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5 Ultimate Design Tips for Social Media Posts to Increase Engagement

Using social media to engage with your customers and audience can be a great way to connect directly with them and on a personal level. Social Media has quickly become the go-to arena for companies to interact with their consumers, to market their product, and even to provide their product. We now have a vast open platform as a market for audiences to meet their providers and converse with them. However, this will only be effective if you increase your engagement with your audiences. In order to do so, you will need to increase the effort that you put into your social media pages.


When choosing what you should post on your Social Media pages, you should remember that every day, millions of pages post content on these social networking sites. Thus in order for your page to stand out, you will need to curate your posts to be aesthetically pleasing. This will help you gain Instagram likes, gain Facebook likes, and have more engagement.

Hence, you will need to take an increased interest in the design of your page and therefore your posts, as this is what will be directly observable to your audience. These design tips that we have compiled for you will help you up your game on social media and increase the amount of engagement you encounter with your audiences.

1] Follow a Colour palette

The most obvious design tip that stands out, would be the color of your posts and the palette that you choose to adhere to. Colour is the most essential part of any viewing experience, so pick a color palette that describes your product and page best. This palette should be visually appealing and fit your aesthetic. Thus when your page is viewed it will seem attractive and more pleasing as it follows a color palette.

Colour can be an incredibly powerful tool as it elicits different emotional responses. Thus, consider the basics of color theory when picking your palette for your page. A color palette will help you build an atmosphere and vibe about your page too, and this will help orient your audience in the direction you want them to think of your brand.

2] Keep your posts simple

Do not crowd your post with text, and an overload of information. Make sure your posts are easy to understand. What is your post trying to signify? Ensure that the picture speaks a million words, it must be strategically composed to put forth information in a visual manner. Social media sites are intended to bring about a visual stimulus, and in order to do that, focus on a visual manner of telling your viewers the message and not by using text or information overload.

Be smart in the choice of information you want to give them. Is all the information relevant to state? Oftentimes you would be advised to put forth minimal information to arouse the interest of your audience. Your posts should be designed to be easy to understand while simultaneously being intriguing to the viewer.

3] Make use of good lighting

Making use of lighting might help you direct a viewer’s attention to a specific object that you would like them to observe. Lighting can be a great way to gain the attention of a casual viewer. It may serve several purposes that are beneficial to you. Lighting can hype up the drama in an image depending on the composition of the shot.

Harsh lighting may imply certain intended emotions, while dull lighting may do so with others. When posts are brightly light, they are more observable on a feed as compared to a dully lit image.

4] Use interesting fonts

The fonts that you choose to use need to be a strategic choice. What are you intending to say? Fonts can help you put your point across very strongly. Large Bold fonts will catch the eye of a viewer but imply that it is something you are trying to do, while an elegant font might tell your viewer that you are more reserved in what you seek from them, hence implying some level of luxury.

The choice that you make should be well calculated, as fonts imply a lot more than just what the purpose is that they serve. Using the right font will help you describe the status of your product in a powerful manner.

5] Using white space to your advantage

You can use the space between posts provided by Instagram to your advantage. This will allow viewers to have breathing space between posts, giving them more visual space to process the information that they have encountered.

This will help them engage better with your page and with the content that you provide on your page. In order to design your page in a better manner, ensure that there is enough room to process what your page has to offer. A white outlined border on each post to increase the white space around each post might be advisable.

Using these design tips, you can gradually increase engagement with your audience, aided by these visual stimuli. By using social media to your advantage, you can grow your page and its following. Many pages forget that social media is a visual medium and in order to build your audience, you need to access their visual perception. By choosing the right color palettes and fonts for your page, while keeping it simple and making use of lighting and shot composition, you can increase the engagement with your followers immensely.