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In life, there are moments when you come across something that often looks photo shopped. We call them glitches in reality. These trippy moments challenge what we thought we knew. Below, is a list of unexplainable, trippy, and confusing real life glitches.


Copy Cats


They both may have had an itch, but it was perfectly timed. These cats took the term “copy cats” to a whole new level. They obviously spend way too much time together. They not only look alike, but they even act alike. We wonder if they broke out in a synchronized dance, after this photo was taken.


These older gentlemen completely match. They are wearing matching outfits, caps and matching canes. We wonder if they know each other, or if this was a complete accident. This photo is pretty trippy, regardless.

Is it a Portal?

At first glance, this hole looks like it could be a portal to another universe. However, it’s actually just a trick of the light. If you stare at this picture; you’ll notice that the hole is actually just a puddle of water, and the sunlight managed to hit the puddle at the perfect angle. That explanation is less fun, and deep down we still believe it’s a portal to another universe.

Is it Another Dimension?

Believe it or not, we actually had to stare at this picture for a while. It took us some time to process what was going on in this photo. Is it a moon in a mall, or is it a huge gateway to another dimension? It’s actually a person skating inside a mirrored box. This is a very trippy optical illusion. It looks complicated, but it’s actually a mirrored box hanging from the ceiling. We were definitely fooled.

Picture Me This

If you wait for a train on a daily basis, then you know that street performers are dedicated musicians. They work long hard hours for little pay. They also mainly perform for their love of music. In this case, this guy is obviously a legend at the train station. This saxophonist has a life-size cardboard cutout of himself on the wall. So when he’s not there, people can still see his friendly face.

Feeling Blue

Sometimes, you feel like your look is dull. Especially, during the wintertime- you just want a pop of color in your life. So, you just want to add a little color to your hair. It’s funny that both women have the exact same shade of blue in their hair, and they are strangers. She probably didn’t expect to bump into her doppelganger that day. When she left her house that morning, she probably didn’t expect to see another person with the same hair color, same scarf color, and same coat color. It’s definitely strange to bump into a stranger who looks and dresses just like you.

The Invisible Car

At first glance, it looks like the picture has odd reflective lines in the middle, with a silhouette of a wheel. However, the shiny lines are actually an outline of a car that has been polished and shined. This is probably what an invisible car would look like. By looking at this photo, it’s hard to believe that the car has been polished to the point of not being able to see it. Or it could also be a trick of the light.

Life Imitating Art and Art Imitating Life

Is life-imitating-art or has this gentleman been asleep on this couch way too long? We can guess that this guy naps on this couch often. Regardless, this sofa does look like a comfortable spot. So, we can’t blame him one bit!

Taste the Rainbows?

Are our eyes tricking us, or are their eight rainbows in the clouds? Actually, that’s exactly what’s going on. One morning, the residents of Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley woke up to this amazing sight of eight rainbows in the sky. This sight is something that people only dream to see once in a lifetime. We’re just happy that the photographer captured this moment.

Scribbly Bike Path

We don’t know what happened, or how this scribble bike path happened. Maybe the machine that makes the signs blew up? Or the person that made this sign thought this would be a good joke? Regardless, it is one confusing path. At least the person, who made the sign, was trying to be considerate of the cyclists. That way, they know what they’re getting into before they try to get on the path.

Long Lost Twin

It makes you wonder, what the chances are that you would run into someone who is wearing the exact same thing as you- especially, a tie-dye shirt. The chances are almost second to none. This almost seems like a pure coincidence, as it doesn’t seem like they both knew each other before. Maybe it was fate?

Copy and Paste?

When you see a sweet dog, you just want to press the copy and paste button. This photo is bringing your hopes and dreams to life. This photo looks like someone pressed the copy and paste button. Obviously, it could just be that these doggies were both just tired. However, we like to think that this was more of a glitch than real life. So, we will just stick to the possibility that they were copied and pasted.

Double Vision?

Are we seeing double or just double eggs? These eggs are boiled eggs with double yolks. The strange part is that there were so many double eggs in the same egg carton. Coincidence? There’s actually a reason why there were so many double yolk eggs in the same carton. A grandmother owns a hen who can only lay double eggs. So, you’re not seeing double!

