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Cop Recieves A Bizarre Call From A Terrified Man Saying He Is Being Followed By A Baby Squirrel

Out of all of the scariest animals on this planet, a squirrel would probably rank pretty low on the list. With their bushy tails and small bodies, a squirrel isn’t what you’d call an intimidating beast. However, if you were to ask one man in Germany, he’d tell you a different story. Police in Germany were blown away when they received this bizarre phone call from a terrified man who swore he was being followed by a squirrel!


20. Wild Story

Image: Pinterest

It was a typical day for the German police at the Karlsruhe police department. As officers, the police in the department believed that they had seen and heard everything. However, all of that changed when they heard this crazy story!

19. Thursday Morning

Image: Day Trips Around Karlsruhe

It was a Thursday morning when police at the Karlsruhe department received an unusual phone call. A man had called in an “emergency” and was desperate for police intervention. However, police wanted to know what the problem was in more detail.

18. Followed Around

Image: Shutterstock

The man who called in was a nervous wreck on the phone and was persistent about his issue. It seems that the man was being followed around by an animal. The police immediately wanted to know what sort of animal was trying to hunt him down!

17. Worried

Image: PeopleResults

The police department instantly began to worry about the man and the situation he was in. After all, if a man was calling in a troublesome animal it would have to be a pretty dire situation. The officers waited for the man to mention a wolf or a bear or something of the sort.

16. The Animal

Image: iStock

Finally, the man alerted the police to the actual situation at hand. “Help, I’m being followed by a squirrel!” That is what officers heard on the other line.

15. Dispatched


Once the officers were alerted to the situation and where it was taking place, they quickly dispatched a patrol car. The patrol car headed over to the man and the officers were shocked by what they saw when they arrived.

14. Chased Around

Image: The Dodo

Indeed, it seems the man that called in the issue was actually being chased around by a squirrel. The police officers quickly got out of the vehicle and began to intervene in the situation. Luckily, the squirrel was growing tired at this point.

13. Collapsed

Image: The Dodo

Eventually, the poor squirrel lost its stamina and collapsed onto the ground. The police officers leaped into action and placed the squirrel inside of a box. Officers then transported the little squirrel over to a rescue center.

12. The Squirrel’s Origins

Image: The Dodo

The officers assumed the tiny squirrel had lost its mother, which would explain why it was all alone. Since it had lost its mother, the squirrel seemed to have found a wonderful replacement in the man it was chasing around!

11. Replacement Mother

Image: The Dodo

“It often happens that squirrels which have lost their mothers look for a replacement and then focus their efforts on one person,” police spokeswoman Christina Krenz told the Guardian. She told The Guardian that the experience can be “pretty scary.”

10. Threatened


“He was certainly feeling a bit threatened,” Christina Krenz told The Guardian. Thankfully, the officers weren’t too frightened of the squirrel. They even decided on a wonderful name for it.

9. Named


The police officers that rescued the tiny squirrel decided to name it Karl-Friedrich. The police department also decided to officially name the squirrel their mascot. Officers seemed to have really grown fond of the squirrel.

8. New Mascot

Image: American Police Beat

“A squirrel will be our new mascot, it will be christened Karl-Friedrich,” said the police write-up. “The squirrel has fallen asleep in fright.” The officers were immediately in love with their new buddy.

7. Police Custody

Image: The Telegraph

For a while, the squirrel remained in police custody. The officers greatly enjoyed the squirrel’s company. After all, it’s not every day you get to enjoy the company of a sweet and cuddly animal in the line of duty!

6. Getting Help


Soon help arrived in the form of a wildlife rescue team. They arrived at the police station and were ready to take little Karl-Friedrich with them. Since she had no mother she’d need some extra care.

5. Sad


The police department was sad to see little Karl-Friedrich go. However, they were happy he would be receiving all of the best care from now on! “We wish the little one all the best!” authorities wrote.

4. Two Others

Image: The Dodo

Surprisingly enough, Karl-Friedrich wasn’t the first squirrel the police department had to watch go. In fact, there were already two other squirrels in police custody that day. The other squirrels were brought in for similar reasons.

3. Similar Situations

Image: YouTube

The other squirrels were brought into the police station because they were discovered all alone outside. Although the situations were similar, Karl-Friedrich’s situation was the only one that needed police intervention.

2. Doing Well

Image: Today FM

The police department has been receiving updates on Karl-Friedrich’s well-being. The rescue center that has been watching over him stated he is doing very well. Everyone has been happy to hear that.

1. Case Closed


Finally, the case of the wild attacking squirrel has been closed. The squirrel is in a great new environment being cared for and the man who was so viciously attacked can now sleep peacefully knowing the squirrel is no longer out there.