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These People Can Say Goodbye To Ever Becoming Employee Of The Month

It’s extremely easy to become bored while at work. It’s hard to keep your spirits high while working long hours, and even weekends. These employees are a prime example of workers who were bored and attempted to find a creative way to make their lives much more entertaining. Here’s a list of people who can say goodbye to ever becoming employee of the month.


Watermelon or Corn?


We aren’t sure how someone can mistake corn for watermelon. We believe that the employee just got bored and tried to entertain themselves, or they just genuinely made an honest mistake.

Got Spirt?

We have spirit, but we don’t have spirt. The poor cheerleaders that had to hold up this sign had to be embarrassed. Hopefully everyone had a good laugh about this spelling mishap, and that no one made fun of the cheerleaders for this mistake.

Blending In


The person who painted on this car either wasn’t paying attention, or they were getting the person who drives this car back for parking in the wrong spot. However, something tells us that this was not an accident.

Limbo Through the Doorway


We aren’t sure what the architect was thinking when they put a bar right in front of this door; however, maybe they thought the customers would like to limbo under the bar.

Winter Flip Flops?


It’s hard telling why this company is selling and promoting flip flops for the winter. Maybe the store wanted to promote going on a warm vacation during the winter, or the employee just wanted to have a bit of fun.

Another Yellow Crayon?


Each crayon is labeled as the same color. The employee either accidentally printed out several copies of the same wrapper with the color as “yellow,” the employee just wants each crayon to be treated the same way, or the employee is just colorblind.

Do the Math


Whoever created this calculator probably should go back to school themselves. It’s hard telling how this really happened, but we just hope the person who bought this calculator already knows basic math- or this calculator will be traumatizing to them when it comes to math, since they would get every math problem wrong.

Running Out Of Words


It’s crucial to have a great headline. This author probably couldn’t think of an eye catching headline, so they apparently improvised. The editors should have fixed the headline, but maybe they couldn’t think of anything better either.

Flood Zone


The landscape artist apparently didn’t see that they should have actually put the drain on the street and not the grass area. The drain at this point is useless. It’s probably for the best if people just avoid this street, altogether.

Being Confident


Instead of thinking this is a mistake, it could actually be used as an ad that is meant to emphasize the importance of feeling comfortable in your own skin. The one dress “you need in your closet, now” could just mean that you should own what you have, and be comfortable in your birthday suit. However, it could have just been a huge mistake- and an employee probably just forgot to put a dress on the mannequin.

Double Check Your Work


We think the fashion designer probably learned a very important lesson, that you always need to double check your work before you send it out. This person should also brush up on their Geography.

Road Block


Oh the irony. The sign is stating that drivers need to “give cyclists space,” while the sign is in the middle of the bike path. The person who created this sign had good intentions, but maybe next time they should move the sign into the grass area.



The employees at this store are overachievers. This sign is pretty amusing, and it at least shows that they are hard workers.

Opposite Day


On a hot sunny day, it’s normally hard to eat a chocolate dipped cone without making a mess- let alone trying to eat this cone, where the chocolate is on the cone. The part where you hold the ice cream cone is covered in chocolate, which would be extremely hard to eat without getting chocolate everywhere.

Do Stack?


The employee who stacked these boxes decided to be a rebel. The boxes clearly say “do not stack,” on them. Hopefully, no packages were damaged in the process.

Hamburger Dogs?


We aren’t really sure how these buns got mixed up. Hamburger buns and hot dog buns are pretty easy to tell apart, because they both are drastically different from each other.

Remote or Microphone?


Technology is constantly changing, and at times it can be difficult identifying all the different electronics from each other. However, it should be easy to tell the difference between a microphone and a remote control. This picture is amusing, though- and we can’t help but to laugh at it.

Movie Name Mix-up


The employee who created this board mixed up the names of the two movies, Suicide Squad and Sausage Party, which in turn, created a highly distressing movie and an R-rated film. Hopefully, no one got offended by this board.

Sotp Already


Whoever painted the road to say ‘stop’ did not pay close attention to what they were doing, or they didn’t look at the stop sign right next to the street for reference. Otherwise, the job would have been done correctly.

The Rebels


The hotel staff at this resort was tired of being mistreated, so they decided to get even with the higher ups. They stacked pool chairs up next to a sign clearly forbidding from doing so.

Silly Lion


From what we remember, Nala didn’t look like that in the movie. Hopefully the kid who brings this stuffed animal home, won’t wind up having nightmares from it.

Pop Ice?


This McDonald’s employee should have read the label on those bags, because the last time we checked- popcorn is not ice. We also didn’t think this fast food franchise sold popcorn.

The Life of a Rebel


Even though there’s actually a place for the price tag to go, the employee decided to become a rebel and place the tag underneath where it should go. When you get bored at work, you have to find a way to entertain yourself somehow- and this employee did.

That’s Not It


It’s common to use abbreviations, nowadays. This was just an unfortunate case when it comes to abbreviations. It was supposed to say ‘spearmint’, but instead it said ‘sperm’. It’s a good idea to always double check your work.

That’s Not Going To Work


The person who put the candy in the machine apparently didn’t read the clear cut instructions to open the bag and put the candy inside- or they just didn’t care. Either way, kids sadly won’t be able to have any candy.