You Stole My Look

This picture is hard to explain. It’s hard to believe that these two flashy lookalikes ended up on the same path as each other. They both are wearing exactly the same colorful jumpsuits, with matching red hair, while using a walker. Is this actually another glitch? This could be a pure coincidence, or perhaps they know each other. Maybe they have the same style? Or maybe they are twins? It’s hard telling what the actual answer is, but we will just say it’s a glitch.

Following a Shadow

Looking at this photo, it just looks like a picture of a charging cord. However, if you look a little closer- you’ll realize that there is a strange loop in the shadow on the desk. Odd, right? It seems strange that the loop in the wire in the shadow just appears out of nowhere, seeing how the wire doesn’t seem to curve like that. We tend to wonder if there’s part of the wire that we can’t see. Either this or that wire just has a mind of its own.

A Poodle in the Clouds

The sun begins to set, and you glance up at the sky- only to find a strange shape in the sky. Is that a dog in the sky, or just a poodle shaped cloud? Sometimes we have to look closely to figure out what shape the cloud has made. This cloud is clearly a dog. It almost looks real.

Nissan Club

This traffic jam is extremely entertaining. This is something we’ve only imagined. The chances of having three identical Nissan cars in a row, is almost impossible. Maybe they have a secret Nissan club, where they only meet during traffic jams? When you feel bored and hopeless during a traffic jam, look for something to distract you. Seeing this would definitely bring some entertainment during a boring time.

Flame Logic

Candles obviously don’t have to play by the rules. This flame decided to hop off the wick onto the candle, like the rule breaker it is. We get it; flames need a change of scenery too. So it decided to veer off course. We just wonder how it managed to stay lit.

The Smiley Onion

Normally, people cry while chopping onions. Apparently, this onion knows that- so it decided to smile to cheer up the person cutting it. Who would’ve thought that onions have emotions too? We’re not the only ones who show emotion when cutting an onion. We just hope they didn’t eat it, because this onion is almost too cute to eat.

Water Wall

This wall of water almost looks like it’s a case of Photoshop. Believe it or not, it’s actually a real photo. It’s hard to believe because the water wall is almost looks like the sky. This photo almost looks like a beautiful painting. Sometimes, the earth can do beautiful things, and this is one of them.

Work Twins

It looks like they went to a tech convention and they both found out that they have a doppelganger. It’s funny that they both have the same style. We wonder if they know each other or if it was a pure coincidence. They both have matching glasses, badges, beards, and clothes. Like they say, great minds think alike.

Goofy Face

From first glance, it looks like a person carved out a goofy face in the stone. However, the goofy face is actually the result of nature’s handiwork. It makes you wonder if nature has a funny sense of humor. This stone is pretty epic, and it looks like it should be in a museum of art. The big goofy eyes, the toothy smile, and the flat nose are great features to this awesome stone.

Happy Beer

Beer may not be your favorite drink, but this smiley face is definitely our favorite. Who couldn’t love this sweet smiley face? It’s just a pure accident of the foam, which makes it even better- because it makes it seem like this beer is friendly. If you’re at the bar alone, this beer can be the perfect pal to keep you company. You’ll never drink alone, with this happy beer.

Hand or Vegetable?

Every once in a while we stumble upon a carrot with an unusual growth. This carrot is definitely unusual, because it looks like a hand. This carrot has longer fingers than a normal hand does, but there’s no doubt that it still resembles a hand. If you’re ever in need of a helping hand, then this carrot can definitely help you out.

Is that the Bogeyman?

Does the Bogeyman actually exist? This lamp definitely makes you think he does. The shadow that comes off of the lamp looks just like a creepy face. Whoever created this lamp more than likely doesn’t know that this is what the lamps shadow looks like. However, if they do know that this face appears in the shadow- then they have a sick sense of humor. This is definitely the creepiest lamp we’ve ever seen.

Gravity Glitch

We thought that we knew the concept of gravity. However, this picture proves that we know nothing about gravity. The string looks like it’s floating in thin air. We actually don’t know the answer to this glitch. We believe that it is definitely a real life glitch.

