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Celebrity Bridesmaids: These Maids Stole The Show

These celebrities tried to step out of the spotlight for their friends and family’s weddings but stole the show anyway.


Taylor Swift

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T. Swift did her best to point the spotlight to her childhood friend, Britany Maack, on her special day. The two met in kindergarten and celebrated her wedding on February 20th, 2016.

Rachel McAdams

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Here, Rachel McAdams holds the bridal bouquet for her sister Kayleen. While she may not be as famous as her sister, Kayleen seems to have enjoyed her big day in 2015.

Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer celebrated her big brother’s wedding in October of 2013. She was a bridesmaid and it seems they had a blast.

Eva Longoria

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Eva sported a classic bridesmaid dress, matching the other gals, at a summer wedding in 2014 for a good friend. Still, we’re willing to bet that she and her date, Jose Antonio Baston, left the wedding guests a little starstruck.

Lady Gaga

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The queen of crazy outfits toned it down as bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding in spring of 2015. She rocks an elegant gown in coordinating lavender with the other bridesmaids.

Cara Delevingne

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While it may be a no-no under normal circumstances, Cara rocked a white gown at her sister Poppy’s wedding. She is a socialite and model herself so perhaps she wasn’t too concerned about her sister taking the spotlight, even at her own wedding.

Keira Knightley

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Keira enjoys her brothers wedding in Glasglow in 2011 in a 50s style swing dress. It looks as though she played the role of bridesmaid well.

Kirsten Dunst

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Kirsten attends her best friend’s wedding in Rome. When in Rome, fit in like you’re not a celebrity!

Jennifer Garner

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Jennifer Garner became fast friends with her personal assistant and even served as her bridesmaid. Check out how she fits in with her fellow bridesmaids in matching gowns in 2006.

Vanessa Hudgens

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Lucky bride of Pretty Little Liars actor Brant Daugherty, Kimberly Hidalgo boasted more than one celebrity in her bridal party. Hudgens was amongs them for the 2009 celebration.

Pippa Middleton

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To be fair, this is not your average wedding. Still, author and socialite Pippa Middleton sported a gorgeous fitten white gown for her sister’s big day.

Britney Spears

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Britney has enjoyed walking down the aisle herself twice so far but she played the part of bridesmaid for her assistant, Brett Miller, in 2011.

Lena Dunham

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Lena Dunham celebrates her childhood friend’s big day in 2016. The maids put an interesting twist on their matching outfits: coordinating sparkly skirts and beige turtlenecks.

Lauren Conrad

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Lauren was a true friend for her friend and wedding planner Cassandra Herschenfeld by serving as her bridesmaid only six weeks after having her firstborn. The beautiful 2017 reception was held at Ojai Valley, California.

Sarah Jessica Parker

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We imagine it’s intimidating to have a style icon in attendance at your wedding. Still, when her former assistant and VP of her production company got married, she was there with bells on.

Paris Hilton

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Paris looked as glamorous as ever in a custom Dennis Basso dress for her sister Nicky’s big day in London in 2015. She has yet to walk down the aisle herself.

Emma Roberts

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For a friends’ wedding, Emma Roberts was there to celebrate her big day. She looked stunning in a neutral cream silky dress and matching white flowers.

Alessandra Ambrosio

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A number of models and other famous faces were in attendance for the wedding of Ana Beatriz Barros in Mykonos. The scenery didn’t compare to the gorgeous guests in attendance.

The Olsen Twins

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The twins celebrated with creative director Cassie Coane for her special day in New York City in 2017. Amongst 18 bridesmaids in total, they fit in perfectly.

Miranda Kerr

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Orlando Blooms ex and a supermodel, Miranda Kerr celebrates her brother’s wedding in 2016. Her younger brother, Matthew, wed his long time partner James in a small ceremony north of Sydney, Australia.


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What an honor to have Rhianna in attendance for your special day. Her own assistant had that honor in 2015 in her Hawaii ceremony. Look at Ri-Ri in her lilac getup.

Margot Robbie

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Known for her insistance on a private life away from the spotlight, Margot Robbie most likely still struggled to fly under the radar for her friend’s wedding. She wore a gorgeous white gown during the chapel ceremony in Summer of 2017.

Rachel Bilson

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When one of her closest friends tied the knot in Spring of 2017, Rachel Bilson was in attendance, sporting her gorgeous bridesmaid dress. Apparently, she was among 17 bridesmaids.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

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It’s hard to imagine these two in their younger years. In 2011, they celebrated Kim and Kris Humphries on their special day.

Nina Dobrev

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Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev had a blast celebrating her friend Julianna Hough in 2017. Both of their dresses were designed by designer Marchesa.

Hailey Bieber

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When big sister of Justin Biever’s wife, Alaia Baldwin, was married in the fall of 2017, Hailey was there to celebrate. The bridesmaids pulled off beautiful, modern black gowns and Hailey was stunning with a matching choker.

Rose Byrne

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A bridesmaid on camera and in real life, Rose Byrne looked stunning for her friend’s London ceremony in 2012. We hope she was better behaved for her friend’s wedding than in the movie!

Kate Bosworth

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Kate stunned all in 2008 in a timeless black gown for her friend’s wedding in Sydney.

Jessica Biel

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Jessica Biel, who gained her fame by starring on the family drama series 7th Heaven, was naturally in attendance at her costars weddings from her character’s four siblings on the show. In this photo, she served as bridesmaid for costar Beverly Mitchell in 2008.

Jessica Simpson

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Amongst the numerous weddings in which Jessica served as bridesmaid, her sister Ashlee’s wedding in 2014 is memorable. Here, she rocks a white gown with her own daughter as the flower girl.

Kim Kardashian

Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:yr:tzhqft810jdgxpl6x_j5k3sh0000gp:T:TemporaryItems:ROnykgI.jpg

Kim served as Khloe’s bridesmaid at her wedding to Lamar Odom in 2009. Funny enough, Khloe and Lamar had only been dating a month. It seems Kim took the spotlight in a shiny, figure-hugging purple gown.

Sofia Vergara

Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:yr:tzhqft810jdgxpl6x_j5k3sh0000gp:T:TemporaryItems:ohJHQlW.jpg

Sofia Vergara celebrated her long-time bestie, Chi’s weding. She looked beautiful in a soft yellow chiffon gown to match her fellow maids and complement the bride.


Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:yr:tzhqft810jdgxpl6x_j5k3sh0000gp:T:TemporaryItems:WlPg37Y.jpg

Beyonce wore a gorgeous lace gown and flower crown as a bridesmaid’s for mother’s special day in 2015. We bet Beyonce and her daughter, Blue Ivy, stole the show.

Meghan Markle

Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:yr:tzhqft810jdgxpl6x_j5k3sh0000gp:T:TemporaryItems:iCNJQpG.jpg

Before Meghan walked down the aisle at her own royal wedding, she helped celebrate her TV producer and friend, Lindsy Roth, on her big day. The bridal party sported beautiful pale pink gowns.