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How Company Product and Service Videos Help with Online Lead Generation

Marketing has become an indispensable part of any business these days. One cannot think of expanding their business or even starting out without proper marketing. For a long time marketing has been quite a misunderstood concept. It was seen as this lowly and frivolous sector which cooked up a bunch of lies to sell a product or a service. But the truth couldn’t be further from that. Marketing today is seen as an integral part of any organization and it is an important part in the curriculum of any B-school. Expert Assignment Help actually helps students with their marketing case studies and reports which are quite important when it comes to understanding the nuances of marketing.


With the internet , the entire game of marketing has also changed. It has opened up a world of opportunities and challenges. There are so many platforms to market on, so many formats that can be used for marketing. However, the flipside of this is that there is just too much content on the internet and each piece of content is vying for the attention of the audience. Hence if you want your content to catch the attention of the people on the internet, then the quality of it has to be exceptional.

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Now that we have laid down the obvious fact that when it comes to marketing, quality of content decides much of the success and failure of the campaign, the next question is what should be the format of the content that you want to use for the marketing of your product or service? It largely depends on the type of your business, but it should ideally be a mix and match of graphics, audio, visual and written content. However, if your focus is on online lead generation, then you might want to pay more attention to video content.

Market researches have shown that audiences tend to interact more with video content than say written content. The simple reasoning behind this is human brains can process and digest visual information much faster than written information. Students of business studies are often encouraged to perform these kinds of market research which go on to decide the fate of many marketing campaigns and if you are a business management student, looking for guidance in your assignment, don’t forget to checkout Expert Assignment help UK, for any kind of assistance.

Here are some tips as to how you can make use product and a service video to increase online lead generation

Tempt your audience enough

When you are creating a quality video, you are basically creating available content which you will be giving out for free. Now, just because you are not making any monetary or material exchange while sharing this content, it doesn’t mean that you can not ask for anything in return from your audience. Make your content a gated on wherein one can only watch the video if they share their email address with you. Further, it need not be always present at the e beginning of the video. You can mix and match things up by introducing a form in the middle of the video to get some important contact details of the viewer. To make things even more exciting,try to make the thumbnail or preview of the video super attractive and tempting, so that viewers don’t need to think twice before sharing their email address inorder to get access to the video. However, make sure that it doesn’t get clickbaity. The hype of the thumbnail must match the quality of the content. Also don’t make every video a gated content. Reserve this for valuable good quality content.

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Always include a call to action

Researches have clearly indicated that any time of content which includes a call to action gets a better response than the ones which don’t. When you are making videos, Youtube will give you a lot of options to include call of actions at various points of time.You can use Youtube cards which can be deployed at any point in the video. You can choose to include a call of action in the end of the video via the end screen. And whatever your call to action is, always make sure to include a website link or phone number where your customers can reach out to if they need more information. Also, apart from just including domain specific call to action, encourage your viewers to like, comment and share your video as well, as this is aid your next marketing effort.

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Always add an element of spice to your videos

Product and service ideas can get quite drab and boring after a point of time. If a video just rambles on and on about how great a product or service is, people are gonna switch to another video. Make sure that apart from relaying information, the video has some entertaining and pleasing elements to retain the viewer. Focus on changing backgrounds, using animations, voice modulation and try to include some pop culture references, memes as well so that the video turns out to be more relevant to the youth.

Engage with your audience

The Youtube comments section is a great space for you to interact with your customers or potential customers. Ask them for video ideas. What do they like, what do they don’t like, are they facing any particular issue that they want you to make a video on. Since you are making videos for your existing and potential customers , it is a great idea to cater to their needs directly by asking them what they want and delivering it to them. Be open to constructive criticism . If your viewers are pointing out that something isn’t working out for them, take that into account and work on it. Make it an incremental growth story

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Keep an eye on the analytics

Be sure to be updated with the analytics of your videos. Which types of videos are generating the most response? Can the distinguishing features of those videos apply to other videos as well, What type of content is not working for you, which ones are getting more positive responses? Understand these metrics and constantly engage with them to be able to create better and better videos and consequently generate more and more leads.

So what are you waiting for, put on your creative hat and get started on making videos already.

Author Bio: Mary Jones is the co-founder and editor-in-chief at TopMyGrades, which focuses on career counselling for university students in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. Mary helps students with their marketing reports and assignments. She has extensive content editing experience and has worked with MSNBC, NewsCred and Scripted in the past. She has also authored blogs on,,, and many more digital publications.