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40 Celebrity Lookalikes That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:jennifer-lawrence-doppelganger.jpg

With the billions of people in the world, it is inevitable that some of us are going to have similar faces and features. Here are forty celebrities and their doppelgangers!


40. Brad Pitt

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:brad-pitt-doppelganger.jpg

“What do you see when you look at this picture?” is what Hermann Rorschach would ask you right now. Our answer? Brad Pitt and his much older, Swiss doppelganger.

39. Orlando Bloom

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:orlando-bloom-doppelganger.jpg

This is hunky actor Orlando Bloom and his lookalike Nicolae Grigorescu – a prominent figure in establishing modern Romanian painting. Pretty eerie!

38. Sylvester Stallone

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:sylvester-stallone-doppelganger.jpg

Most people know Stallone for his breakout role in Rocky, but some of you may know him as the man on the left – Pope Gregory IX.

37. Macaulay Culkin

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:macauley-culkin-vladimir-putin-doppelganger.jpg

A young Vladimir Putin next to Macaulay Culkin. I mean, they have both worked with Donald Trump.

36. Queen Latifah

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:queen-latifah-zora-neale-hurston.jpg

Zora Neale Hurston wrote the famous story Their Eyes Were Watching God, sure does look familiar. Oh wait! She looks freakishly like Queen Latifah.

35. Leonardo DiCaprio

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:leonardo-dicaprio-doppelganger.jpg

By day, Leo DiCaprio is the talented heartthrob men want to be and women want to be with. He also moonlights as an elementary school student from 1962. What a range!

34. Ellen Degeneres

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:ellen-degeneres-henry-david-thoreau-doppelganger.jpg

This one is freaky and funny. Comedian Ellen Degeneres looks an awful lot like Henry David Thoreau. They have to be related!

33. Jay-Z

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:jay-z-doppelganger.jpg

This Jay-Z doppelganger was spotted at the New York Public Library by redditor jdym00. The photo was taken in the 30s… could Jay-Z actually be in the illuminati? It would explain the time traveling.

32. Charlie Sheen

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:charlie-sheen-john-brown-doppelganger.jpg

On our left we have Charlie Sheen. On our right we have John Brown. One is a good actor who loves cocaine; the other led a slave rebellion raid on Harper’s Ferry. Both equally talented, obviously.

31. Chuck Norris

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:chuck-norris-vincent-van-gogh-doppelganger.jpg

Now this is a good one! I have always thought that van Gogh’s portraits looked an awful lot like the most powerful man in the world, Chuck Norris.

30. Matthew McConaughey

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:matthew-mcconaughey-doppelganger.jpg

Alright, alright, alright. Redditor EmberRainbow posted this photo of her great-grandfather, who looks so much like McConaughey, it’s uncanny!

29. Jimmy Kimmel

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:jimmy-kimmel-doppelganger.jpg

On the right we have Jimmy Kimmel, and on the left we have the love child of Jimmy Kimmel and the Bride of Frankenstein. Yikes!

28. Jack Black

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:jack-black-paul-revere-doppelganger.jpg

“Climb upon my faithful steed; then we’re gonna ride, gonna smoke some weed” – Jack Black

Both ride horses? Check. Both making the same pose? Check. Intense gaze? Check. Paul Revere and Jack Black must be the same person.

27. Michael Jackson

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:michael-jackson-doppelganger.jpg

Wow. Who knew Dutch painter Barent Fabritius looked just like Thriller-era Michael Jackson? This is uncanny!

26. John Travolta

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:john-travolta-doppelganger.jpg

The photo on the left is allegedly a photo of John Travolta pre-reincarnation taken in the 1860s. Maybe he is, and those scientologists aren’t so far off!

25. Alec Baldwin

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:alec-baldwin-doppelganger.jpg

Alec Baldwin may be known for portraying an orange president on SNL, but he should be portraying 13th President, Millard Fillmore. They look quite similar!

24. Matt Damon

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:matt-damon-doppelganger.jpg

This is another redditor-submitted post. User coffeeandtrout posted this photo of their parents’ wedding day in 1961. Wait a minute…

23. Paul Giamatti

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:paul-giamatti-shakespeare-doppelganger.jpg

Incredible actor Paul Giamatti has played a number of historical figures. We want to see him play famed playwright William Shakespeare. They two look very much alike!

22. Shia LeBeouf

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:shia-labeouf-albert-einstein-doppelganger.jpg

While there may be some similarities between Shia LeBeouf and Albert Einstein, this one is kind of a stretch, physically and intellectually!

