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Cosplay: The Cream of the Crop and The Bottom of the Barrel

Cosplay, or “costume play” for those of you out of the loop, has become an invading cultural phenomenon over the past decade. What does that mean? Cosplayers dress up and accessorize as a famous fictional character. Part fashion, part art, and part lifestyle – here are some people who got it very right, and some that got it oh so wrong!


Am I Tripping or Did My LEGOS Come Alive?

oney I Shrunk The Kids

This cosplay is just too good. I am not convinced that these are not just giant, sentient LEGOs. This couple put a lot of effort into building these looks, and it shows! Amazing (and slightly unsettling)!

Another Sad Case of a Child Actress Letting Herself Go

owerBUFF Girls

Bubbles looks like her life went downhill after her run on Powerpuff Girls. Maybe she can land a Dancing with the Stars gig and make her big comeback. Go girl!

Jolting Joker

ere Not Joking

This guy absolutely nailed his Joker cosplay. It’s not just about the costume, and this guy gets it. Just look at that sinister grin!

Move Over Batman

atwoman Win

Yeah, Batman is cool and all, but check out the Batwoman! This costume is absolutely stunning. This Batwomen slayed it. That Joker guy better watch out.

Starr Warz

tar Wars Version 0.1

If these men are cosplaying as bootlegged Star Wars toys, then they nailed it! However, if they were going for authenticity, tried harder, they should have.

Shadow People

hen You Get It

This Peter Pan cosplay is excellent! It might take a minute to get this one, but when you get it, you will love it!

Super… Girl?

his Is Super

I love women superheroes! But to be honest, if this Supergirl showed up to rescue me, I would probably try to run away from her! She looks slightly off-putting.

Sinful Sims

ims Like A Good Costume

This is a great cosplay idea! Who didn’t love playing The Sims for hours on end while their actual lives passed them by? These ladies made hilarious and perfect naked Sim costumes.

Well, I’m not rubbing THAT

ust Rub It

People are on the fence about Will Smith portraying Robert Williams’ beloved Genie in Aladdin, but hey – at least they didn’t cast this scary toilet-genie man.

Phony Stark

eed An Iron Man@

This attempt at cosplay kind of looks like Ed Gein’s interpretation of Iron Man. At least get that mailing tape straight, man!

A Beautifully Done Baroness

he Baroness

This cosplay is so great! A perfectly villainous representation of my favorite villainess, Baroness. This woman definitely does cosplay right!

Duct Tape fixes everything…. Except for these poor turtles

inja Turtles Discover Green Tape

While I can’t discount the attempt – and I’ll even give an A for effort; but are these Ninja Turtles or swamp monsters? There is a lot to unpack here.

Super (model) Girl

uper Girl

This costume probably wouldn’t be very practical during Supergirl’s line of duty, but who cares? This woman is rocking her cosplay outfit!

Ms. Moon? Is that you?

hats Wrong Here@

This Sailor Moon cosplay is accurate, but something about it seems a little off-brand. I can’t put my finger on it….


ome Errands

Is this Batman or my Waitr delivery guy? Either way, the costume is on point. But seeing Batman carrying takeout down the road takes away from his superhero image. Plus, don’t bats eat fruit and bugs?

A VERY Incredible Hulk

ncredible Hulk

This suit was easily the best one at the 2012 Comic Con in Montreal. I don’t think I would have asked him for an autograph… he looks pretty angry!

This guy seriously ran the gamut with his Gambit


This guy cosplays. The costume is perfect – just look at those creepy contacts. And the flames? How did he do that?? Oh yeah, he’s Gambit. Great job!

Breaking Bad, but never breaking character

alter White

This man nailed the look of the high school teacher turned meth kingpin. He is the danger.

In the Groove


This person’s Emperor Kuzco cosplay is absolutely perfect! Now let’s see them do Kuzco as a llama next year.

Beautiful Beast

eauty And The Beast

It’s the Beast from Beauty and the Beast – no wait! It’s Belle. This creative cosplayer thought, “Why not both?” This woman’s clever idea leaves us wanting to see more meshed together characters.

Draggin’ a Dragon

aenerys Targaryen And Drogon

This woman’s Daenerys cosplay is fantastic. The dragon is absolutely amazing. How many times do you think she tripped over Drogon’s tail during the convention?

This man is killing it as Elsa

an Elsa

This man isn’t Frozen by gender norms. He is totally rocking this Elsa cosplay!



This is apparently a Wolverine cosplay. If he was going for the love child of Wolverine and a banana, then great job!

Trailer Moon

ailor Moon

This cosplay is Sailor Moon if she was also a Trailer Park Boy. Wait a minute – what’s in that bottle, Randy?

He’s Our Hero

aptain Planet

With climate change occurring at a scary rate, we need Captain Planet now more than ever. Just preferably not this one!

A very non-threatening Samus


If this is what Samus really looked like then me and my sister wouldn’t have fought over who could be her in Smash Brothers. This costume looks like it was made from trash scraps of other costumes. I’ll award a C for effort.


ewish Wolverine

Okay, this one is hilarious. He called himself “Jewverine.” The Menorah claws are the best part!

