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These Giant Animals Actually Exist!?

Wouldn’t a giant, Labrador-sized kitten be adorable? What about a dinosaur-sized alligator? – not so much! It’s not that rare to find large species of animals living on islands away from civilization. However sometimes animals that grow to epic sizes live right in our own neck of the woods – and sometimes they are our pets! Check out these huge animals. You won’t believe the mass on these guys.

This Behemoth Bull is All Muscle

wner Says 3,682 Pound Bull Is “All Muscle”

This gigantic bull doesn’t need steroids to be able to lift. He weighs 3,682 pounds! In one year, this big boy gained 300 pounds! His owner, Arthur Duckett says the big bull doesn’t eat anymore than a regular cow. This bovine is just destined for big things!