first to identify it. It should bear your name and all that comes with your business. Not so many people realize the importance of a business logo but if you come to think about it, it’s what will help your products or service get the attention they need. So, how important is a business logo to your brand? You might ask. Well, it’s all about your business’ recognition and everything that comes with it.

You’ve heard it said that first impressions count. This could not be any truer as the logo is one of the first things about your product that a customer remembers. Professionally made Fortibus Marketing logos can help you make an outstanding and memorable first impression. If you want your product to be remembered and recognized, then it’s time that you created a business logo that talks to your clients. You need just the right advertising company to help you with your brand collateral. Here are tips to help you when you need a logo created for your clients:

  • Ensure that you understand why you need a business logo
  • Pay attention to your customers’ needs in ensuring that the logo is attractive and colorful
  • Consider the logo’s typography
  • Communicate with your logo designer to ensure that the clients’ needs are put into consideration beforehand
  • Logo and brand integration is a must-have

It Should Be Simple

Simplicity is the most crucial quality of a good logo. When creating a logo, you aim to have it memorable and recognizable. Oftentimes, consumers have very little time engaging with your product, and a simple logo is what you need for your product to make it easily identifiable from the rest. With so many similar products in the market, the last thing you need is for the consumer to have a hard time engaging with your product.

Look at famous brands, for example; MacDonald’s M is simple and easy to identify from a distance away. This does not mean that no other food chains are offering the same services, but the logo’s simplicity makes it easier for the consumer to engage with them. Studies show that a logo is far more engaging if the consumer can replicate it from memory. Other simple logos out there are; the Nike swoosh, Apple’s bitten apple, among others. It is ultimately important to note that the simplicity of a logo should not be overlooked as it plays a vital role in subconsciously affecting buyers’ decisions.

2. It Should Be Memorable

The purpose of a good logo is to create a connection with the consumer. A good logo will have someone looking at it once and have a spark that leaves a lasting impression. A memorable logo will also influence how a potential buyer behaves with your product causing them to buy it. Think of famous brands like Nike, Adidas, Gucci, Apple, and others; their logos are simple enough, making them memorable to the consumer, even enabling them to differentiate from imitations. When creating a logo, pay close attention to the design’s textual and visual elements, as these will help set your business apart from competitors.

3. Have It Distinct

In a market that is saturated with businesses selling the same products and services, having a way to stand out is vital. Having a similar logo with a competitor’s business could easily break your business. Your business might have an excellent product, but having a logo that resembles a knock-off business will have your customers running to your competition. To beat this problem, what you need is a unique logo that fully outlines your business and is memorable to the public. You would rather have to pay lots of money to a good designer than have to lose more by a similar mistake.

4. It Should Be Appropriate and Relate to the Business


Often designers are overwhelmed by the aesthetic quality of a logo and the outlook of its purpose. Having an appropriate logo does not require the designer to be literal and create something obvious. For instance, a cleaning company could very well have a picture of a cleaner as the logo, but this will not have a lasting impression on the consumer. The intention of it is not to be obvious but rather intentional.

Food chain businesses could easily go with a plate of food, but that does not make them stand out; it makes them cheap. Connect colors, symbols, and fonts that consumers associate with certain products, and you will have an effective logo. Ensure that what you chose for your logo, whether the symbol or icon, speaks independently.

5. It Should Be Timeless

A good logo should be able to withstand the test of time. Although trending things might make for a good logo at the time, the same logo might not be as effective in a decade. The purpose of your logo is to ensure that the intended message is communicated not only now but also forever. A logo is not like a pair of jeans, which you can replace yearly. Creating a logo is a costly investment, and your goal is not to have to spend on logo creation yearly. Instead, seek a unique logo that is ageless. Famous examples are Coca-Cola and Pepsi, whose logos have remained the same for decades.

When followed closely, the above qualities should come in handy in creating a good logo. Seek only for the best and do not settle for mediocre. And one more thing, you should consider hiring just the best when it comes to designing your logo.