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50 Of The Most Unexpected Things You’ll Ever See on the Road

#1 Music is Life

You Do What You Love

This music loving driver is one of the world’s highest-rated Uber drivers. He believes in sharing his passion for music with others, in order to make the ride more enjoyable. If you are not a fan of trumpet, you could ask him to play the guitar or a mini piano for your car ride.

#2 The Devil’s Car

Devil’s Car

This furry little creature is not afraid of a motorcycle. In order to drive this car, you need to have some sort of humor. Hopefully this car doesn’t appear in your drive-way at night.

#3 The Train is On it’s Way

Make Way For the Train

This picture was taken in England on a busy road. The bus was apparently trying to hide in disguise, by pretending to be a train. Maybe the bus driver is just a genius, and that’s how you get out of traffic easier.

#4 Road Jam

Into The Road

This person just wanted to get to their destination, and sadly now they are stuck. Now, they may be a little late for their plans.

#5 The Cutest Speeding Ticket

A Cute Speeding Ticket

“Hey I’m a good driver, do I really need a ticket?” However, there’s a good chance that the cute little driver got out of the ticket by crying and calling for their mom.

#6 Minion Down

Giant Minion on the Road

At least the person in the car has a funny story to tell their friends It looks like Gru isn’t doing his job of keeping the minions in line.

#7 Toy Story- The Live Action Version

Toy Story (Real Life Version)?

Poor Woody is hanging on for dear life. Maybe this is how they are advertising the new movie, if so that’s a genius idea.

#8 Leave Something Behind?

Dragging Something With You?

It’s hard telling how the driver got this far with the gas pump dragging behind them. But who are we to judge? We all have or days when we are running late, and in a big hurry.

#9 Jurassic Park?

Well, They Are Back!

Is Jurassic Park actually real? No, but I still wouldn’t get too close to this dino.

#10 Food to go

Just Waiting for the Food

They are taking the term “to go order” a little too seriously. At least they aren’t in a hurry to eat their food, especially if they get caught in traffic.

#11 Dangerous Painting

Dangerous Wall Painting

At first, this looks like a funny painting, but it actually turned out to be quite dangerous. The driver apparently didn’t see the Road Runner on the wall.

#12 “No Delivery Fee, I’ve Got This”

“No. I don’t want a Home Delivery, I’ll Carry it Myself”

This person was extremely dedicated to not pay the delivery fee. Even if that means doing something dangerous, just to take your TV home.

#13 Tickle Monster

Tickling Away

This fella apparently felt like he needed to tickle her feet, since they were hanging out the window. At least the girl found it funny.

#14 Disney Car

Spending Quality Time Together

This person took their rusted out bumper on their car and made it into a Disney playhouse. We actually find it incredibly creative.

#15 Cut Too Short

Accident or a Marketing Strategy?

This is either a marketing strategy or it’s just extremely ironic. We think it’s probably a little bit of both.

#16 Man’s Best Friend

The Perfect Road Trip Companion

This is probably the cutest picture on the list so far. We believe all side cars should only be reserved for your dog.

#17 Troll Bridge

Watch Out, Watch Out

We believe the monster on the tunnel is a warning sign that the road needs fixed. So stay away from any tunnel with a monster on it.

#18 Queen Fans

‘Can’t Get This Song Out of My Head’

We believe this driver is a big fan of the hit band Queen. And they are also big fans of funny puns too.

#19 Clear Message

That’s One Way to Send the Message

This driver is tired of people complaining about truck drivers, so he did something about it. We think he did a pretty good job at making sure people understand your message.

#20 Aliens on the Road

Alien Invasion?

This Alien is going places. This alien isn’t afraid to hide from us.

#21 Rolling (Patrick) Star

Rolling Stones? Rolling Star!

This is what the outcome would be, if you let your child decorate the car. It may look silly, but at least it gives you a good laugh.

#22 “What Do I Do?”

‘I Don’t Know What to Do’

Talk about a mix signal. This is a pretty tricky situation, one that would confuse anyone.

#23 Riding with the Simpsons

Where’s Marge?

This would be a pretty hilarious sight, while driving down the road. We can’t deny that we would stop and take a picture of this too.

#24 Pikachu Car

Pokemon Fan Spotted

We may be wrong with this one, but we think this person is a Pikachu fan. We can’t say that we blame this person for being a fan, after all, Pikachu is quite adorable.

