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What’s Trending: Kitchen Makeover Ideas for The New Year


Even if you have a lovely Living Room and lovely Bedrooms, the heart and soul of your house is the kitchen. Ideally, it should stick out and improve the rest of the room. In addition, if your kitchen design is not adequate, the rest of your home will seem stale. Before you hire the national moving company at Moving APT, it is best to consider remodeling the kitchen.


Please do not put it off any longer; give your home’s kitchen a facelift this year and make it shine!

A Statement In Soft And Playful Colors

Colors are coming back in kitchens after years of off-white or all-white decor. In contrast to the vivid color schemes of the ’70s and ’80s, we believe these hues are sophisticated and will stay. With more costly semi-custom cabinetry lines, you may select from an infinite number of bespoke shades.

Grey, blue, and cream are the most common colors for non-white alternatives. The species and stain treatments used to make a piece of wood affect its color. Accent colors are increasingly being used on appliances, worktops, and tile patterns by homeowners.

Consider using a color on something you can easily modify in the future if you want to be extra careful. Colorful accents for the walls, lighting fixtures, or even a backsplash may make a room feel more vibrant. In the end, replacing a purple stove is cheaper than new cabinetry.

Go For The Gilded Lining

Stainless is a contemporary kitchen design, and we like the edgy, stunning aesthetic of mirrored islands. Like the single pendant lamp, pink marble whirls, and royal blue space fence above, the gold-reflected surface brings some charm to the enjoyable components throughout. For an extra touch of whimsy, install a built-in planter.

Kitchen Cabinets in Various Colors

Nowadays, the emphasis on kitchen design is on individuality. Pantone color, Very Peri, will be the kitchen cabinet color of choice in 2022, according to the Pantone Color Institute.

Bring It Up to Temperature

This kitchen’s warm chocolate stone countertops are the star. A soothing visual stream is created by the transition from one surface to the next that is both smooth and constant.

This gloomy and monochrome set-up is perfect for a kitchen with little natural light since it makes the most of the available space and creates the impression of a little private bar.

Go Transparent

Because the kitchen is directly across from the living and dining rooms, it’s preferable to go with hardware-free cabinetry and a bright white hue to keep it all looking cohesive. The stunning baby pink walking stick chairs & pearly marble table will be able to show off their best features in this manner.

Using Antiques To Create An Old World Ambience

Install vintage furnishings in your kitchen area if you want extra prep and seating room while keeping the place tasteful. A classic kitchen would benefit significantly from adding a vintage cottage dining room or other antiques. The kitchen will have an aged and wealthy appearance with this addition.

Partitions Made Of Glass For The Kitchen

When used as a divider between rooms, a glass partition maintains an air of openness while also letting in plenty of light. As they clearly define the space while giving the impression of more, they are a great addition to any kitchen.


The next big thing in kitchen design is concealed lighting, which fits right in with the subtle aesthetic. Because of advancements in intensity LED lighting miniaturization, you no longer have to rely on large light fixtures and bulbs to light up your kitchen, making it feel like a sweltering stadium.

More lighting and layout that can be easily adjusted and ideally illuminate any work are necessary with the return of dark elements in the kitchen. If you want to see what you are doing but do not want the light fixture to steal the show, you may use under-cabinet or recessed lighting.


Do not forget to look at the most recent design trends when planning your dream kitchen. Sure of these fads are here to remain, while others are headed out of the picture. You can keep your kitchen up to date for many years if you consider these ideas when making design selections.