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These Perfectly-Timed Animal Pictures are Wild and Unbelievable

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Baby-cheetah-e1545088572980.jpg

Some wildlife photographers spend weeks in heat or snow trying to get the perfect shot. Other times, the animals are more than willing to participate. Check out these cute photos of perfectly timed, curious critters.


Best Seat in the House

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:PEOPAR_011_2203_SW.jpg

This cute little seal thought photographer Art Wolfe’s seat was the best seat in the house – and we agree! Beautiful photo, whoever took this picture of photographer Art Wolfe! You have our seal of approval.

Always Hire an Apprentice

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:article-2538529-1A9F3D0500000578-47_964x571.jpg

This friendly cheetah was just trying to give his opinion to this photographer. He may not have the photography experience as Chris Du Plessis, but Mtombi the charming cheetah knows the local hangout spots.

Up Close and Personal

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Tiny-bird.jpg

Alexander Sviridov took a very close-up picture of this natural supermodel of himself using another camera with a self-timer. It’s a selfie with a Black-capped Chickadee, who appears to be taking its own selfie. A+ modeling skills, little bird!

Oh Deer!

And we thought that little bird got up close and personal! This deer really wanted National Geographic photographer Onofras Ionel to get her close-up. How is she going to get that acting gig without a glamorous headshot?

Sneaky Squirrel Pics

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:squirrel-camera_2451903k.jpg

Photographers Dalia Kvedaraite and Giedrius Stakauskas wanted to get some close up shots of red squirrels playing in the snow. When one of their cameras broke, they had a grand idea – use it as bait! They put some peanuts in the broken lens and this little guy couldn’t resist!

Hot Dam! This Beaver took a Great Shot

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:nxa2ocyvdof11.jpg

Leopold Kanzler, a wildlife photographer from Vienna is very good at his craft. But leave it to Beaver to make an even better shot! Kanzler got this artistic beaver to “take a photo” by using apple slices. We don’t think it was the treats that lured the beaver however. This guy just has a keen eye for photography! Good work!

Um… there’s something on your shirt

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:meerkats-human-lookout-post-photography-will-burrard-lucas-1.jpg

Professional photographer Will Burrard-Lucas thought he knew what he was doing. However, his meerkat assistant thought his shots needed a little more creativity, so he hopped on his back to supervise.


Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Lion-steals-camera-e1545085130110.jpg

Maybe Ed Hetherington should have stuck to photographing weddings. His attempt at nature photography ended with this lioness eating his camera (thankfully the SD card was able to be rescued). Of course, there are some “bridezillas” out there who might’ve eaten his camera too.

Not so Sly

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:98648361a0e59f2068b4d511ec69eab2.jpg

Tommy Angelsen snapped this hilarious photo of a curious fox checking his friend, Marion Klette, out. He says that foxes are very inquisitive and love to be models.

On the Lookout

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:photographing-meerkats-04-670x446.jpg.optimal.jpg

Will Burrard-Lucas and his meerkats have made the list again! This little assistant decided they could supervise Will better from atop the camera. Nailed it!

Another Friendly Fox

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Fox-in-snow-e1545087792193.jpg

Photographer Dan Dinu didn’t have any problems snapping a picture of this curious fox. He was more than willing to participate. What a magnificent model!


Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Koala-cameraman-e1545088692626.jpg

This Koala has the directing skills of Steven Spielberg. It definitely knows its way around a camera. The other koalas might just sit around eating eucalyptus all day, this one has to follow its dreams! You go, Koala!

Do I have to do ALL of the work?

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Baby-meerkats-e1545089066446.jpg

I sure do hope Will Burrard-Lucas gives these meerkats the photography credit they deserve. It kind of looks like they’re doing all the work. Hm…

Whatcha’ Got in There?

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Kangaroos-and-photographer-2.jpg

This kangaroo just wanted to make sure the lens was right for her maternity photos with her joey. I bet they turned out great!

If I Fits, I Sits.

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Baby-cheetah-e1545088572980.jpg

Isn’t this the motto for every cat? Well, we knew it applied to house cats, but not a 70mph cheetah cub. This little cub just wants to micromanage.

Fun Fox Fact

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Fox-standing-up-690x666.jpg

Foxes are natural born hunters, and the can run up to 40mph. But did you know they are also natural born photographers? They sure do know their way in front of, and behind the camera!

Snow White? Is that you?

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Wolf-deer-and-photographer-768x540.jpg

This photographer didn’t have to try very hard to get models for her photoshoot. The literally crawled right up to her – one even climbed on her back! These animals just love giving their creative input.

Just Let Me Do It

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Little-monkey-and-camera-e1545088854759.jpg

This baby Capuchin monkey decided to take over his trainer, Ben Britton’s camera. Ben just lacked the pizzazz the monkey possessed.

Squirrels Gone Wild

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:squirrel-and-camera-e1545089682118.jpg

This beautiful squirrel couldn’t wait to get in front of the camera. We don’t blame her! Look at that gorgeous red hair!

Weaseling its Way in

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Weasel-baby-e1545085044313.jpg

This photographer appears to be going in for a kiss from this baby weasel – but the weasel looks angry. Thankfully it was just a baby, a large one might’ve been much more aggressive if they didn’t like the way its pictures turned out!

Camera Shy

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Lemur-photographers-e1545430635683.jpg

Photographer Bobby-Jo Vial was treated like a tree when these lemurs decided to climb all over her. Maybe they weren’t comfortable in front of the camera.

You Can’t Outfox a Fox

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Snow-fox-e1545084950103.jpg

Foxes are very smart creatures. Did this photographer actually think the fox wasn’t going to notice that fake igloo? This fox was not fooled.

Hoooo Are You Looking At?

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Owl-on-camera-e1545091034895.jpg

This big owl thought he could just barge in and take over the photo shoot. His powerful mustache makes me think the photographer was right to let him.

Cheeky Chipmunks

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Chipmunks-and-camera-e1545435588681.jpg

Is that Chip and Dale? They are working together in perfect harmony as photographer and model. Snap that perfect pic, little chipmunk!

Don’t Post That One!

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Baby-tiger-e1545084477309.jpg

This white tiger cub did not like the candid picture this photographer took. Delete it, or I eat your head, sir!

Choosing the Perfect Photo

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Orangutan-and-guy-e1545089907560.jpg

With so many great pictures to choose from, this photographer let the orangutan have input on choosing the perfect one. Looking good, girl!

Picture Perfect Perch

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Falcon-e1545086289839.jpg

Is this man supposed to be practicing photography or falconry? He appears to be a natural at both! This little falcon will grow very big and be able to dive at up to 200mph one day! Better snap a pic now!

Wacky Wolf

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Wolf-Inuk-on-camera-e1546452305159.jpg

This playful wolf pup will turn anything into a chew toy. Maybe this photographer should’ve brought along a squeaky toy!

Helpful Seal

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Seal-and-camera-e1546455099446.jpg

This baby Gray Seal was more than happy to have his photo taken. He also wanted to invite the photographer for a swim. What a nice little guy!

Oblivious Photographer

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:Squirrel-on-backpack-e1545085543433.jpg

Unlike that other red squirrel, this one is much more camera-shy. Thank goodness this one was able to hide in plain sight. Maybe this squirrel can give the igloo man a lesson in how to hide.

Sometimes photographers can wait around for days and never see an animal. However, these curious critters just couldn’t stay away!