#25 Bubble-wrap

“Okay, I’ll be waiting in the car”

We have to admit, this is quite a genius idea. If you know you will be waiting around in traffic, what better way to prevent boredom than with bubblewrap!

#26 A Trap?

A Perfect Trap?

We aren’t quite sure what is going on here. There’s a bowl of peppers on the side of a highway, and there’s a car that is missing a license plate. Maybe it’s for the best to not ask any questions.

#27 Free Movers

What Fragile Item?

Some people don’t want to spend their money on hiring movers, but this may not be a very good idea. Maybe next time, call a friend who has a truck or a trailer?

#28 Going for a Ride

Enjoying The Ride

We are kind of wondering why a llama is in a car, we are also wondering why it has a muzzle on. But maybe it’s best we don’t ask any questions.

#29 Business while in Traffic

Doing Business Anywhere

Everyone needs to make money right? However, maybe it’s best to not do business while sitting in traffic.

#30 Vampire Slayer

Buffy is that you?

This person either has a vampire problem, or they just really the vampires. Regardless, it’s not safe to be around those spikes.

#31 Barbie Driver

Barbie Lover

This driver may have just wanted a riding companion, but we aren’t sure why he didn’t choose an actual human being. But some questions are better left unanswered.

#32 Gandalf Driving a Mini Van

“You Shall Not Pass!”

Apparently, Gandalf has his license. Regardless, he does a great Gandalf impersonation.

#33 Get the Message?

Got That, Han?

Some people can get extremely impatient and even rude when it comes with construction. Which is why, we find the sign hilarious and awesome.

#34 Towing

Precious Cargo

That truck looks extremely heavy. We wonder how they were able to load it on the truck.

#35 Doorless Car

Convenient Traveling

This person must have been really warm, and needed the fresh air. Or they were robbed, and the robbers took the doors.

#36 Why did the Chicken Cross the Road

Unfinished Business

To run from KFC? Or just to get to the other side.

#37 “Don’t Worry, We’ve got this”

“Don’t Worry, We’ll Pass Right Under It”

The driver was supposed to watch for height signs. Hopefully he learned his lesson for next time.

#38 “Ahh, Fresh Air”

Fresh Air is So Underrated

Who doesn’t like to go outside for some crisp fresh air?

You may have to be careful you don’t get frostbite, but who could pass up fresh air?

#39 Tiny Car

Different Ways to Get Cool Breeze

He may be a tad too tall to for his car. We wonder if it wasn’t a convertible, how he would fit?

#40 Learning From The Past

Learning From Past Experiences

This guy must have been pulled over too many times. At least he can save the cops time, because he knows the drill.

#41 Preparing For Halloween

Ready For Halloween?

This is one thing you don’t normally see on the road. We think they are just a tad excited for Halloween.

#42 Couch Scooter

The comfort of the Home on the Road

We actually applause this guy for stepping outside the box. Most people care too much about what people think, and he doesn’t care just like a boss.

#43 “If it Fits, it Ships”

“Oh, There is Still Some Space Left”

When someone is determined to deliver something in one trip, they can achieve it. That’s why they loaded up the truck to its maximum capacity and then they added more items on top of it.

#44 Who Needs a GPS?

Who Needs GPS, right?

When you have a globe, you don’t need technology. Apparently this person doesn’t trust technology.

#45 2 for 1

Dual Jobs

This person is a sheriff and a taxi driver on the side. That’s one way to make some extra cash.

#46 The Good Old Days

Good Old Days

This guy had this older vehicle with him for too long, and he finally decided to shock everyone with it. This awesome ride probably made a lot of people jealous.

#47 Watch For Bob

Humor Can Send the Message As Well

Humor is a way to not only be funny, but also a way to be able to get a point across. We are sure everyone drove a lot more cautious after that sign.

#48 Pretend Car

Pretending to Be Someone Else

This person drives a van, but you can tell they obviously want a sports car. That’s one way to act like you drive a sweet car.

#49 Saving Money

Most Effective Tip on How To Save Money

This guy wants to save money, so instead of paying money for it to be shipped- they moved it themselves. This is an example of saving money taken to the extreme.

#50 Look Behind you!

Behind you!

This furry little creature is not afraid of a motorcycle. This animal is ready to take on any challenge.