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High School is difficult and full of challenges. The stress of tests, school drama, and homework are things that most of us can agree, we don’t miss… In fact, most people left ran out of high school as fast as they could and didn’t look back; however, some people wanted to leave a token of appreciation, a funny saying, or some advice for their yearbook quotes. Sit back and enjoy these hilarious senior yearbook quotes.


No one will Know

At least no one will notice her bad hair days. Ghufran’s sense of humor is awesome. How can you not lightheartedly laugh at this quote?

The Prince of Confessions

How did we know?! Thank you, for owning up to it. We know that a lot of people mispronounced his name over the years, so it’s great to see that he’s able to laugh about it.

The Late Bloomer

This quote is definitely relatable. This just proves that everyone blossoms eventually, so enjoy being a band geek, mathlete, or chess player. And know that it does get better, eventually.

The Honest Man

In his yearbook quote, Ankit managed to poke fun at vegetarians while also causing us to contemplate the terrible fate of a head of lettuce. From now on, we’ll think twice before we chop up our carrots.

The Legend

We’re very grateful that the yearbook committee allowed Amith to have two pictures in the yearbook. The two pictures allowed us to see different sides of the true legend. We will never forget this legend.

Fries before Guys

One thing high school taught us is that you should put friends before boys. Miranda took it a step further, placing food before boys. Who wouldn’t want to put fries before guys?


Talk about being humble? Her attitude is a serious mood. At least Katia is confident in herself. Confidence is key, right?

On the Bright Side

We like that Antony has the ability to see the silver lining. It definitely serves him well in life. If he had the same attitude when it came to taking random pop quizzes, then we are positive that his high school experience was a piece of cake.

Motivational Quote

This is the kind of advice we like. We are lucky to have Iyanna- to be completely real and to tell us like it is. We’ll stay on the safe side, and eat cake.

Low Standards

When you’re a senior in high school, you feel burned out and exhausted. But hang in there Katia. Give it time, things will get better.

Serenaded Too Many Times

“Hey there, Delilah…” This poor girl has probably had the famous song by the Plain White T’s sung to her several times. She is probably thinking about changing her name.

Censored Last Name

Lisa is one of those unfortunate kids who probably got a lot of nicknames growing up, due to her last name. The inevitable teasing from her last name, isn’t something anyone wants to deal with. But at least it makes for a good icebreaker.

No Dating for Him

Daniel obviously doesn’t want to be anyone’s knight in shining armor. He seems content with his bachelor status.

Potter Fan

This Harry Potter quote is awesome and totally appropriate upon graduating. Don’t worry Samantha, college is much more like Hogwarts.

RIP Club Penguin

In an era where children are raised by the internet, it’s about time that someone pays tribute to the thing that raised them. While there are definitely parent issues behind this funny quote, Allison will do just fine in college.

No Kids, No Problems?

Poor Zachary, he knows the true feeling and pain of single mothers everywhere but gets no recognition because he is also a male teenager in high school with no kids. Hopefully you will get so recognition in college. Good luck, buddy!


Since they’re twins, there’s really no way of knowing which one was planned so it’s all in good fun. At least they can use that fun fact to make people feel uncomfortable.

Just to Let you Know…

Thanks for letting us know, Makenzie! This is a pretty good tactic of letting people know you’re not pregnant, you just have a food baby. At least she’s letting people know that she’s just eating good.

Self-Explanatory Last Name

Sylvester’s ability to laugh at his uncomfortable surname is pretty awesome. While his quote makes for an awkward conversation, the reason his cynical statement is so funny is that it brings up uncomfortable truths.

Not Queen Beyonce

Whether she was popular or in chess club, doesn’t make a difference, because in either scenario would she be Beyonce. We understand why a person would be depressed about not being Beyonce. We totally relate.

Thug Life

More than likely, he probably turned in his homework way after the deadline without batting an eye. Because this high schooler definitely looks like the thug life chose him.

Thanks for Nothing

She definitely has no plans on making any long inspirational speeches about leaving high school behind. She will not miss it, and it’s obvious from her brutally honest quote.

2 Cool 4 School

We have so, so many questions regarding the picture and the quote. Why is he holding money, while standing in front of a cheetah? Also, why is he in the desert? We don’t understand this yearbook photo…

Smooth Move

Some guys are smooth with the ladies. Confidence is everything, and Amar definitely has that going for him.

I’m the Pretty One

Every twin claims that they are the pretty one, and these twins are no exception. Let’s just say that they are both the pretty ones.

Raise the Roof

This kid takes partying very seriously. He will raise the roof like there’s no tomorrow. On a side note: does anyone else think he looks like Mr. Rogers?

Voldemort Problems

It’s the absolute worst when everyone thinks that the dark lord is hiding in your hijab. At least she has a good sense of humor about it!

Early Morning Problems

Usually, most people in high school are concerned about making the cheerleading squad, or passing their upcoming algebra quiz. Conner, on the other hand, has other problems to worry about.

Two Tickets to Nowhere

If you remember high school, than more than likely, you can relate to Kathryn’s quote. She can look back at her quote later on, and reminisce on the good old days.

Not Again

This kid is correct. You graduate school, just to go back to school. Just when you think you’re done with school, they pull you back in.

The Public Eye

We’re onto you, Jasmine. We weren’t able to witness the paparazzi taking this headshot of you. But just remember, you can’t hide from the public eye forever.

Just Clarifying

Unfortunately, Raza already knows the drill. He is taking precautions just to make sure that we’re all on the same page.

Words to Live By

In the reworking of the famous words of 2Pac, Alexis shares some needed life wisdom with her high school peers. These are words to live by.

Just to Let you Know

Pareekshit knows the drill. He has obviously been picked on over his name, and he’s tired of people mispronouncing it. So, he used his yearbook quote to leave instructions on how to pronounce it.

Gingers Have a Soul

Most gingers have a soul. Obviously she’s been picked on plenty of times about not having a soul, because of her hair color. She’s tired of hearing it, so she decided to set the record straight on her yearbook quote.

Free Man Walking

Faizon did his time and now he’s walking free. We wonder what he will do with his new freedom. Will he get a job, or return back to his jail cell and go to college?

Deep Thinking

They say that you will use everything you learn in high school. The day still hasn’t come where we needed to use geometry; but this girl is the perfect example that high school teaches you how to think deeply.

Survival Of The Fittest

There’s always that one guy…and in this case it’s Rob. He knows better than everyone else.