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World’s Youngest Mother: How 5 Year Old Peruvian Girl Became A Mom So Young

This is the shocking and unusual case of a five year old girl, Lina Medina, who was discovered to be pregnant. Upon publication of her story, the entire the 20th century world was shocked by her story.



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In 1939, young Lina began experiencing common pregnancy symptoms: nausea and stomach pains from her ever-growing belly. Her parents were baffled when Dr. Gerardo Lozada, the local physician, diagnosed her with something unbelievable.

Just 5 Years Old and 7 Months Pregnant

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To the great surprise of her parents and her doctor, Lina was confirmed pregnant. Dr. Lozada transfered her to the chief physician’s clinic where she was carefully studied. It was even more rare than an early childhood tumor that Lina was pregnant at such a young age. Further, the crime had to be reported so that whoever was responsible for her violation would be brought to justice.

A Criminal Unidentified

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It was abundantly clear that someone in little Lina’s life had committed the heinous crime of violating her in the worst way. In this case, her life would be forever changed.

An Innocent Child

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Prior to her pregnancy, Lina was a happy and enthusiastic child in a family of 8 siblings in Ticrapo, Peru. Her parents were average, middle class workers and she should have enjoyed a delightful childhood.

The Youngest Case of Precocious Puberty

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Girls usually enter puberty around their 11th birthday. If it begins before the age of 8, it is termed ‘precocious puberty’, which is quite rare. Lina is the youngest known case of precocious puberty to date.

Menstruating By 3 Years Old

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As the youngest case of precocious puberty, Lina had her first period at the young age of 3. Later it was discovered that she may have begun ovulating only 8 months after she was born.

Spiritual Influence

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Sadly, her parents initially thought their daughter was spiritually tormented. It was only after their family seeked help from the Shamans of their village for her symptoms that they decided to visit the hospital when her pain persisted.

A Cesarean Section

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Though Lina’s body had matured rapidly in many ways to accommodate for her early pregnancy, her pelvis was too small to pass the child vaginally. She delivered the boy on May 14, 1939 at the clinic in Lima, Pero.

A Boy Named For His Doctor

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Dr. Lozada had been instrumental in helping Lina through her difficult pregnancy and delivery. As such, she decided to name her baby boy “Gerardo” in his honor.

Suspected Perpetrators

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While searching for Lina’s attacker, authorities investigated men in herfamily. They even arrested her own father, Tiburelo and later questioned her mentally challenged brother. In the end, they didn’t have enough evidence to persecute any male family members.


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Naturally, there was quite a bit of speculation about who the real father was. Among many theories, it was thought she might have been taken advantage of while washing clothes in the river alone or while visitors were in her village during a festival where intimate festivities occurred.

Mother or Sister?

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Gerardo Menina was born healthy at 6 pounds and was later raised as Lina’s sister. He was 10 years old when he found out the truth about their relationship.

Dr. Lozada’s Continued Support

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Despite the tragic circumstances, Dr. Lozada continued to support Lina and her family as they raised her unexpected child. Luckily, they were able to live a normal life and Lina was later hired as Dr. Lozada’s own secretary at his Lima clinic. Because of her employment, she could attend school herself and afford high school for Gerardo.

Finding Love

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In her adulthood, Lina found love and married Raul Jurado in the early 70s. She had another son with her husband.

Gerardo’s Life and Death

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Gerardo was able to live a quite normal life. Unfortunately, he passed away of a bone marrow infection at the age of 40 in 1979.

Dr. Edmundo Made Her World-Famous

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Lina’s case is extraordinary-a fact known to all who knew her even at the time. One of Peru’s most distinguished physicians and researchers, Dr. Edmundo Escumel made her case world famous.

Questionable Story

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Naturally, there are some who believe Lina’s story is a hoax despite evidence to support her pregnancy. X-rays and published photos of her belly at 7 months pregnant are convincing enough for most.

Lina Didn’t Enjoy Media Attention

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Respectably, Lina made a point to guard Gerardo against private and public institutions which wanted to investigate and publicize her case. Despite the large sums she was offered, she dug her heels in to protect her family’s privacy.

She Took the Secret To The Grave

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Lina is rumored to have died in 2015 of a heart attack but, in truth, she is reclusive to the point that no one can be sure. Her husband, Raul, may be the only one left who knows her full story.

Not The Last Case Of Its Kind

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Sadly, Lina’s case isn’t completely unique. Another girl, Liza, endured the same fate at 6 years old. It was later confirmed that her case was caused by her own grandfather. In recent years, there have been other similar horrifying cases.