All Mixed Up


We completely understand proudly waving the American flag with pride; however, this was quite the mistake. This is a prime example that you should always double check your work.

You Missed One


We know this brick road is setting off others OCD. It’s almost like someone did this on purpose, just to make people frustrated. It’s really not that hard to put the red tiles and the black tiles in their correct spot.

Not a Tarantula


Most people know what a tarantula looks like, because most people are scared of them. It’s hard telling how someone can mistake a cockroach for a tarantula; however this toy is a prank toy to scare others- and the cockroach should do the job just fine.

Back-to-School Knives?


We don’t understand why this employee thought it was a great idea to place kitchen knives next to a “back to school” sign. A knife is one thing a child shouldn’t need for school, or even be near- for that matter.

Wrong Advertisement


Whoever was in charge of creating the advertisement made a tiny mistake, which is actually quite funny. On the ad it says that the kick junior googles are “only $9.95” so you don’t have to pay “$9.95”. We are pretty sure that the second number was supposed to be a little higher than the new price.

Wrong Direction


Some people have a wrong sense of direction, and this is no exception. The person who made this remote control switched the left button sticker with the right button sticker. Hopefully the buyer can return this remote.

Walmart Trip

This lady was quite confused when she walked into Walmart and almost tripped over a hurdle, that one of the employees put up. We just hope she didn’t hurt herself.

Too Literal

The cook at this school took “mac and cheese” a little too literal. The cook put slices of cheese on top of plain noodles. We have a feeling that not many people ate this for lunch.

Long Yellow Things


We actually find this picture to be hilarious. The employee was probably bored and labeled these bananas as “long yellow things.” Everyone knows what a banana looks like, they are one of the most popular fruit in the world- and that’s why we think they did this one purpose.

False Advertisement

job fail-1

This is a perfect example of false advertisement. The employee who was in charge of checking the well-being of this Catfish, failed miserably.

Trapped Door


The signs on this door were definitely a mistake, due to their contradicting message. The signs are completely confusing, and we just hope no one got trapped in the store.

Collapsed Column

This column clearly wasn’t built well, but whoever tried to patch it up definitely didn’t try all that hard to fix it- which is kind of dangerous. It could have easily collapsed and injured someone.

Side by Side


It’s hard telling how this happened. This billboard is huge and we are almost positive that it took more than one person to lift it and hang it up. That means more than one person made a mistake in this scenario. At least this is a funny and harmless mistake.

Parking Mess

fails-parking lot

It’s hard telling how this even happened. There usually is a lot of planning that goes into creating a parking lot. Any car that enters this parking lot was just set up for complete disaster. Hopefully no one got in an accident, due to this layout.

Watch Out


This worker was clearly not paying attention, and that is scary, considering that he is working with power tools and hazardous equipment. Gas cylinders and power tools are a dangerous mix. We aren’t sure why the witness took a photo instead of saving this man.

Just Sleeping On The Job

Whichever employee actually thought sleeping on the job was a good idea, probably no longer works there.

“Pigs Running Wild”

We aren’t sure if this was a mistake, or if the people in the editing room just wanted a good laugh. But we have to admit it, we think this is hilarious.

Water into Wine


We aren’t sure if an employee made a mistake or if Jesus turned wine into water. Water and wine are completely different, so we don’t understand how they can be confused for each other- but maybe the employee just wanted to have a laugh.

What’s My Name?

Cody clearly just wanted to have fun. We can’t say that we blame him. Unfortunately, the store manager was not amused.

No Name


The man more than likely wasn’t hiding his identity. The editing team probably made a mistake. But the poor guys 15 seconds of fame just went down the drain.

Construction Area?

Whoever the employee was that thought this was going to work out, more than likely, no longer has a job.

News Error


Well, the local news did it again, but this time a huge mistake was made and it’s all because of one letter being replaced.

Anything For Food


This girl showed so much commitment to her job. The pizza place she works at has a strict rule that the pizza must be delivered at your doorstep in under 30 minutes- otherwise it comes out of the delivery persons’ paycheck. She wouldn’t let her car being stuck in a ditch stop her.

The Student Becomes The Genius


There are kids at school who just don’t want to learn. Some kids clown around, some kids sleep in class, and some kids ditch class. In this case, this kid dressed up a balloon and coat to look like him, so he wouldn’t lose any sick days by skipping school.

Dangerous Trail


The employee that painted the sidewalk should have stopped to think about how this was going to work, before they actually painted it. We just hope nobody got injured, by trying to follow the painted instructions on the sidewalk.

Nap Time

If your mail is ever running late, this may be why. This mailman was caught taking a nap in the mailbox. This is probably the reason why he may not work there anymore.

No Privacy


Usually, the toilet has a door and the urinal doesn’t. Whoever installed the door got them mixed up, and they put the door on the wrong side. Hopefully, they switched it around quickly- that way no complains about not having any privacy.

White House No, No

We bet Norah O’Donnel did not like the abbreviation below her name. This mistake could have been easily avoided by just spelling out the whole word. However, there is a good chance that someone in the editing room was just playing a joke on her, and wanted to have a little chuckle.