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40 ‘Meanwhile In’ Photos That Summarize Different Countries

40 ‘Meanwhile In’ Photos That Hilariously Summarize Different Countries

There are some stereotypes that are just down- right negative; however, there are times when they are just hysterical. No matter where you live or come from, there’s usually a ridiculous stereotype about your state or country. This list of memes summarizes different countries in a hilarious way.


1. Meanwhile in Singapore

Meanwhile in Singapore

This hilarious sign in Singapore is a nice reminder to not stay out in the sun for too long. This is the kind of skin tone you get when you are out in the sun all day. They even compared the tone of the sign to people in the show Jersey Shore.

2. Meanwhile in Japan

Meanwhile in Japan

“Do you have any food?” It looks like this guy has seen these deer before.

3. Meanwhile in Russia

Meanwhile in Russia

They tried to bring more people over to this hotel, by putting the Hollywood sign in front of it. We just hope no one was misleaded by this “tourist attraction”.

4. Meanwhile in Canada

Meanwhile in Canada

Canadians are known for their kindness. This seems like a very caring gesture. At least they want the person who stole their GPS to have the charger. Most people wouldn’t care if they can charge it or not; seeing how it’s stolen.

5. Meanwhile in China

Meanwhile in China

This picture isn’t actually a photo of a parking lot. This is actually considered one of the longest traffic jams in the world, and it lasted for two weeks.

6. Meanwhile in Bosnia

Meanwhile in Bosnia

We don’t understand what is going on in this picture. This poor piggy wants to get out of the car.

7. Meanwhile In Australia

Meanwhile In Australia

Apparently, wildfire and bushfires in Australia are a common occurrence. However, you can never feel relieved in other parts of the world if the fire status is ‘HIGH.’

8. Meanwhile in London

Meanwhile in London

It was nice of them to not move the goose. Instead, they just moved around it. This must happen a lot since they even have a goose warning scale.

9. Meanwhile in Japan

Meanwhile in Japan

How do you urinate with precision and elegance? This sign is hilarious. We wonder what made someone want to put this sign up.

10. Meanwhile in Texas

Meanwhile in Texas

We thought you had to have a car to go through the Drive-Thru. However, in Texas horses will do. We just hope no one spills their coffee on the horse.

11. Meanwhile in Finland

Meanwhile in Finland

People in Finland like personal space, and this photo just proves that. These chairs are just proof that they like to have their alone time.

12. Meanwhile in India

Meanwhile in India

This sign is a warning to not do anything crazy or stupid. Apparently, quite a lot of people went near the lion, for them to make a warning sign.

13. Meanwhile in Japan

Meanwhile in Japan

Japanese people are known for being extremely respectful, and they are also known for not being straightforward. This company is not afraid to tell you that you are fat, and they won’t sugarcoat it either.

14. Meanwhile in Australia

Meanwhile in Australia

Since this happened in Australia, the residents there should know that this is a common occurrence. It’s funny how the person felt like they needed to mention the minor details like the red fangs.

15. Meanwhile in Japan

Meanwhile in Japan

When you get bored at work, this is one way to stay entertained. This does look pretty cool.

16. Meanwhile in Florida

Meanwhile in Florida

This picture is what nightmares are made out of. We must say, this is pretty terrifying.

17. Meanwhile In Minnesota

Meanwhile In Minnesota

We are cold just looking at this picture. This does look like it could be a fun game, but if we were to try it- we would wear long pants.

18. Meanwhile in Canada

Meanwhile in Canada

Canadians are not only nice, but they are respectful. This sign proves that. We aren’t surprised that Canadians have earned a reputation for being incredibly nice, this picture doesn’t surprise us at all.

19. Meanwhile in Florida

Meanwhile in Florida

The quote at the bottom sums up this poster perfectly. It says, “As I have grown older, I’ve learned that pleasing everyone is impossible but pissing everyone off is a piece of cake.” You can’t find this type of humor anywhere, but Florida.

20. Meanwhile in Korea

Meanwhile in Korea

“Sir, why do you have a bunny on a leash?” This doesn’t really surprise us much, because people bring all sorts of creatures to Walmart.