The Purr-fect Glitch

From first glance, this looks like a cat stamp. Believe it or not, it’s actually foundation on a makeup sponge. We don’t understand how it looks just like a cat. They literally dropped foundation onto a sponge and it formed into a perfectly outlined cat.

Guard Plant

Most people have a guard dog watching over their house. This person has a guard plant watching over their house. The leaves of the plant form a perfectly placed face. At least these people have something to watch over their house to keep them safe.

An Icy Expression

It looks like they had a snow storm, and apparently the car wasn’t too happy about being stuck out in the cold. The car has an icy expression on its face, like it’s unhappy. We never thought that cars can be so expressive, until now. Apparently cars have feelings too.

America’s Next Top Bonsai

Bonsai trees are prized treasures. There’s an art to growing them. This bonsai looks like a lady. It almost looks like a model in the bonsai world. This bonsai looks like it is posing for the camera. Everything about this tree just screams bonsai star.

The Holy Bacon

This bacon actually looks like Jesus. The bacon perfectly outlines Jesus’ face. Talk about having holy bacon. This bacon is almost too holy to eat. It almost looks too good to be true, like it’s almost Photoshopped. However, it is definitely real.

A Bull or a Light?

There are a lot of people who fear the dentist chair. The light above the dentist chair has a friendly face, to make you relax a little more. The light looks like a bull. It even looks like it has horns. This is not something you prepare yourself to see when you go to the dentist. At least the bull looks nice and friendly.

Slurping Spaghetti

From first glance, it looks like a concrete wall and chain. However, if you look a little longer you would see that it looks like the concrete wall is slurping a chain of spaghetti. It’s funny how the more you stare, the more the concrete face springs to life. We can only assume that this wall ate a delicious serving of wrought-iron spaghetti and meatballs, and wanted to savor the delicious moment forever!

A Peruvian Bride

This waterfall through the rocks looks just like a Peruvian bride in a wedding dress. No your eyes are not deceiving you, we see it too. Since everyone else sees an image of a bride in the waterfall, it is now aptly named Bridal Veil Falls. We wonder if there are any folklore legends about the waterfall. For instance, we wonder if visiting this spot on your wedding day will bring you good luck.

A Smoking Car

This car looks like it’s smoking a cigar. This car got in an accident, and it got a little stressed- so it decided to smoke a cigar. Even though they got in an accident, they can still see the bright side of the situation. Who doesn’t smile when seeing the car smoke a cigar?

The Terrified Mixer

This is not an ordinary mixer. This poor mixer looks absolutely horrified. Maybe the mixer is horrified about what it’s mixing, or they are just terrified to work. Regardless, this mixer looks very life-like. The company that made this mixer had a funny sense of humor, and they brought it to life. Who wouldn’t want this mixer?

Seen in the Shadows

This motorcycle has superpowers when it comes to being in the shadows. It has the ability to transform into any vehicle it chooses. This is an amazing illusion. This is a great example of how light can create an illusion at just the right angle. Regardless, this is a neat photo.

Laughing Shark

From first glance, it looks like this shark is laughing. This photo is enough to never want to swim in the ocean again. Believe it or not, the shark isn’t laughing. This actually isn’t a face at all. It’s the belly of the shark. Even though, the thought, let alone a photo of a laughing shark is terrifying- it’s still a really neat picture.

Coffee Gets Tired Too

Normally, people use coffee as a way for them to wake up; this coffee cup still needs to take a nap. From the look of the coffee drool dribbling from its mouth, it actually looks as though this coffee is having a hard time staying awake.This coffee cup looks like it has a face. The eyes look like they are sleepy, and the mouth is wide opened- almost like its yawning. We can all relate to this sleepy coffee cup.

The Shadowed Pup

At first glance, you will see a small white dog sitting on the steps. You may even shake your heard wondering why the dog is bright and a little blurry. It’s actually not a dog. Believe it or not, the figure is actually the result of the light shining through the trees. We were almost fooled by this one. It’s hard to believe that this is a shadow and not a puppy. The best part about this dog is that even if you’re allergic to dogs, you can still admire the pooch, without sneezing.