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Things to Remember to Create Your Logo


Your logo is a crucial part of your business’s success. A logo can and should be one of the most recognizable aspects of a brand. Many may think creating a company logo is easy, but it is much more complicated than simply throwing some design elements together.


The symbol you choose is the imagery you tell people about your company’s service, products, and ideals. That’s a lot to convey in such a small package. If you haven’t realized it yet, your logo even how small it says speaks louder than its design. If you are planning your business logo, here are some things to remember to help you create one.

Strive for Originality

While looking at your competitors’ logos is a good starting point, be careful not to let others’ designs have too much influence on your logo. Your goal is to have design elements that stand out from the rest of the crowd. You may take inspiration from other symbols you find; however, try to identify how each hits the originality target or seems too similar to others in the same industry. Your business is individual, and your logo should also be. Think about what makes you different and strive to incorporate that into your logo.

Produce a Logo That Transcends Time

Logos and emblems are not exempt from trends that come and go. Avoid future re-branding expenses by designing a symbol that will go beyond time and trends. As seen on A design that’s “in-style” today may very well seem outdated in the next few years. Following design trends may also have your logo looking too similar to other related organizations.

Simple is Better

Some of the most memorable logos are the most simplistic in design. However, simplicity does not have to take away from the impact. For example, Nike uses the swoosh symbol, which suggests speed and movement in design and sound. The swoosh looks like a wing, similar to the Greek winged goddess of victory, Nike. Therefore, flight, speed, and achievement are all conveyed through a simple swoosh.

Avoid Over-Designing

Even simple designs can fall victim to excessive design work. Less is usually much better, and while you are trying to communicate much information, it’s best to avoid putting too much into your design. For example, intricate designs may not work well in small formats, and complicated logos may confuse your audience. You may want to work that one last element into your design but think instead about how it could be more precise or less busy.

Ask around

Your investment in the design of your company’s logo puts you closest to the project, so it is important to have other people look at the design. The second pair of eyes can help you determine whether or not your logo is perfect. Once you have that, you can ask for their opinion. What appears to be a gem to you might not make sense to someone unfamiliar with your products or services. You may have also missed unintended hidden meanings that another set of eyes could quickly identify. Be sure to have many trusted and invested people take a look to verify you are on the right track with your logo.

A powerful logo carries the totality of your business. As seen on, SharpSuits have created numerous design for clients’ feedbacks. All of which to say that companies have spent large sums designing and redesigning logos, while some of the most successful brands have developed logos for nearly nothing. Use these tips to create a striking and effective image that ensures success for the long run. Your company depends on it.