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What is Mobile Application Testing

As per the statistics, 66.6% of the world population is using mobile phones. Mobile applications are the reason behind this popularity. Today around 90% of the millennials prefer digital money transactions, isn’t this a proof of extensive mobile application usage by the world population. Introduction of mobile apps started the digitization revolution and today it has become an integral part of our lifestyle. Every domain from banking, telecom, retail, e-commerce, education, medical, legal, etc utilize mobile applications for extending their services. All these statistics show maximum brands and organizations use mobile applications to extend their services to the customers. These applications have high customer demands and any miss in the service or slightest of technical shortcomings call lead in app uninstalls. In order to build high performing and attractive mobile applications, mobile application testing is a must. So in this blog we will discuss what is Mobile Application Testing and its importance in today’s times.


What is Mobile application testing and why is it so crucial in today’s time 

Today’s mobile applications are no less than online shops where the organizations can extend their services, keep the customers updated about the services on a regular basis, extend 24/7 customer support through chats, calls or emails. You can even directly talk to the customers through video calls in mobile applications. Food deliveries, money transactions, multimedia communication apps like whatsapp, social media apps etc have made the customers highly dependent on mobile apps. Hence mobile applications have become a day to day necessity of more than 50% of the world population around the world. Any technical miss would lead to app uninstalls as the customers can very easily opt to competitor apps. Hence in order to improve customer retention, mobile application testing is a must. Mobile application testing not only resolves the technical issues but also enhances the appearance of the application.

What is mobile application testing ?

In mobile application testing, all the technical issues related to technical functionalities and appearance of the application is resolved. As per the statistics 65% app uninstalls are due to high loading time, 70% uninstalls are due to complicated navigation and irritating GUI, 50% uninstalls are due to advanced and non supporting os updates. Hence mobile application testing is performed to resolve all such issues. In mobile application testing, the existing and new feature functionalities are tested on regular basis, cross browser testing to ensure compatibility of the application with new version devices, OS, browsers etc, GUI testing is performed to check if all the UI elements are functioning properly with clear visibility, other non functional testings are performed to check whether the navigation is simple enough for the customer etc. Hence mobile application functional and non functional testing aspects of the application are tested in order to provide seamless user experience to the customer.


As we know that surviving without  good mobile applications is like a nightmare for our generation, hence endorse to provide the updated services and best user experience to the customers, brands are focusing on mobile application testing. As mobile application usage is the daily affair of all the customers around the world we need to be conscious that even one day miss can be hazardous for business and hence the solution to this is mobile app testing. There are a number of mobile application testing tools available in the market, all you need to do is pick the one which is faster, qualitative , convenient  and suitable for brand requirements.