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What are the Similarities and Dissimilarities between Local SEO and International SEO?


These days with the assistance from SEO, web developers can easily Geotarget their content with pay per click. Every SEO expert already knows that there are two variations in SEO one is the International SEO and the other the Local SEO. SEO experts already know the best type of SEO to utilize, depending on from business to business. And many others don’t know where these two types of SEO converge and diverge. So below are some similarities and dissimilarities of both of them:


Similarities: Local SEO and International SEO

  • Keyword Patterns:

The keyword patterns are typically used by crawlers from search engines to decide or identify the locality of a search. It is not only about including the geographic phrase like town or city in the search query, just like ‘Brisbane Restaurants’. Positioning the geographic terms correctly with a certain keyword affects the results and the way it is reflected. Maryville restaurants. And that is the reason why terms like ’restaurants Brisbane’ can render different results from “Brisbane restaurants.”

Now coming to International SEO, the geographic terms of “Brisbane” have the potential to confuse and clarify the search intent. But here, the search queries can themselves hold useful pointers like “local” location and “international location.”. For instance, if the search query has a US tag in the end, it means English speaking audience from the US is searching for answers. And by that rule, it gets easier for the search engines to provide results based on that certain geographical term mentioned in the end. It, therefore, clarifies the confusion between “hotels Paris” in France or Texas.

  • Mobile is growing in importance:

The role of mobile holds a substantially important position in the targeting of consumers. However, it varies from country to country because of the infrastructure in it. In countries like Japan, connecting the audience through is crucially important both for International and Local SEO. In nations under Africa, South East Asia, or some South American countries, mobile is the simplest and is the only source of reaching those potential users.

  • Displaying correct prices

Another most prevailing problem with major Global brands or sites is that they have to show separate prices on their product varying from country to country. The varying price rates depend on factors like tax rates, distribution costs, or contractual conditions with local franchisees. International brands try to correct this issue and instead mess up their whole SEO strategy. These consequences redirect the crawlers around the world instead of centering into one point.

However Local SEO, has a slight advantage over Local SEO, as they can put accurate pricing according to the area. However, that pricing also depends on seasonality and difference in the pricing because of currency and exchange rates.

Dissimilarities: Local SEO and International SEO

  • International SEO uses language to identify a location.

There have been many SEO experts who pointed out the primary difference between International SEO, and Local SEO is the language difference. The culture and the language differ from region to region. It may be the case that they are consuming similar things from the Internet but in a slightly different manner.

And that difference is on language; as in both local and international SEO, the language factor heavily matters. The language in which a message is propagated determines the buying decision. It also determines the way things are bought, searched and why consumers are buying them. So, yes, it is true both of these two types of SEO are similar in terms of functionality but different in terms of language.

  • International SEO uses domain references to target a location.

The same old story of challenges like local domains, sub-domains, folders, and links comes into the picture of International SEO whenever they try using links and hosting indicators. The expenses on International SEO are also hefty, with ample lead and conversion generation around the world.

However, in Local SEO, the constraints are not as such, and it is cheaper.


So, it is now absolutely clear that the similarities are more dominant than the dissimilarities between the two. So, now it all depends on your budget and range of targeting on what to choose.