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Financial Analytics with Mosaic Tech


Mosaic (or Mosaic Tech) is known as the First Strategic Finance Platform. That means Mosaic can help you consolidate decisions and insights across your business. Mosaic helps your company make faster and profitable business decisions.


Mosaic offers two main products which are Mosaic Analytics and Mosaic Planning. Both products allow you to work more efficiently by viewing everything in one place.

Today I will be talking about one of the products that mosaic. tech has which is “Mosaic Analytics.”

What are Business Analytics Tools?

Before I talk about Mosaic Analytics, I wanted to give a brief overview of business analytics software tools. Then I will go into how mosaic analytics differs from other tools.

In general, business analytics tools will retrieve data from one or more business systems to combine the data. All this data is stored, reviewed, and analyzed.

From there, different tools will have the extra services that they offer. The software tool can give advice, notifications, planning, etc.

Other than that, Mosaic is more than just analytics software.


Mosaic is a strategic finance platform. Now, what does that mean?

That means that Mosaic is structured to analyze your data. It is set up to plan and adapt to rapid conditions financially. Hence, this is why mosaic has two products, i.e., Mosaic Analytics and Mosaic Planning.

Mosaic Analytics

Mosaic Analytics will simplify any complex financial analysis. Then your analysis will demonstrate your business performance through visuals.

The visuals powered by canvas will help you understand the financial health of your business. The visual will help you and help anyone you need to share it with—for example, team meetings, clients, etc.

Mosaic provides easy-to-use dashboards and automated insights. The ease of this product cannot be taken lightly as it makes things a lot simpler. All your data from multiple platforms are consolidated onto Mosaic Analytics. Everything is unified and represented visually, as I mentioned before.

What makes Mosaic Analytics unique?

I wanted to discuss what makes Mosaic Analytics so unique compared to other tools. As I mentioned before, every tool will have extra services. Here I have listed the extra services or benefits that Mosaic Analytics offers.

Analyze More!

Mosaic analytics spends more time analyzing your data rather than gathering data. Many tools like to gather data as much as they can but don’t help you analyze the data. Here with Mosaic, they consolidate your finances across multiple subsidiaries.

Share your Performance

This product allows you to share your business insights with the right audience. Sharing can include both internal and external stakeholders.

Increased Productivity

Analyzing and planning takes up so much time, and this tool can save you hours each week. This allows your business to become more productive and make more effective decisions.

Performance Alerts.

If at any time there is a change, Mosaic can notify you. These alerts can help you respond quickly and resolve any potential issues.


Mosaic Analytics will make a lot more sense when you experience it for yourself! Overall the main advantage is the real-time analytics that is shown through helpful visuals. This then leads to the rest of the benefits, so you can’t go wrong with Mosaic.