21. Peter Dinklage

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:peter-dinklage-doppelganger.jpg

Fun fact: Before Peter Dinklage became a successful actor; he was a Spanish painter who went by the name of Diego Velazquez.

20. Justin Timberlake

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:justin-timberlake-doppelganger.jpg

The photo on the left is a mugshot from the 1800s. He might’ve gone to jail, but he didn’t go bye bye bye. He is still singing and dancing in our hearts to this very day.

19. Keanu Reeves

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:keanu-reeves-doppelganger.jpg

Before Keanu Reeves became America’s acting star and sweetheart, he was actor Paul Mounet. He also had much fluffier hair. We like the new look better!

18. Johnny Depp

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Johnny-Depp-doppelganger.jpg

Redditor mjwstone14 posted this picture of her grandfather, who looks freakishly like a bathed and groomed version of Johnny Depp.

17. Jennifer Lawrence

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:jennifer-lawrence-doppelganger.jpg

We do not believe that these are not both photos of Jennifer Lawrence! The similarities between her and Egyptian actress Zubaida Tharwat are uncanny!

16. Nicholas Cage

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:nicolas-cage-doppelganger.jpg

This man on the right is Confederate Army soldier Lt. Robert M. Smith. We do not know much about him except that he looks freakishly like Nicholas Cage!

15. Mark Zuckerberg

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:mark-zuckerberg-doppelganger.jpg

We wonder if this portrait painted by Diego Velazquez will get tagged as Zuckerberg on Facebook.

14. Conan O’Brian

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:conan-obrien-doppelganger.jpg

Here is yet another celebrity who fought in the Civil War. The left picture is actually Civil War soldier turned senator Marshall Harvey Twitchell. Is Conan really that old?

13. Eddie Murphy

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:eddie-murphy-doppelganger.jpg

Funnyman Eddie Murphy played Ray Gibson in the movie Life. In real life, the two looked eerily similar – it’s no wonder they cast Murphy.

12. Robin Williams

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:robin-williams-doppelganger.jpg

Two geniuses, one face. On the left is comedic and acting genius Robin Williams. On the right is Russian zoologist and Nobel Prize winner Ilya Ilich Mechnikov. Very weird resemblance!

11. Jimmy Fallon

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:jimmy-fallon-doppelganger.jpg

What do Turkish revolutionary Mahir Cayan have in common? The same face! Other than that, not too much. The resemblance between these two is absolutely uncanny!

10. Larry David

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:larry-david-william-lloyd-garrison.jpg

Historical abolitionist and women’s rights activist William Lloyd Garrison looks a lot like Seinfeld co-creator Larry David. However, Garrison made a career caring about important issues, while David made a career out of caring about literally nothing.

9. Maisie Williams

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:maisie-williams-arya-stark-doppelganger.jpg

Before bursting onto the scene in HBO’s Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams was Reddit user Gamble_MK9’s grandmother in 1936. Does every celebrity have that Benjamin Button disease?

8. Dave Franco

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:dave-franco-history-doppelganger.jpg

A man was hanging out at his friend’s house when he saw this picture of his uncle – who looked really like Dave Franco. Look at how similar they are!

7. John Krasinski

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:john-krasinski-carl-adolf-feilberg-doppelganger.jpg

Before showing us that he has comedy, drama, and action acting props, John Krasinski role-played as Carl Feilberg, an Australian journalist.

6. Maggie Gyllenhaal

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:maggie-gyllenhaal-rose-wilder-lane.jpg

Author Rose Wilder Lane (whose mother was Laura Ingalls Wilder) looks a lot like modern actor Maggie Gyllenhaal. Maybe they are related!

5. Adrien Brody

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:adrien-brody-john-locke-doppelganger.jpg

We can kind of see the resemblance between philosopher John Locke and Adrien Brody; but I’m sure Brody appreciates us aging him by 50 years!

4. Anne Hathaway

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:anne-hathaway-historical-doppelganger.jpg

This portrait, painted in 1804 by de Goya is simply titled An Officer. However, this officer looks awfully familiar…

3. Steve Martin

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:steve-martin-funny-historical-doppelganger.jpg

Somebody found out that their great-grandmother was none other than famed comedian Steve Martin. Way cool!

2. George Carlin

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:george-carlin-charles-darwin.jpg

On the left, we have scientist Charles Darwin; on the right, comedian George Carlin. Do they favor? Yes – however I’ve seen many sound guys and roadies who look just like this.

1. Tom HiddTom

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:tom-hiddleston-sir-herbert-beerbohm-tree-lookalike.jpg

This portrait of actor Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree looks an awfully lot like English actor Tom Hiddleston… could it be?

There you have them! Forty celebrity doppelgangers that will have you laughing or frightened!