A different take on Pikachu


I’ve seen plenty of Pikachu cosplay ideas, but never Pikachu as a Pokémon card. Excellent execution!

Tron Guy

ron Guy

“Tron Guy” is cosplaying himself. The This man, Jay Maynard, created this epic Tron suit and became a sensation. He has even been on Jimmy Kimmel due to his success!

Do you want fries with that?


Who knew Ronald McDonald had such a beautiful sister? Can we get her to be the mascot instead? She’s much less creepy.

Marge, Patty, and Selma

omen Of The Simpsons

This is such a unique idea for Simpsons cosplay. Don’t let the twins’ chain-smoking bother you – these women were actually raising money for cancer research at this convention!


cooby Doo

This Velma cosplay is so great! The famous member of the Scooby Doo gang looks smart, pretty, and ready to unmask some bad guys.

Wonder Wobear

onder Wobear

Who says Wonder Woman has to shave and have abs? Wonder Wobear is famous for his innovative take on Wonder Woman. Even Linda Carter is a big fan of his!

More Limón Pledge?

he Pledge Woman

Sometimes random, recurring characters can be our favorites in TV shows. The cleaning lady from Family Guy is delightfully dry and has hilarious one-liners. This cosplayer and their lack of expression perfectly capture the maid we all love, even if she has no name.

Beautifully Evil


This Ash (from Evil Dead) cosplay is absolutely stunning! The dedication to detail in the costume and accessories is astounding. Perfect!

There are no words…

reen Arrow

…to describe how absolutely adorable this Green Arrow is! Sorry to all the cosplayers who spent twelve months of blood, sweat, and tears on your perfect costumes – but this felt robe on a tiny Bulldog wins the best costume award forever, until the end of time. 12/10.



I doubt this guy breathes fire, but I’d rather run into the real Bowser in a dark alley than this guy. Yikes!

Queen Elizabeth I

ueen Elizabeth 1

The women and men who create these amazing gowns all deserve awards. Look at how gorgeous this custom dress is? 10/10 work!

Bob Belcher and Family

obs Burger Family

Who doesn’t love Bob’s Burgers? Every character is hilarious, so why pick just one? This whole family cosplayed as the Belcher family and the perfected the look! I can hear Tina saying “Ugggghhhhhhh” just by looking at this picture. (And how adorable is that Louise?)

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEE…. I’m not going to say it again


This guy nailed the infamous Beetlejuice suit; unfortunately the horizontal stripes aren’t doing their job. He’s still looking pretty fly for a dead guy!

Damsel in A Dress

rincess Peach

This Princess Peach costume is beautiful! This woman nailed our favorite constantly kidnapped Princess’ pink style – she even brought along her buddy Toad! Let’s hope the Carrot Top Bowser we saw earlier doesn’t see her.

Ocarina of FINE

ink And Zelda

I apologize for that terrible title, but really? How great does this couple look as Link and Zelda? The outfits are pretty spot-on.

Oh no! Kirby has hit rock bottom.


(It is supposed to be Kirby, right?) This whole getup is all wrong and creepy. Quick! Hide your kids and hide your wives.

Starcraft 2 (and Witchcraft Too!)

tarcraft 2

This person is cosplaying Salvaged Confederate Adjutant from Starcraft 2. But surely witchcraft was used to design and create a costume this immaculate. Are we sure this is pretend?

Fantastic Faux Pulp Fiction

ulp Fiction

These two guys look so much like Jules and Vincent from Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic Pulp Fiction that you know you would totally ask them for an autograph and be none the wiser you hadn’t just harassed the real Jackson and Travolta for their John Hancocks. A story for the grandkids!

Not Really Sure About this One

lack Panther

This is supposed to be Black Panther cosplay, but I’m afraid this person missed the mark. The mask looks freakishly like my neighbor’s Pit Bull – but much scarier. Hey – as long as this person is having fun!

Buzz RIGHTyear


This cosplayer totally nailed Pixar legend Buzz Lightyear. This astronaut from the beloved film Toy Story is one of our favorite characters – and this guy did him and his spectacular spacesuit justice. Great costume!

Great Groot


What is Groot? I’m not sure, but I think this is actually him. There is no way somebody is talented enough to make a costume that detailed! Bravo, Groot. This cosplay is flawless.

A Marvelous Maleficent


I’m sure this woman is a lovely soul, but her Maleficent cosplay looks downright devious. I feel like she could destroy us with her gaze. And she even brought along her wicked raven, Diablo. These two look like they have something rather ominous planned.

Elsa 2: Electric Boogaloo


Props to this Elsa. Her gown is gorgeous and her long, blonde braids embody the Frozen star. I wonder if her and the male Elsa from earlier ever hang out?

In Wonder of this costume

onder Woman

It takes a brave and attractive person to rock Wonder Woman’s famous getup. This lady is killing it. She looks strong and beautiful. Go girl!

If you’re interested in cosplay then go check out a convention! They’re always happening somewhere every few months, so keep an ear out. Worried you’re not a good enough fashion designer? Did you see some of these atrocities?? Cosplay isn’t just about nailing the costumes – most of it is about having fun and getting to be someone else for a day!