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TOP-5 Reasons for Choosing a Table with Automatic Control

Are you thinking of purchasing a height-adjustable table? You can choose a cheaper manual version or a more expensive automated option. While both items have their pros and cons, we would recommend purchasing an automated height-adjustable desk. Let us make a quick comparison to see why a table with automatic desk control might be a more convenient and functional option.


Reason 1: Convenience

A table with automated control can be adjusted to the required height with a push of a button. While in the case of a manually adjusted table, you have to fix everything manually.

Set up the automated desk to move to the sitting and the standing position, and enjoy the full convenience of your new automated item.

Reason 2: Functionality

Functionality is one of the main reasons why you are purchasing the item. In a desk with manual adjustment, the stroke length might be not sufficient to provide you with the needed comfort in a sitting and a standing position. While automatic desks, their best models which are manufactured by specialized companies, are designed to cover the needs of the majority of people. The stroke length of an automated desk is normally sufficient to provide you with the needed comfort doesn’t matter how tall or short you are.

Reason 3: Design

If you are thinking about upgrading your home office, a new item shall be compatible with the interior. We are talking about an upgrade, aren’t we? A manually adjusted desk will look rather strange in a modern office. While an automated desk will contribute to the elegance of your interior.

Reliable manufacturers do everything possible to make the choice of every item comfortable and painless. While you still might be thinking that choosing online is not convenient, it is not correct anymore. You can use a special tool to create the desk design and model you want. The tool is called Desk Builder. It allows you to choose a desk model, and then, build the desk online by choosing one component after another and adding it to the furniture piece:

  • You start with selecting a model of the desk.
  • Then, you move to choose a lifting frame, a desk top, and other desk components.
  • While building the desk online, you can observe the price changes of the item you have at the moment. You can check different components to adjust the desk price to your budget.

Once your desk online is ready, you can place an order and make the purchase.

Reason 4: Your Productivity

Adjusting a desk manually takes time. And we all know that interruptions and disruptions don’t contribute much to work productivity. So, add the time needed to adjust the desk to the time needed to concentrate on your task, and you will see that at the end of the day, you waste too much time instead of spending it on tasks and completing the working day earlier.

While with an automatically adjusted desk, the entire change procedure from a standing to a sitting position takes less than a minute. It can hardly be called a disruption, and the time spent for the adjustment itself is very short, indeed.

Reason 5: Your Health

Pulling a desk up and down isn`t the most calming thing, neither it is something pleasant. We bet that, after a couple of times, you would rather prefer to use the manually adjusted desk as a traditional desk.

Adjusting an automated desk doesn’t require any effort from you. Some people tell that it is even quite a pleasant process. So, we guess, you will be using the desk as it shall be, with the greatest pleasure.