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Woman Sees Baby Squirrel Struggling, Does The Greatest Thing Possible

The world is filled with good people who are willing to help the ones in need. However, there aren’t that many people who would adopt an animal after seeing that it was hurt, especially a wild one! Today we are going to show you a heartwarming story about a woman who decided to do something amazing after seeing a baby squirrel fall from a tree and hitting its head.

20. Baby Squirrel

A woman was taking a relaxing walk through a park when she heard a weird noise. Curiosity got the best of her and the woman went to check what made that noise and to her surprise, it was a tiny squirrel!

19. Helping Out

The tiny squirrel fell on its head and this knocked her out. Seeing this, the woman decided to take the squirrel to her home and take care of her injuries. You won’t believe what happened when the squirrel woke up!

18. Waking Up

The woman was expecting the squirrel to try and run away when she woke up, but this wasn’t the case. The baby squirrel didn’t try to run and instead, she started crying for some food. As you can see in this picture, the woman knew exactly how to make the squirrel calm down.

17. Growing Up

A couple of weeks passed and the squirrel grew bigger. The original plan was to take care of the squirrel’s injuries and then to set her free into the wild. Do you think this plan worked out?

16. The Owner

The woman who adopted the baby squirrel fell into love with it. The two became best friends and they were inseparable! Therefore, the plan of letting the squirrel run into the wild was not working out.

15. Naming Her Jynx

The squirrel was named Jynx because of her playful nature. Although, the woman did try to release the squirrel into the forest a couple of times but that didn’t work. Keep reading to find out why!

14. Inseparable

Jynx got too attached to her new owner and she wouldn’t leave her sight. Seeing this, the woman knew that Jynx was going to spend all her life living by her side. Isn’t this amazing?

13. Taking Cute Pictures

One of the coolest things about Jynx is the fact that she loves taking pictures. This is a rare thing for a squirrel since they usually are super shy. Jynx’s owner created an Instagram page for the little squirrel and you are going to be shocked to find out how many followers she has!

12. Instagram Famous

The squirrel has nearly forty thousand followers on Instagram. Can you believe this? Jynx is just like an Instagram model. If you think this picture is cute, then you are not ready for what’s coming next!

11. Jynx Is Cute

One of the squirrel’s favorite activities is to get dressed up. When have you ever heard of an animal like Jynx? She is the perfect pet for people who enjoy taking pictures and posting them on social media. No wonder Jynx has so many followers.

10. Having Fun

Jynx’s owner says that the little squirrel is always running around the house. Her energy never runs out and this makes it tiring to take care of her at times. However, seeing Jynx having fun makes it all worth it!

9. Tiny House

Jynx is loved very much by her owner. In fact, the owner got her a tiny dollhouse to live in. Isn’t this the most adorable picture you ever saw?

8. Getting Bigger

As time went on, Jynx stopped being a little squirrel. Her owner is saying that Jynx is getting bigger by the day and that she is having trouble getting a hold of her. I bet that seeing Jynx’s owner running around the house trying to catch her is hilarious.

7. House Visitors

Even though having a squirrel as a house pet is quite unusual, Jynx’s owner says that everyone who comes to visit her loves to spend time with Jynx. The squirrel has a way of making herself liked.

6. Difficult Pet

One of the most difficult thing about having a squirrel as a house pet is taking care of her everyday needs. A squirrel can’t be left alone in the house like you would do with a dog and someone needs to always be around her.

5. Taking Care Of Jynx

Even though taking care of Jynx is proving to be more difficult than expected, her owner’s family loves having her around. Jynx can get pretty annoying at times, but who could ever say no to this cute face?

4. Sweet Dreams

Just like you would expect from a squirrel, Jynx’s favorite activity is to sleep! In fact, the owner is saying that Jynx can sleep up to ten hours if she is left alone. Now, this is impressive!

3. Eating Delicious Nuts

The one thing that Jynx loves to do more than to sleep and dream about delicious nuts is to eat them! Therefore, Jynx’s owner makes sure always to buy a couple bags of nuts every time she goes to the store.

2. Big Dog

Even though the dog is really big when compared to Jynx, this isn’t stopping the squirrel from trying to befriend him. The two animals don’t get to hang out that much because of their size difference, but they have lots of fun when they get together.

1. Jynx The Squirrel

What did you think of Jynx’s story? Would you ever adopt a baby squirrel if you ever saw it falling from a tree?