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4 Tools to Help Rank Your YouTube Videos


Effective and engaging videos are the need of the hour. Videos are digestible content that is well received by the audience around the globe. Whether it is an entertaining post or an informative one, these can provide great value to the viewers. Perhaps, the world’s leading video-sharing platform YouTube offers tremendous growth potential for people who want to take their account to the next level. We have researched 4 tools that will optimize your titles, keywords, and tags for a high CTR and engagement on YouTube. A careful follow-up of these steps will enable you to get more likes, comments, shares, and subscribers. Alternatively, you can buy YouTube views if you seek a shortcut way to get a wider reach on the platform. Buy YouTube subscribers if you have just started your journey and want to kickstart your growth with a reliable service. Hurry up and take advantage of these 4 Tools to improve your YouTube videos’ ranking and take them to the top/trending charts.


Gauge Topic Interest with Google Trends

Well, the most popular search engine in the world has come to your rescue. Googling relevant information is the need of the hour and YouTube is the ideal place to mark your footsteps in the right direction. Nevertheless, the success of your videos depends to a much extent on the audience. Hence, you should ensure that your content caters to their needs otherwise the purpose of optimization would get defeated. As the name suggests, Google Trends allows you to discover the proposed topics that have garnered huge interest and attention from online users. Interesting content is generally engaging and would influence people to hit the ‘Subscribe’ button. Google Trends is an effective way to find out the best topics for your fanbase. The intuitive interface just involves entering your topic and selecting YouTube Search. You will then come across a graph portraying the interest level of your topic over the last(previous) year. For best results, tailor the results by country to know related search queries or popular trends.

Assess Keyword Search Volume and Competition With Ubersuggest

Just like a great beginning makes a great end, the right starting place lets you choose the right keywords. With ideal keywords in your bucket list, you can analyze them with an industry-leading tool like Ubersuggest. The service offers an effortless way for keyword analysis. Hence, just switch to this tool as soon as you develop your initial keyword ideas. To begin the analysis process, you need to follow a series of steps.

  1. Enter your keyword in Ubersuggest
  2. select YouTube from the menu

Ubersuggest just takes a few seconds to analyze your keyword and bring out the competition score. This will enable you to find what keywords to target for getting a high number of views on YouTube. To understand the algorithm better, you need to target keywords that have low competition. This will provide you a wider reach and engagement than the market that is already dominated by big players.

YouTube Auto Suggestions

Here’s a secret to uncover trending (popular) or branded keywords for your next YouTube video. Well, fortunately, this involves a little effort thereby saving your time. The YouTube search tool is an ideal spot to look for autosuggestions and popular keyword ideas. These are the additional keywords that are engagement-friendly. Just go to YouTube and enter your topic to discover autosuggestions displays for that keyword. Auto Suggestions are a foolproof method to identify effective keywords. Whenever a user enters a particular search item, the feature auto-suggests a set of long-tail keywords. For best results, we recommend shifting to Ubersuggest after you have a reliable and effective keyword idea. Don’t forget to consider search volume as this will enable you to know what keywords are high in demand. Voila! You are good to go. Use keywords in your YouTube video title and description. For increasing your reach on YouTube, the Autosuggestions parameter is simply a no-brainer.

Research Video Tags With VidIQ

Here’s another tool that will level up your keywords search process. VidIQ is a popular and uncompromising keyword search tool that lets you find the right tags for your video. VidIQ is a Chrome extension that serves the purpose of analyzing your competition and discovering trending tags. Being an extension, it is extremely robust and only involves the installation process. Just create a free account and top-ranking videos would be waiting for you. You must be wondering about the relevance and significance of tags. Well, the right tags facilitate keyword ranking in the most-searched categories thereby making them a popular factor for your success. Salient features of the tool comprise the video’s SEO- SEO score, number of end screens, and referrers. You can also scroll to the bottom to reveal the tags used in the video and by the channel. VidIQ is a next-generation solution that offers you the facility to uncover a competitor’s tag and its search volume. Go ahead and effectively engage with your audience with this tool.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is engagement. You have invested your time and energy on this social media platform and anything that yields fruitful results is worthwhile. Therefore, incorporate these 4 tools and use them effectively to improve your brand engagement and increase your reach. Success is just a step away!