21. Meanwhile in Kearney, Nebraska

Meanwhile in Kearney, Nebraska

Why spend the money on getting a refrigerator, when you can make your own outside in snow? This would be perfect for parties.

22. Meanwhile in Texas

Meanwhile in Texas

This person just moved to Texas and they are definitely fitting in. As the saying goes, “everything is bigger in Texas.” Apparently their trucks are too.

23. Meanwhile in Iceland

Meanwhile in Iceland

We are genuinely confused as to why there is this kind of museum in the world. We also can’t imagine how many people have showed up to this building looking for the penis museum.

24. Meanwhile In Montreal

Meanwhile In Montreal

Well, this is one way to show that there are no guns allowed. We have to admit, this

25. Meanwhile in Alaska

Meanwhile in Alaska

“Oh, it’s just a normal day. We are stuck in traffic with a moose in the street.” The moose is minding his own business, and it’s nice that no one is bothering the sweet animal.

26. Meanwhile in The United Kingdom

Meanwhile in The United Kingdom

Well, it’s easy to say that the UK is not fond of Donald Trump. This picture just proves how much the UK “love” President Trump.

27. Meanwhile in Australia

Meanwhile in Australia

This sign pretty much says that ‘you shouldn’t take the road, or else the wildlife will get you.’ Apparently, the person who made this sign felt like people will only take them seriously if they include Santa Claus in the sign.

28. Meanwhile in Canada

Meanwhile in Canada

This picture describes the weather in Canada perfectly. This picture describes the weather in Canada perfectly. We find this picture to not only accurate, but it’s also hilarious.

29. Meanwhile in France

Meanwhile in France

These llamas are completely comfortable with laying in the middle of the street. These llamas don’t have a care in the world, and we are happy that no one messed with them.

30. Meanwhile In Springfield, Ohio

Meanwhile In Springfield, Ohio

At least the driver is being honest, and they are giving other drivers a heads up. This is one way to alert others that stuff can fall off at any time.

31. Meanwhile in Canada

Meanwhile in Canada

This picture just proves that people in Canada really are the most polite and nicest people in the world. They could have easily cussed; however, they stayed on the polite route.

32. Meanwhile in Canada

Meanwhile in Canada

We aren’t sure as to why they would name their streets this. They apparently couldn’t find a clever street name, so they came up with a very generic name.

33. Meanwhile In Sweden

Meanwhile In Sweden

The tires on this stroller are heavy duty. This person is knocking out two birds with one stone. They are shoveling snow, while taking the baby out for a stroll.

34. Meanwhile In Poland

Meanwhile In Poland

These nuns are riding in style. Who doesn’t love a good sports car? These nuns are no exception, and they love the speed.

35. Meanwhile in Texas

Meanwhile in Texas

Texas is the only place where construction workers have a 2-in-1 hat. This hat is not only a hard hat, but it’s also a cowboy hat. However, this cowboy safety hat doesn’t look very safe. At least they are working in style.

36. Meanwhile in Japan

Meanwhile in Japan

Only in Japan, will you see a samurai casually riding a motorcycle. This samurai wanted to ride his motorcycle to work in style.

37. Meanwhile in Sweden

Meanwhile in Sweden

This is just proof that people in Sweden have a sense of humor. This is hilarious, and we are glad that they didn’t name it a Mcboring name.

38. Meanwhile in The USA

Meanwhile in The USA

This cat just wants to prove to its’ owner that they are not afraid of fireworks. This cat is abnormally brave. The cat loved the view so much that they needed a closer look.

39. Meanwhile in Japan

Meanwhile in Japan

Even though this is a pretty creepy view, it’s still a pretty cool picture. This person just wanted to ride in style, and they didn’t want anyone to know their identity.

40. Meanwhile in Finland

Meanwhile in Finland

Apparently, people in Finland love their personal space, and this photo is proof. It’s almost like everyone in this photo decided that they all needed their personal space, and that no one would go near anyone else until the train arrived.